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Posts from February 2015

Look out...

I'm looking forward to the 'Divergent' sequel... 'Insurgent' in theaters on March 20th! If you haven't seen the trailer, check it out! YES!!! 

Also, I think Great news about one of my favorite shows. "American Horror Story" on FX in October.  Lady GaGa will be one of the lead characters.  She had a tease tweet up... Subject- 'AHS- Hotel'! YES! Click here to check it out! 

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Did you miss out on it this morning?

I'm actually looking forward to upper '50s temps today, compared to the chill we've had in Central Texas the past few days. This morning som North of us spotted/got some snow.. Hill Country area...  If you were disappointed you didn't get any, well this guy can take care of you.  A guy in Mass. is trying to get rid of their snow problem in/near the Boston area they've had over 100 inches of snow.  That's a crazy amount.  He's selling snow packages for $89. It will get shipped overnight to you and have enough snow in it to make about 12 snowballs.  Of course he can't guarantee how much melting my occur, but it's an option.

He's gotten several orders. He's found a way to get rid of some snow and make some $$ at the same time.
www.shipsnowyo.com   Story here  
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New KC...

Kelly Clarkson's new album 'Piece By Piece' is out next week 3/3! It features 'Heartbeat Song', and this second single just released. 'INVINCIBLE' which was written by Sia. It's perfect for KC's  STRONG VOICE!  If you're having one of those days, or something is not going right in your life, this song is a Great Motivator! This is a song you should CRANK UP! 

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'I didn't know she could be so CLASSY!'...

I'm seeing this all over Facebook/Twitter regarding Lady GaGa's Happy 50th Anniversary medley performance of the 'Sound of Music' at the Oscars last night.  Usually you see and hear about her doing something off color, weird, strange, unusual and more words like that are used w/  most of Lady GaGa's performances. most of the time.  This one CLASSY w/ a  BIG C...

Classy isn't so unusual for Lady G, especially since she's been working w/ Tony Bennett. Their album 'Cheek to Cheek' has gone #1 and recently won a Grammy award.  She's no stranger to Class, we just don't see it very often. She's bringing her Classy self w/ Tony to  ACL Live at the Moody theater for a SOLD OUT show in April.  I'm sure she'll do something 'SHOCKING', there's another word', in the near future, but she knows when to bring THE CLASS.... When she does, she ROCKS IT! 


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Big Date Night!

TGIF!  I'm EXCITED about my Big Date Night w/ my honey Ted at the Blueman Group show tonight at the Long Center/Dell Hall! I have always wanted to see them. Since I can't get my butt to Vegas anytime soon, the next best thing is right here in ATX!  They have shows tonight through Sunday! CLICK HERE  to find out more!  I'm SO EXCITED about finally seeing them!

 I ran across this and it is only increasing my EXCITEMENT!!

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It's winding down...

The $1,000 Cash Code Contest ends at 5pm Friday (2/20).  Click here and give an extra rub for luck! www.mix947.com/cash!  Good Luck!
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Who could be the next winner?!!! ...

This is the last week to win, which means 2 more days!!! Listen at 7am, 11am , 2pm & 5pm! Click here for all the details!  Check out who I think will win! Doing a trick I learned last night.... You can learn stuff from late night TV.. :)

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Happy FT!

BBBRRRR... I'm Thankful for heated seats in my ride. Be sure to bundle up tonight if you have celebration plans. The warm up starts tomorrow during the day.

Happy Fat Tuesday! Here are some things that can get you in the spirit:

Earth Cam Mardi Gras Cam- Watch live streaming of what's up in New Orleans!

Here's where you can get your Mardi Gras grub on in the ATX area!

'No Refusal Fat Tuesday'.. No-refusal means if you are pulled over and are suspected of driving drunk and refuse to cooperate with a blood alcohol test police will request a warrant to have your blood drawn and tested anyway.

Have a Happy & Safe FAt Tuesday. If you have plans to celebrate, PLEASE DO NOT DRINK & DRIVE!  Have a designated driver or call a cab or service to get your home safely.  Be safe for others too!

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Be prepared for the Artic Blast! 
Take care of the 4 Ps:
 Pets, Plants, Pipes and other People who may need assistance! Stay Safe & Warm!

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Heads up on Big Dog Love for Valentine's Day Weekend at the ATX Humane Society!

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