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Do you have this problem?

Lip Bleeds. It sounds painful, but I'm talking about when your lipstick bleeds outside of your lips. I put a post up on the Mix Facebook page and got some helpful suggestions and things to try. We're all different, so one thing might work for one but not the other. Thanks so much to our Mix Facebook Friends. If you have a tip that works, please share it! Click here check out the tips or to leave one! :)
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Happy Holidays: You Got Tebowed

Former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow surprised some Wal-Mart shoppers in Orlando recently.

He unexpectedly showed up and took care of one customer's layaway bill.

Her reaction, and the reaction of the folks with her, is priceless.

Check it out.

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Emojinized Science

Bill Nye the Science Guy always does what he can to make science understandable to the Average Joe.

In this day and age, what better way to illustrate one's point - or, in this case, lesson - that with emoji.

Everyone knows what emoji are - so why not put them to good use.

So watch Professor Nye do Professor Darwin one better by using emoji to explain evolution.

I'll bet you have a Smiley Face when it's done...

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Seal It With a Slap!

Whoever thought Jimmy Fallon and Oprah Winfrey could play a married couple?

Well they did - back in the 80s - on a soap opera called Midnight Meadows.

It's becoming a running bit on The Tonight Show, and it involves Jimmy and his guest running back and forth into and out of the scenes.

You almost wish they'd show those transitions. From the sound of the audience reaction, that's one of the best parts.

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New Rule: Don't Let Mom Call Into Your Talk Show Appearance

How's this for a fun time?

Brad and Dallas Woodhouse are what you'd call political pundits.

They're also what you'd call brothers.

Brad's a Democrat, and Dallas is a Republican. This week, they appeared on Washington Journal on C-Span to discuss their new book, "Woodhouse Divided," about bipartisanship and the political divide in the United States.

I'm sure it was a fun conversation, but not one that would catch my attention.


... the Woodhouse brothers' mother called in, unexpectedly and unplanned, and pretty much told the both of them to settle their differences so that Christmas at the family home would be peaceful.

The clip is below, and it is priceless!

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The Holidays Are Coming!

What's Up Moms is a great group of fun moms who poke fun at themselves and their lives.

Earlier this week, we featured their parody of Taylor Swift's "Blank Spaces."

Today, I stumbled on this "trailer" for The Holidays Are Coming, and while it's from last month, it's especially fitting now, with Christmas Eve just a week away.

Enjoy - and know you are NOT alone!

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Can I Get a Translator, Please?

Christian Bale's newest film, Exodus: Gods & Kings, hasn't even been out for two weeks, and already, folks are talking about his next film.

The trailer for Knight of Cups was released this week, and while the film's language is English - I understand all the words - I think I'm going to have to have an interpreter with me if I plan to sit and watch it.

It's not that anyone's unintelligible - there's no Stallone/Schwarzenegger component to the movie - it's just that I have no idea what's going on.

Sure, trailers are supposed to tease you and even titillate you, so you'll be interested in seeing the movie.

This one looks like a bad acid trip caught on film.

What do you think?

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Blistering Hot Britney

Britney Spears Presents Her Dessous Collection 'The Intimate Collection'
According to Women's Health magazine, Britney Spears is in "the hottest shape of her life."

That's why they put her on the cover of the magazine.

And according to them, she did it all without a trainer.

They point to her "insane abs" and suggest that you too can achieve them with "one simple move."

I hate to be a cynic, but I'll bet it's the purchase of pretty good photo-editing software.

Does that make me a bad person...?


Thank you so much @womenshealthmag for featuring me in your new issue! ? It's on stands this week!

A photo posted by Britney Spears (@britneyspears) on

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New to me Ear Candy..

I picked up the Shinedown album 'Amaryllis'. I'm on the way late side of doing it. But I'm glad I did! Love it! This will be perfect 'Ear Candy' for the long road trip coming up in a little over a week to Omaha, NE to visit My Honey Ted's family.

It's also a trip that will be closure w/ some of my family things. Since my Daddy Maurice passed away last November, and my Mama Betty has been gone 12 years, it's a been a slow/drawn out process taking care of family estate issues. Now that they are coming to an end, it doesn't seem that long at all. I'm trying to think of it as starting another chapter to life, which I hope I have many more a head, but you never know. Reason why you should find Happy moments each day. Anyway, once my family home is sold, besides a few little things to do, it will end that part of my life in a way. It will be weird going to Omaha, and not staying in the house I grew up in. But the other side of it would be, home really is where your loved ones are. Right now it's in Austin, Texas w/ my Honey Ted, and it has been for several years. My other loved ones are in my heart, where I can take them anywhere.

It's fantastic to go see Ted's family, which is also my family. I will remember to keep all those Happy moments in my heart, so they will go anywhere w/ me! If you are missing loved ones this Holiday season, like I am, try to remember the good times and make some Happy moments for this season you can remember for next.

It's strange how this Shinedown album led me to these thoughts, but I suppose that is what 'THEY CALL.. THE POWER OF MUSIC'! I highly recommend the album. This is one of my favs..

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The Sun May Not Come Out Tomorrow After All

The updated version of Annie hit theaters this past weekend, and according to The Hollywood Reporter, it's a hard knock watch.

Starring Jamie Foxx as the billionaire and Quvenzhane Wallis as the little orphan, the new Annie was pretty much eviscerated:

This one paragraph says it all:
"Putting aside the grating performances, the clumsy direction, the visual ugliness and the haphazard development of story, character and relationships, the movie is hobbled by its intrinsic unsuitability for contemporary retelling."

Of course, you never know with movies like this. Critics can often cripple a film - or just because of their shear nastiness, encourage people to go and check it out for themselves.

So what do you think?

Is it worth popping for $12 a ticket, plus the investment in the soda and popcorn and candy, to make your own determination?

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