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My Fit Foods 21 Day Challenge.

10 Things I learned on the My Fit Foods 21 day Challenge.
  1. I wasn’t snacking enough:
    1. I used to have 1 snack a day and I tried to limit it to 100 calories.  At My Fit Foods snacks ranged between 150-300 calories. It has completely changed my approach to snacks.
  2. I need to create an eating schedule:
    1. The challenge helps you set up an eating schedule. Now I really try to eat at 6am, 9am, noon, 3pm, and 6pm. Now is impossible to ALWAYS be on time, but I find having a structure really helps me from getting ‘hangry.’
  3. Pre plan meals/Have a plan:
    1. When I am hungry I grab handfuls of this and that before I actually make my meal. Who knows how many calories I shove in my mouth. IF I prepare meals on Sunday to eat throughout the week I can stay on track. This takes work…and time…but it works.
  4. Wait 10-15 minutes after a meal to really decide if you are still hungry:
    1. There were a lot of times I would eat a meal and think, “I am still hungry!” But then…10 minutes later I would be full.
  5. I don’t “deserve” junk food.
    1. I convinced myself week after week that bc I ate healthy Monday – Thursday…then I “deserved” to eat whatever I wanted on the weekend. #Wrong
  6. I don’t NEED chocolate to function.
  7. I don’t NEED wine to relax.
  8. I feel a lot better on a Saturday morning when I don’t load myself down w/ chips and queso the night before.
  9. I can survive a craving.
  10. Setting goals and eating healthy feels way better than obsessing over, “why I just ate that huge plate of cheese.”
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5 days left!! My Fit Foods

Ok. Recap of the last 2 weeks on the Challenge.

I really do feel great. I don't know if it is the food, the daily fit pack, ALL the water, or just the lack of me beating myself up for having a (insert super unhealthy food here) for lunch. It is amazing what just 2 weeks of healthy eating on a strict schedule can do. I am learning that if I eat and then just wait a little bit...I am full!

Now it hasn't all been easy. I am not going to lie...it was REALLY REALLY hard to get through this past weekend. Somehow I survived a night out with girlfriends on West 6th Saturday night...and then a 7+ hour Sunday Funday with only water and a MFF Cookie. I still had fun...and it showed me that I can have nights out w/o drinking and gorging myself with food!

So far my favorite meals are Hunters Chili, Lettuce Wraps, all of the parfaits, the oatbake, and all of the salads. 

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American Idiot

American Idiot is at the Bass Concert Hall until Sunday January 19th! This show is based off the rock opera album 'American Idiot' from Green Day. It is 90 minutes solid of Green Day songs. I sat down with cast members Jared Nepute (Johnny) and Olivia Puckett (Whatsername) and talked about the show.

You do not need to know Green Day songs to enjoy this show. I think I knew around 50-60% of the songs in the show. I am tempted to listen to 'American Idiot' completely through and then go and see the show again.

You can get tickets to the show here.
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My Fit Foods Day 8

Imagine waking up Monday morning and having 4 days of meals planned out. Bammmm

Today was easy breezy. Honestly I could barely finish my breakfast....it was so filling. I literally felt like I ate SO much today...yet my calorie count was still at only 1,230. And dinner was my favorite new meal yet...Miso Chicken Lettuce Wrap!!!!  I hope it shows up on my menu again!

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My Fit Foods Day 5 - 7...aka weekend 1

Friday night.
Ok...Normally I would go out for a dinner and have 1-3 glass of wine. Then I would go home and think...did I really need to have 1-3 glass of wine? #PoorDecision. This Friday I am not going to lie...I was REALLY tired from the first week back to work...and I fell asleep at 8:30. 

This never happens. I woke up Saturday morning with so much energy. It felt so nice not to be weighed down by the wine and overeating the night before. My big challenge Saturday was how I going to see my girlfriend Saturday night AND stay on the plan. I think whenever you do a challenge you need to tell all your friends...and hopefully they will support you! My friend Elizabeth was my partner in crime Saturday and she got MFF for her and her husband. So Saturday night we drank sparkling water and used fancy silverware as we ate out of our plastic conatiners. :)

Sunday: CHEAT DAY!
You are allowed 1 cheat day on the challenge. The Golden Globes were Sunday and I knew I couldn't resist snacking at a Golden Globe Party. So....I counted out a serving of chips and guac to have with my MFF dinner. I don't know if chips are allowed....but they are alllll I wanted! Normally at a party I go through at least 2-3 rounds of all the snacks everyone brought. Sunday I learned I can survive at a party having one snack and no drinks. 

Week 1 done.
First few days I was hungry, but that feeling has gone away. Each meal now fills me up. I don't feel greased down like I normally do after a weekend of eating...and my energy level is out of control!!! 
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My Fit Foods Day 4

Do you know what the best thing about today way? I went in to pick up my next 3 days of food...and it took 5 minutes to walk in and walk out. It has been a long week...I don't think my mind could have processed going into a grocery store and actually picking out food for the week. Honestly bc of the long week I probably would have just given up and had pizza. Thanks My Fit Foods for the mental break.

Pic of 3 days of food in 1 bag. 

Breakfast: Oat Bake: Turning into one of my favorite breakfasts. How can oatmeal almost taste like a muffin?

Snack: Almond Butter Crunch: This is a snack I will make in the future. Apples..celery...almond butter. Easy Breezy

Lunch: Enchiladas: So good and filling. So much better than the weight watchers ones my mom used to by. 

Snack: Oatmega Bar

Dinner: Beef and Broccoli: I really like this dinner bc I really like Broccolini...for some reason it is so much better than broccoli!! 

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My Fit Foods Day 3

Do you feel like sometimes you “deserve” chocolate…or a cupcake…or ice cream. It is amazing how many times I convince myself after a bad or good day/moment…that I deserve a treat. And this is the best part…in my head those calories do not count…bc I deserve them. Hahaha
Today I decided I deserved chocolate 3 separate times. Now I did not give in and eat that chocolate...and guess what I survived! It was really really hard to say no to the candy…as I am a big time emotional eater…but I did it! I am hoping as the challenge continues my cravings for candy fade away. I did have a My Fit Cookie scheduled as a snack…it is like my nutrition coach new that 3 days in…I was going to need an almost chocolate chip cookie. 

Just how bad is my candy craving? I freeze candy in my house so it is less accessible. Turns out I really like frozen candy.

Breakfast: Sunshine Breakfast – this breakfast is HUGE and almost hard to finish. Truth: Tastes great…but kind of stunk up the studio. Sorry boys. :/
Snack: Picnic Time: I got to eat cheese!!!!!!
Lunch: BBQ Chicken: a new menu item. It came with onion crunchy things on the mashed potato’s!!!!
Snack: Fit Cookie: Again…I got to eat a cookie!!!
Dinner: Chili: Not my fav dinner at My Fit Foods…but I’m not complaining. I just think of chili as meat soup and that grosses me out. 
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My Fit Foods Day 2

If you want to know why I am doing the challenge...read why here!  

My Fit Foods Day 2:
Ok...so I was all high and mighty and claimed, "I didn't have a caffeine addiction."hahaha. Well the caffeine headaches came today. It kind of freaks me out that 2 days of no caffeine my body is freaking out. Anyways it was nothing a little ibuprofen. Honestly the hardest thing today was not eating from this open stale jar of pub mix that someone left in our office kitchen. Who knows how long it has been there...but I would have been ALL OVER it last week. 

Also...if you are worried about how much food you get to eat. Today when I sat down for my lunch (my 3rd meal of the day at noon.) Alex said, "Jesus how much are you going to eat today." I just laughed and was like...this is how much you get to eat for reals on this thing. It is awesome! 


Food today:
Breakfast - Asiago Sausage - Another new menu item...I love any of their breakfast that have potatos.
Snack - Fit Cottage - I love cottage cheese so I wish there was more, but I will take what I can get!
Lunch - Chicken Parm - o good. Pasta. So good. 
Snack - Fit 2 Go - I was pretty hungry at this point, but this is a huge snack with almond butter, fruit, and an egg
Dinner - Best'o Pasta - I have had this meal before...I never eat pesto in my real life bc I am scared of the fat...so I dig that I get to eat it on this challenge! 
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My Fit Foods: Day 1

My Fit Foods Day 1:

So I thought I would begin by letting you know why I am doing the 21 Day Challenge. I read a lot about what I should and should not eat. I shop at Whole Foods and Central Market and I eat a lot of kale. I go through periods of logging my calories into My Fitness Pal. I tell myself…I am not going to drink for a few weeks. I have this wonderful vision of me cooking healthy meals every day. Then the stresses of life and the lack of sleep take over and I find myself trying to find the healthiest option at McDonalds, the vending machine or 7-11 at 5am in the morning. And then surprise…my jeans start getting tight. Worst. Feeling. Ever.
Well guess what after a fun November/December where I just decided to go for it and eat everything...my jeans are tight, I feel sluggish, and I need help. I see the My Fit Foods 21 Day Challenge as this wonderful way to wipe the slate clean. Start over. Fresh start. Create new healthy habits. I love the “idea” of hard core diets like eating vegan, or paleo, or carb free…but I know me...I can last on those maybe a month. My Fit Foods is nothing but simple, proportioned, fresh meals. They are meals I could make at home, but just don’t always have the time. So I see the Challenge as a little jump start. Let My Fit Foods do the work for me…and for the next 21 days I will give myself a running start to a healthy 2014. And…the best part…I KNOW my jeans will fit by the end of the challenge…and that really is the best feeling ever. 

Day 1 recap: Everything is so new and exciting the first day. It always suprises me how much you can really eat and still lose weight if it is the right food.
Breakfast: Oatmeal Bake (loved it)
Snack: Protein Bar (I actually eat these on the regular...they are made here in Austin)
Lunch: Street Tacos (one of their new menu items...first time trying them...so good. I think they changed up their corn tortillas and I really like it
Snack: Chicken Fruit Bowl (suprised at how many walnuts I got to eat!)
Dinner: Southwest Chicken Salad (Loved how big it was..I could barely finish it was so big)

Truth: The hardest part was going to an event with HBO and ATX TV Festival to watch 'Girls' at Max's Wine Dive. Free wine and fried chicken. I don't know how I got by on water while all my friends ate what was apparently the best fried chicken ever...but I did it. Win! You can't drink on the challenge, but I have wanted to stop drinking for awhile so it was kind of nice to have an excuse not to drink. 

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Reasons why you should go see Memphis at the Bass Concert Hall
1. The lead girl (Jasmine Richardson) is just amazing...and she is just a little Abeline Christian Girl!
2. The music is from Bon Jovi member David Bryan.
3. The musical one 4 Tony's in 2010 including best musical.
4. If you had a bad week...I promise the music will get you clapping and dancing in your seat.

The show is here through Sunday at Bass Concert Hall and tickets start at $25! Info here!

I sat down with the 2 stars of the cast Jasmine Richardson and Joey Elrose to talk about the show!
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