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Posts from March 2014

Cool ATX event coming..

I got an email heads up about a cool art exhibit coming to 'Art on 5th'.   It's kicking off on Thursday, April 10th. 
Here's a quick run down:
Bob Schneider will be celebrating his most recent release, Burden of Proof with an exclusive exhibition of digital art by Gary Dorsey at ART on 5th.
Opening reception is Thursday, April 10th, from 4:00 - 9:00 pm including a personal appearance by Bob Schneider and Gary Dorsey. Click here for more! 

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Look out for these this...

'WILD FLOWERS' helping w/ the developing Spring Fever that is brewing in the ATX area.  I've run across lots of sites about Wild Flowers.  I've heard people around the office, my neighbros, peeps at the HEB.. everywhere talking about the pretty Wild FLowers and how they are making plans this weekend to check them out.. So where are they.  Click here for a nice site I ran across for Wild Flowers sitings and everything you may not know about WFs.

Of course the  Lady Bird Wild Flower Center is a given for Wild Flower looking!
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Timing really is EVERYTHING..

It does make a difference huh!  Happy Friday Eve!
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Take a break...

cool ...RIO 2 out  April 11th.

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Texas Relays are here...

I heard there will be over 6,000 athletes from 32 states & 9 countries are in town for the Texas Relays through Saturday. That means street closures, parking issues and other fun traffic tibits will be an issue around Campus/downtown.  Click here for the 411 to get a heads up on what's up!  The Urban Music Festival is also going on @ Butler Park Friday & Saturday.  For sure busy time in and around downtown ATX this weekend. Plan a head!
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New Favorite Ear Candy

Ingrid Michaelson did this great during WOTF Happy Hour. When I heard it, I was thinking HIT! ...Girls Chase Boys from her new album 'Lights Out' available everywhere April 15th. Ingrid's @ Stubbs on May 14th!
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Anything wrong w/ this?

I ran across this in the station's unisex bathroom earlier.
Click here to see what's up and comment! 

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5 Bands I am still listening to after SXSW

St Paul and the Broken Bones

​You don't have to know a single song from the album to have fun watching this band. I immediately bought their album after I saw them live. I love the lead singers voice. 

PS...They are coming back in April for the Old Settlers Music Festival. 


Birds of Tokyo

AThis group sells out stadiums in Australia. I had listened to their song 'Lanterns' prior to seeing them at SXSW...but seeing them live made all the difference. â€‹Listen to the song a few times...it becomes addicting. 


Jack Antonoff of Fun has a new project called Bleachers. Maybe it is because I love the band Fun...or maybe it is because I love Jack's girlfriend (Girls creator Lena Dunham) but I dig this band.

Mandolin Orange

I read about this band from Peter Blackstock at the Statesman. This particular video is from 2012, but oh so good. 

Vance Joy

A nice, cute boy sent me this video last spring and I kind of fell in love with Vance Joy. Great summer song and super cool music video. 

A few other bands I didn't get to see, but heard a lot about. 

Jamestown Revival
Boy and Bear

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Who would you spend it with?

This question and other thoughts popped in my head when I watched the movie 'Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World' starring Steve Carell & Keira Knightley, a Netflix hit over the weekend. It's not the typical 'Steve C. Movie'.  It would be considered a 'Dark Comedy'.   The movie is based on what you would do, and who you would spend time w/, when you found out the World was coming to an end in 21 or less days thanks to Matilda, the 70 mile wide asteroid, which is on the fast track to demolish Earth and all on it.  Everything was tried to stop/change Matilda's path, and it just didn't work.  This is where the movie opens w/ Steve's character 'Dodge' sitting in a car w/ his wife, and they hear the news over the radio. His wife opens the car door and runs, and that's all you see of her.  So 'Dodge' tries to go about life the next day like normal minus the wife, he's doing his job of selling insurance.  But life has changed on Earth for the next 21ish days... his friends and neighbors start doing weird things...  

This is where the comedy comes to play w/ all the different scenarios of what folks would do w/ the last days of their lives. The 'Friendsy Dinner Scene' was Awesome!  For Dodge, it could be to truly find Happiness and unusual/unexpected Love for a girl named Penny (Keira Knightley). How a lifetime of experiences in some cases, can be obtained in a week or less time. 

 It's one of those movies that stuck w/ me. It got me thinking: What would I do if I knew the World would be gone in 21 days or less. Who would I spend it with?  Would I want to try things I haven't done before, even if they are bad for me.  Would I want to say sorry to anyone?  Would I want to make up for something/ or someone lost in the past?   Strange to think a Steve Carell movie made me have such deep thoughts, but it did. No brainer to want to spend whatever time would be left w/ my Honey Ted & Huey, but the rest I'm not sure?   

This movie was a really good character growth movie.  You wish the total destruction prediction was wrong.  I suggest renting it when you get a chance. What would you do?

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Happy 8th to Twitter...

What was your 1st tweet?  Click here to find out. Here's mine...

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