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Posts from December 2014

Get Your Party Gear Ready!

Merry Christmas Eve... Big Jolly guy will be here before you know it! Of course it's never bad to plan a head when it comes to ringing in the New Year, so you can check this out while you wait for S.C.  "ANY" details have been released!

AUSTIN (KXAN) – Austin’s Free, Family-friendly and alcohol-free New Year celebration is moving to Butler Park to help usher in 2015.

The Fifth Annual Austin’s New Year features fireworks at 10 p.m., vintage cartoons, music and displays designed for interactive play for all ages.

Two stages will feature music beginning at 5 p.m. featuring Invincible Czars’ “Dance It Yourself Nutcracker,” Mother Falcon, Peelander-Z, Brownout and Riders Against the Storm.

The Minor Mishap Marching Band will have “hide-and-seek” performances throughout the grounds.

Several food trucks will also be on hand.

The event starts at 5 p.m. and ends at the conclusion of the fireworks. For details, click here.

Street Closures

  • Cesar Chavez Street west of Guadalupe Street and the South First Street Bridge will be closed to vehicles from approximately 9 to 11 p.m.
  • Riverside Drive east of the Palmer Events Center to South First Street closed to vehicles from approximately 4 to 11 p.m.
  • South First Street from Riverside Drive to Cesar Chavez Street will be closed from 9 to 11 p.m.
  • No residential neighborhood parking allowed.
  • More here
 Check this out to avoid Drinking & Driving, which is NOT an option! Have a Happy & Safe New Year! May 2015 Rock!
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A Bittersweet Pre-Christmas Day...

A bit ago I received an email that contained this in the message:

The 'Order' is the selling of my childhood home in Omaha, NE. Since my Daddy Maurice passed away last year, and my Mama Betty passed away over a decade ago, and the house needed MANY repairs, it was the best thing to do. I realize this, but it still doesn't make it any easier when it comes to the heart.  The last time I was in the house in September taking care of things, it didn't feel like home, so I don't miss the structure, but I do miss the family in it.  It's a relief to not have to worry about the structure much longer, but it doesn't keep the heart from feeling broken remember growing up under that roof.

My parents loved Christmas, and even when my mom passed my Daddy still did it up GRANDE STYLE! Christmas won't be the same without them, but I hope in time it will be easier to feel Happy at Christmas time knowing they are with me in spirit, and I'm with my Honey Ted who is always Amazing, and continues to be Amazing with his Love and support.  Being an only child is not easy when it comes to dealing w/ all the things that are left to take care when your loved ones are gone. Thanks to my Honey Ted, I have been able to get through it, and I appreciate that so very much..

So why am I sharing this? 'Tis the season to share.  Be sure to enjoy the moments you have w/your family. They will get you through the rough times when they are no longer around. If you are in a similar situatioin as I am with no immediate family around, be somewhere that makes you feel at peace, even Happier if that is possible. Do something during the holidays that make you feel good.  The rest will fall into place.  If that isn't happening, my thoughts and prayers are with you to find some happiness, because life is too short not too. :)

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! May Your  2015 be filled with lots of Happiness! I'm going to try for that one too, which I have a much better chance of doing that with 'My Boys', Ted's Fantastic Family and Fabulous Friends by my side:)

Y'all! Rock! :)

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2014 Thingies I tried...

As 2014 comes to an end, it's that time where reflection comes up. Things you enjoyed and regret doing. I'm going to concentrate on the positive, and hope I learned from my mistakes/regrets to be wiser next year. Here are a few Thingies I tried during the year, and in some cases  I enjoyed, and others once was enough. 

I flew Thanks to iFly ATX  Booker was my flying buddy! Think we're ready for Skydiving in 2015??? 


If you told me I would purposely have a bucket of ice water dumped on me in 2013, I would have said 'No Way!'. But I did!  I jumped on board the 'Ice Bucket Challenge'  to help rasie money and awareness for ALSA.org #IceBucketChallenge  with donations as did TONS of other folks including MANY celebrities. Here's a mix of 50 Celebrity Best Challenges!


I tried Green Goo w/ Jay Styles and decided I liked this much better! 


These are just a few of the many things I experience during 2014. #ThankYouAustin for another Fabulous Fun Year w/ Mix 94.7! I look forward to the fun we'll have in 2015!  HR 

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WILD is out in theaters today!!! 


A true story about a woman who overcame tragedy by putting on her hiking boots...and hiking alone for over 1,000 miles. 

Expectations going in: 

LOVED the book. LOVE Reese Witherspoon. This book meant so much to me. I grew up hiking the mountains and know their healing power. 

My Take:

A great story is a great story. This movie is a great story. I think it is a story that relates to everyone. 

Would I see it with my mom:

Yes. My mom would love this film. Great mom/daughter bonding film. 

Good date movie?

I think this is a great date movie!!! This is a chick flick that guys will like. I promise.  

Bottom Line

If you want a nice movie to see with the family this holiday season...go see WILD

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Big Fan!!!

1 week until Christmas.  I'm a Big Time Christmas tree/decoration fan, even if I have a little (pink) tree. I enjoy them all and love to see what others do w/ their trees. I have a FB post up to 'Show Me Your Tree'.  Thank you so much to those who shared their tree. They are all so Pretty, Amazing and Beautiful. Each one has it's own personality, which is what I  Love about Christmas Trees and what peeps do with them. I wanted to share some of the 'Holiday Spirit' w/ you! Happy week before Christmas!

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Do you have this problem?

Lip Bleeds. It sounds painful, but I'm talking about when your lipstick bleeds outside of your lips. I put a post up on the Mix Facebook page and got some helpful suggestions and things to try. We're all different, so one thing might work for one but not the other.  Thanks so much to our Mix Facebook Friends. If you have a tip that works, please share it!    Click here check out the tips or to leave one! :) 
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New to me Ear Candy..

I picked up the Shinedown album 'Amaryllis'. I'm on the way late side of doing it. But I'm glad I did! Love it! This will be perfect 'Ear Candy' for the long road trip coming up in a little over a week to Omaha, NE to visit My Honey Ted's family.

It's also a trip that will be closure w/ some of my family things. Since my Daddy Maurice passed away last November, and my Mama Betty has been gone 12 years, it's a been a slow/drawn out process taking care of family estate issues.  Now that they are coming to an end, it doesn't seem that long at all. I'm trying to think of it as starting another chapter to life, which I hope I have many more a head, but you never know.  Reason why you should find Happy moments each day.  Anyway, once my family home is sold, besides a few little things to do, it will end that part of my life in a way.  It will be weird going to Omaha, and not staying in the house I grew up in.  But the other side of it would be, home really is where your loved ones are. Right now it's in Austin, Texas w/ my Honey Ted, and it has been for several years.  My other loved ones are in my heart, where I can take them anywhere.

It's fantastic to go see Ted's family, which is also my family. I will remember to keep all those Happy moments in my heart, so they will go anywhere w/ me!  If you are missing loved ones this Holiday season, like I am, try to remember the good times and make some Happy moments for this season you can remember for next.  

It's strange how this Shinedown album led me to these thoughts, but I suppose that is what 'THEY CALL.. THE POWER OF MUSIC'!  I highly recommend the album.  This is one of my favs..

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Look out Sunset Valley!

When I was coming into the office this morning, I was riding up the elevator with this amazing smell. I followed it to the kitchen area discovering what the 'Fantastic Smell' was coming from.. 'Uncle Maddio's Pizza Joint'. If they made our kitchen smell this good, imagine how it will smell walking into their place in Sunset Valley.How does it taste?  Find out how it tastes this weekend.....

Doing some shopping this weekend in Sunset Valley, you could pop in Uncle Maddio's see what you think! 
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Easy Holiday Bake Baking w/ Shaq!

I LOVED MY EASY BAKE OVEN! I want another one now since Shaq is Rocking it! Love this!
Check out 'Shaq's Teacakes.. when the Bros come over for Tea.. LOL'!  

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New in Sunset Valley...

I'm looking forward to trying a new 'Pizza Joint' near my neck of the woods in SW ATX! Uncle Maddio's Pizza Joint is new to Sunset Valley. Their schtick is 'You Create Your Own' pizza joint!  You can pick from 3 different types of crusts, 6 different sauces.... the cheeses, toppings/meat/veggie.  They have vegan, gluten free options. They also make signature pizzas.  Salads.. soups.. I saw brownies & cookies mentioned on the nutritiion page

"Free Pizza' is happening right now today/Thursday (12/11) & Friday (12/12)! They will give you a 3 topping 9 inch crust pizza to try them out. Since I have tummy issues, it can be hard when I'm  eating out. Some places frown on substiutions. When I do it, many times I get weird looks, which can be annoying and make me feel bad.  It's cool knowing I can walk in there and get whatever I want on my pizza and not have to worry about what I'm ordering! No judgement! 

I'm a big crust girl, so that's going to be the deal breaker for me. Tasty, I'm in.. not so tasty.. sorry.  We'll see how it goes. I'm looking forward to trying it out soon. They have yummy sounding soup too! Minestrone is on their menu..one of my favs! :)

Checking out locations looks like there's one opening in my hometown Omaha, NE!  My Mom-in-Law Barb had restaurant gcs on her Christmas list. Might have to add one of these to her presents if  they are tasty.  
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