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Say "Hello" with Classroom Instruments

Jimmy Fallon frequently has Tonight Show musical groups join him and The Roots in a dressing room for an impromptu performance.

So why not get Adele in there to sing "Hello," accompanied by toy instruments that could be found in any elementary school in the country?

And why should we be surprised that even under those circumstances, Adele sounds amazing.

She deserves every bit of attention she's getting lately, don't you think?

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The Farce Was Missed with this One

Katherine Timpf is not a Star Wars fan. And that's okay.

Unless you're a major uber Star Wars fan. Then it's major uber not okay.

It started with a simple Tweet, with the Fox News contributor saying she wasn't familiar with Star Wars because she was too busy liking cool things and being attractive.

Following that, she started getting death threats from people who took major uber offense to her comments.

It's not funny, but she's not backing down either. You have to check out her Twitter feed.

There's some pretty funny stuff there. Pretty pathetic stuff too.
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Literally Walks in for the Touchdown

Golden Tate, a wide receiver for the Detroit Lions, caught a pass from QB Matthew Stafford yesterday, and literally walked it into the end zone for a touchdown.

The Lions were playing the Philadelphia Eagles in their annual Thanksgiving day game, The Lions won, 45 - 14.

The TD catch by Golden is fun to watch.

He catches it at about the two-yard line.

A Philadelphia defender completely misses the tackle, and it looks like everyone else wearing a white jersey gave up on the play.

So Golden just walked it in. No rush, just a couple of steps like he was talking a post-turkey-feast stroll...

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There's a 75% Chance of This Dress Showing Up on Your Weather Report

They're calling it the Weather Girl Dress.

Sure, it's sexist and hearkens back to the 60s and 70s, but that's not the point.

Thanks to a Facebook group, a certain dress is starting to appear on local weather forecasts, worn by female meteorologists.

It's just $23 - economical - and available on Amazone - free shipping with Amazon Prime.

And it meets the exacting standards for TV dress codes.

No harsh patterns, no cleavage, and nothing green.

So it's starting to appear all over the country.

Is it in your market yet?
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"This Movie Has a Lot of Boxing"

I love this movie review.

Scott Sapp from the band Creed put on his reviewer's cap to take a look at the movie Creed.

Truth be told, it's a FunnyOrDie bit, and Scott pulls it off perfectly.

Plenty of tongue-in-cheek confusion, with Scott believing the movie's supposed to be a documentary about him and his band...
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Let's Not Pardon This Turkey

While the Obama family was inside the White House celebrating Thanksgiving, a guy draped in an American flag jumped the fence and was able to get onto the lawn.

The Secret Service apprehended him immediately, but the grounds and building were placed on lockdown for about three hours.

Looks like those new security spikes they put up earlier this year didn't deter fence-jumpers the way they'd hoped.

Scary stuff...

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Wonder Where Your Neighbors Went for Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is one of the biggest travel times of the year.

People go amazing distances to be with their friends and family to celebrate and break turkey.

The folks at The New York Times put together a pretty interesting graphic presentation to show the heavily traveled air routes.

Check it out - and see if you can figure out where your neighbors are right now

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Thanksgiving is Saved

Thanksgiving is a time for family gatherings.

And when family gathers, sometimes things can get a little heated.

Well, now that can be fixed.

If the conversation around the carved turkey takes a turn for the worse, just plug in a little Adele singing "Hello," and all with be well.

Funny bit from Saturday Night Live last weekend... Check it out!

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What if You Threw a Press Conference and No One Came?

Blaine Gabbert is the current starting quarterback for the San Francisco 49'ers.

And he's been doing okay since replacing the struggling Colin Kaepernick.

He showed up to a press conference yesterday.

And he was the only one to show up.

He handled it well. Read the tweeted progression from Mindi Bach, a sportswriter from the Bay Area.
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An Extra Special Day (for me)!

Today is an extra special day for me, because I was born several years ago. It's Happy Me Day! If you were born today, well Happy You Day! If not, Happy belated or Happy in the Future Day to you! I found out that November is #NationalAdoptionAwarenessMonth.

My brother-in-law Jamie & his wife Becky were foster parents for a while in Omaha, Nebraska and they feel in Love & adopted Siyea, a beautiful 6 year old. I'm looking forward to seeing her again to celebrate Christmas time for the first time w/ her.

Adoption can be a beautiful option for the right couple and child.I should know I was born several/ lots of years ago ( on this date) and adopted 3 weeks later by Daddy Maurice & Mama Betty.
They always told me I was wanted, so it wasn't a strange thing for me. Although both are no longer here (R.I.P) which makes me sad thinking about that, until I think of the good times I had growing up. Precious memories puts a BIG SMILE on my face and makes my heart hurt less. Adoption isn't for everybody, but it certainly is a WONDERFUL option when it works! Something to Think about!

I am Thankful I have my family.. my honey Ted & Furbaby Huey to celebrate 'My Day' and 'Thanksgiving Weekend'. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! It means the world to me. Enjoy each moment you have w/ your family & friends. You will cherish them later when they can't be w/ you. Have a Happy & Safe Thanksgiving Holiday! Y'all Rock! Heather
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