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14 Days & COUNTING!!

SO EXCITED!! Here's a  vid Perez just posted to tide us over!

Are you ready for November 18th? My honey Ted rolled his eyes the other night when we were watching something about 'Breaking Dawn Part 1'. All of a sudden, I went into the 'OH NO YOU DIDN'T TUDE', which isn't normally like me. I said,  okay you can roll your eyes,  You're not going with me to see the movie, because you will just bust on it ,and I don't want the experience to be ruined. I'm EXCITED about it.  He said he was just kidding, he wanted to go with. He's read the books, and he wants to see the last part of the movies with me. He's seen all the other ones with me.  For now, he's going to be my date... but there's still 14 days... LOL...

Advice to guys taking your ladies for a date night... just refrain from any eye rolls or negative comments until she says something first.  Especially, if she's a BIG TWILIGHT FAN! It's not fair, but it's safe to say if you do that, you will probably have a much more peaceful night.  Maybe make a deal that during  Sunday football, she has to return the favor. NO ROLLING THE EYES OR NEGATIVE  COMMENTS!   Compromise is  good for a relationship. :)

10/27/2011 9:56AM
14 Days & COUNTING!!
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