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Posts from April 2014

Perfect tune for today...

Happy National Take a Walk During Lunch Day!... Perfect song whenever you're taking a walk!

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For the ULTIMATE Shoe Lover...

I'm a big fan of shoes, and my closest would have many more pairs if I didn't have Big size 11s.  Although I have considered having bunion surgery, that is about as far as that has gone, thinking about it.  So why all the feet talk... There's a surgery that is getting even more popular called 'Cinderella Surgery'.  It seems to have gotten it's origin in California, which isn't a major surprise. You take shoes in you would love to fit, and have surgery so they do. This could include injecting fat in your foot, or even losing some toes, to fit shoes. 
   So when I read this story did I think. hey that 's a great idea?  NOPE! I'm a Shoe Lover, but I can't claim an ULTIMATE SHOE LOVER title, because I would not do this for a pair of shoes. 

Getting rid of the bunions... if my feet end up hurting all the time, which can happen. Maybe, but not for a pair of shoes I'd probably wear just a few times anyway.  Click here!  Happy Shoe shopping and wearing! 
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Thought for the day...

The Hes can change out the Shes..  Good thought for an M-Day!...  I think I'll put it w/ the root canal I get later today. Good times!!! 
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Moontower Comedy Festival

Moontower Comedy continues through the weekend!!

We chatted with 3 of our favorite comics, Godfrey, Colin Quinn, and Michael Che. 

If you love SNL like me then definitely listen to Colin and Michael. Good stuff there. 

See them this weekend at www.Moontowercomedy.com 

- Sara

Michael Che at Cap City this weekend

Colin Quinn and Godfrey


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Broadway in Austin

You know me...I love a good broadway show and the upcoming season for Broadway in Austin is so great. So many shows I have never seen including Once, Evita, Mama Mia, and Jersey Boys. The boys from Jersey Boys came in to chat about their popular show. 

Basically get ready for some AMAZING shows at Bass Concert Hall 2014 - 2015!!! Get tickets at www.broadwayinaustin.com 


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Drive Up... Drop Off... Feel Good!

I got the heads up about a Big Electronics Recycling event happening Saturday (4/26) @ Austin High School.  You can get that clutter out of your home, help the kiddos raise money and make Earth a cleaner placer w/out having your electronics clutter clogging up the landfills.  WIN/WIN for all.
Here's some details:
The Austin Independent School District
will host a free city wide community electronics recycling event on Saturday, April 26 from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. in the parking lot at Austin High School at 1715 W Cesar Chavez St. Consumers are encouraged to bring their used electronics to the event for recycling; accepted items are listed below. The event is being coordinated by Strategic Mobile Group (http://www.smgtex.com), the technology e-waste partner of AISD, and Fone4Schools (http://www.fone4schools.com), an organization that helps local schools raise money by converting donated electronics into funds for student programs.

Items Accepted, working or not, at Community Recycling Day on Saturday, April 26, 2014:

- Cell Phones or Smartphones (i.e. Apple, Android, Windows Mobile or Blackberry)

- Tablets (i.e. iPads, Kindles or Android Tablets and Windows Tablets)

- Laptop and Desktop Computers

- Home Electronics, Stereo Equipment and Cable Boxes

- Computer Accessories & Printers

- Personal Electronics (i.e. cameras, ipods, video cameras)

- Monitors & CRT’s

- CD’s, DVD’s and VHS tapes


Over 72 tons of eWaste are expected to be disposed of in 2014. Do your part to keep eWaste out of Austin area landfills and help AISD kids at the same time.

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Did you know...

Brian Williams (serious news guy) had this in him.  This has been one of the hottest videos  since Monday. I caught his chat w/ Jimmy Fallon. I didn't realize BW was so funny.  Big time Smart A3$! Check out BW's rhymes...

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What's your 1 Thing?

Happy Earth Day! Celebrating all that is wonderful about Mama Earth, and also try to help her out in places she needs it.  That part can be overwhelming, but if everyone did '1 Thing' to help out, it would make a HUGE difference.   Maybe think about doing a one thing in your environment.  You'd be surprised how easy it can be, and usually a money saver too. Here's my 1 Thing. 

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Jumped the 'Late' Bandwagon...

My honey Ted and I started watching the first season of 'Game Of Thrones' last night. I started watching even after Anna, MIX Facebook Friend, warned me....
Anna Watch out, you'll get hooked on Game Of Thrones... then you will feel like they stabbed you, get mad & vow not to watch it again. Then you'll get hooked again only to have the same thing happen. Haha. I love GoT, but it will hurt your heart! Lol.

Well, I cried by the end of the second episode of Season 1. So I'm hooked!  Here's some updates on GoTs, but I can't read it since I'm really behind. Click here!

Here's a recap refresher of Season 1 & 2, but I can't watch since I'm catching up.. :)
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