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Posts from January 2014

My Fit Foods 21 Day Challenge.

10 Things I learned on the My Fit Foods 21 day Challenge.
  1. I wasn’t snacking enough:
    1. I used to have 1 snack a day and I tried to limit it to 100 calories.  At My Fit Foods snacks ranged between 150-300 calories. It has completely changed my approach to snacks.
  2. I need to create an eating schedule:
    1. The challenge helps you set up an eating schedule. Now I really try to eat at 6am, 9am, noon, 3pm, and 6pm. Now is impossible to ALWAYS be on time, but I find having a structure really helps me from getting ‘hangry.’
  3. Pre plan meals/Have a plan:
    1. When I am hungry I grab handfuls of this and that before I actually make my meal. Who knows how many calories I shove in my mouth. IF I prepare meals on Sunday to eat throughout the week I can stay on track. This takes work…and time…but it works.
  4. Wait 10-15 minutes after a meal to really decide if you are still hungry:
    1. There were a lot of times I would eat a meal and think, “I am still hungry!” But then…10 minutes later I would be full.
  5. I don’t “deserve” junk food.
    1. I convinced myself week after week that bc I ate healthy Monday – Thursday…then I “deserved” to eat whatever I wanted on the weekend. #Wrong
  6. I don’t NEED chocolate to function.
  7. I don’t NEED wine to relax.
  8. I feel a lot better on a Saturday morning when I don’t load myself down w/ chips and queso the night before.
  9. I can survive a craving.
  10. Setting goals and eating healthy feels way better than obsessing over, “why I just ate that huge plate of cheese.”
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Get Ready for Puppy Bowl 2014

The Austin Humane Society's 7th Annual Puppy Bowl 2014 is Saturday, February 1 from Noon to 2 p.m. @ the Austin Humane Society. The teams are set.... the “Denver Barkers” will take on the “Seattle Seadogs” in the warm confines of the shelter. No snow shovels or mitts needed here. The event brings together dozens of pets – in uniform! – to raise awareness of shelter adoptions.Saturday, The “Denver Barkers” will suit up against the “Seattle Seadogs”. Dog “rufferees” will be in attendance. No rules, no pads, no leashes! The stands will be full of “Cheer-cats” rooting on their favorite team on and a “1st and 10 dollars”!  $10 adoption fees for all cats and kittens. Puppy and dog prices vary.

This is one of the 'Rufferees' Dorito. He is a 6-month-old brown colored Chihuahua, and will be available for adoption on Saturday.   GO DORITO & FRIENDS! Click here for more!
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Gives me the Gooseybumps..

Stole a J-Lo term.. Gooseybumps.. This New MIX Music John Legend tune 'All Of Me' hits right on when it comes to my Honey Ted. We've been together over 2 decades and through ALOT. From moving around for work, a lifesaver when I got Meningitis, Hurricane Katrina/losing just about everything, and recently losing my Daddy Maurice... Ted's support, hard work, understanding, Love and just being my Best Friend through everything... HE ROCKS!  This song describes things perfectly, which of course gives me Gooseybumps.  We've had ALOT Of Good Times too, many of them just being together and enjoying each other's company.  I'll stop w/ the mushy stuff, but I do appreciate this song, and it means a lot to me when I think of the Man in my life!  TED ROCKS!

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This got the attention of my inner Rock Chick!

 Mötley Crüe announced their 'Final Tour' w/ Alice Cooper (who I found out added on guitar to his band Orianthi (HE!! YEAH)!  There are plans for a 72 date US tour w/ tickets on sale Friday 1/31 & Saturday 2/1.  They will be at the Cedar Park Center on Tuesday July 15th. Tickets on sale Saturday at 10am, with VIP pre-sale tickets on sale  starting today. Click here for more!  Supposedly this is  Mötley Crüe's absolute last tour, they even signed something saying that there will never be an M.C. tour after 2015 (gotta get their European leg in too). 



Alice will Rock it too, of course he didn't sign a last tour thingie.  Click here to check him out w/ Orianthi ROCK'N  her Battle Axe!!! SHE SO ROCKS TOO!
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Driving on the wet/icey roads...

Driving on the wet icey roads.. well okay..  I was riding. My Honey Ted drove me into work today.  While we were stuck on 360 for a while due to a  broken down truck and an earlier accident, this song suddenly popped in my head. 


Let's hope for no more icey roads, because some peeps in ATX just don't seem to get the whole take it slow & easy cruising on the roads... especially over bridges and overpasses.  Look foward to a warm up coming, and by the weekend in the 70s. I'll take that.. how about you? Maybe bust out a Safety Dance sometime today...  ENJOY!
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My Weekend Favs...

A few of 'My Favs' from the Grammy Awards:
-Taylor Swift Rocked the Red Carpet. She looked marvelous even though she didn't win a Grammy!

- Pink & Imagine Dragons were my Favorite performances.  Pink shows how to sing live while spinning around many feet in the air, and holding up a dude.  How to reach those high notes even after the workout w/ Nate. She can do it all!  Imagine Dragons (Grammy Winners) worked it w/ Lamar Kendrick. LOVED THEM BOTH!

- Cute Grammy Couple.. Bruno w/ his model GF Jessica... He even sent her out Love during his Grammy Thanks speech for 'Best Pop Album- Unorthodox Jukebox'. 

Another FAV comes from the grocery store. I found it at Central Market. Blue Bell's New flavor in time for Valentine's Day.. ' I ♥ Chocolate' OMG.. I do, but it was confirmed when I took a bite of BB's new Ode to Chocolate.  Okay, it was more like a few bites. YUMMY!!!

I ♥ Chocolate is a smooth Milk Chocolate Ice Cream combined with luscious dark chocolate-filled chocolate hearts, chocolate-coated cake pieces and a chocolate icing swirl.  It went great w/ the Dark Chocolate Java Cake I made.  It definitely was a Chocolate/Chocolate Cake Weekend. 

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How do you punish a kid when spanking isn't an option

What do you do if you spank your kid, and they immediately turn around and declare, "Well that didn't hurt!"

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Monica in Lakeway Can't Beat Booker

If you think you can beat Booker...call in M-F at 7:20am and give it your best shot! He is now 14-0!!!

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Cold Wake up today..

Mid 20's this morning an icey dip could wake you up, but I passed on that.  Can you believe by Sunday it will be in the mid 70's?!   I'll take that over cold and ice anytime! Looking forward to the thaw out this weekend!  Aren't you? Or do you like 'Cold Dips' in the morning?

Song that got stuck in my head this morning...


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Alex wants to see One Direction

How old is too old to go to see a boy band?

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