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25 Most Incredible Productivity Apps for the iPhone...

If you don't have these apps you are missing out, be the "cool one" today at work or school!  (thanks to www.globetask.com)

Image: Yutaka Tsutano

Technology today allows us to do things that would have been unthinkable 10 years ago. However, sometimes it can feel like all the gadgets at our disposal are slowing us down rather than making things easier. Here are 25 iPhone apps that really can help you to manage your time and increase the efficiency with which you work – making you a better and more effective worker.

25. MyWi 4.0, $19.99

MyWi performs a simple but invaluable function – tethering laptops and other mobile devices to your iPhone, allowing you to make full use of all that free wireless. For the business traveler, or anyone who works on the go, this app could prove absolutely priceless.

24. Bump, Free

Business cards can finally become a thing of the past. With Bump all you have to do is knock your iPhone together with someone else’s to share photos, contact details and calendar information. That’s a system that really is neater, tidier and quicker than dealing with stamped cardboard.

23. Yelp, Free

Need to take clients to a restaurant? Want to hold an interview in a respectable café? Yelp will point you in the direction of the nearest suitable locations, tied to to reviews so you can find out whether they are any good – all of which saves you time, phone calls and embarrassment. With 3GS, Yelp even has an augmented reality feature so you can just point ahead and grab information from the air.

22. Dragon Dictation, Free

Dragon Dictation saves you the hassle of transcribing conversations or taking notes – at a speed that is approximately five times faster than typing on a keyboard. Your transcription can then be easily edited and moved to SMS or email, shaving even more time off the process.

21. Wikipanion, Free

There’s a reason why Wikipedia is the world’s favorite crowdsourced encyclopedia – it’s actually rather good when searching for information about all sorts of things. Nevertheless, the classic build is a somewhat clunky on the iPhone’s compact screen. Enter the Wikipanion – information does want to be free after all. If you want to check your facts in reasonable time, without resorting to a desktop, then Wikipanion is for you.

20. Pastie, $2.99

Received a request for business information? Want to tell your boss you’re in a meeting? Pastie allows you to send preformatted emails with a single push of a button, allowing you to effortlessly increase your efficiency.

19. i-Clickr PowerPoint Remote, $9.99

If you frequently present PowerPoint presentations, i-Clickr could be your savior. Because it acts as a remote, you can also view slides and notes during the presentation and add annotations as you go. This both saves time and adds a significant new way for you to present.

18. WordPress, Free

If you blog or write material online for a living you might be familiar with WordPress – and this app allows you to write from wherever you are. By freeing you up, you can work more flexibly, and more efficiently, doing the job you need to do, from wherever you are, at a moment’s notice.

17. Timewerks, $9.99

Timewerks allows you to track your time and submit invoices for freelancers, consultants and contractors. Essentially it’s one step closer to the paperless, automatic office, without any of the inefficiency or waste of paper communication.

16. White Noise Lite, Free

Background noise can be a huge distraction to getting essential tasks done. One way of dealing with it is to use the iPhone’s white noise generator – zoning out interruptions to allow you to focus on your work and to increase your efficiency and productivity.

15. TweetDeck for iPhone, Free

It might be well known but that doesn’t make it any the worse. If you need to follow Twitter, using TweetDeck can make your day much, much easier and save you a lot of time. The current version allows you to follow tweets and topics in real time and manage groups and Twitpics. It can even sync with existing TweetDeck columns. It’s a tweeting life saver.

14. Air Sharing, $2.99

Air Sharing turns your iPhone into a real portable hard drive. You can mount the phone as a Wi-Fi drive on your computer and then simply, wirelessly drag and drop files. As a way of exchanging files it couldn’t be easier.

13. LockBox, Free

Remembering account details and passwords for the various sites you use can be a major drain on time. However, taking a paper note of your information could present a major security risk should it land in the wrong hands. A simple solution is LockBox, an app that lets you store and protect sensitive details in one secure but easy to access location. With LockBox you can secure all kinds of information, from private notes and credit card details to passwords and pin numbers. The information can be exported – but can’t be accessed without your secret code. With this app, online transactions can be a breeze.

12. Currency, Free

The Currency app provides up to date exchange rates for over 100 different currencies, saving you the bother of grappling with calculators and paper to work out currency transactions. Whether you’re trading in currency or traveling abroad, this app will save you time and confusion.

11. fring, Free

If you need to work with multiple IMs to stay in contact, fring could be the thing for you. Not only can you centralize your messenger services in one platform, but you can also stay in touch on the go. By rationalizing the systems you need to interact with, fring increases your efficiency while also keeping you entirely flexible.

10. Melodis Voice Dialer, Free

Melodis saves you the time of even having to dial a number into your phone. Just say the name of the person you want to talk to and it will auto dial. If you’re frequently calling the same contacts this will shave vital seconds off your day, and allow you to use the iPhone as a hands free device.

9. OmniFocus, $19.99

This award winning app allows you to smoothly manage your tasks, projects and to-dos, tracking items based on locations, dates and individuals involved. With this device you can get a grip on how to manage your time and identify your top priorities.

8. Evernote, Free

Evernote allows you to almost instantly capture whatever you’re thinking about. What’s better is that it allows you to do so without breaking your train of thought, meaning you can continue with the task at hand before dealing with the issue later. The app allows you to quickly make text, audio and photo notes and even lets you search text within snapshots.

7. iTranslate, Free

Google Translate might be an impressive service, but this is a genuine universal translator. This app will allow you to translate almost anything, anywhere, from speech into text and back. iTranslate can make you fluent in 52 languages – which should be as many as you need! The time savings are immeasurable.

6. TomTom U.S. & Canada $49.99

Ever got lost? Well, that was a waste of time. Your iPhone’s Sat Nav might tell you where you are, but TomTom will tell you where you’re going. Whether you travel for work or need to attend meetings around a city, this app will save you an absolute bundle of time.

5. Skype, Free

Too obvious to mention, too useful to live without. Skype seamlessly connects you to your contacts on whatever platform, wherever they are in the world. This isn’t so much time saving as one of the building blocks of the global village.

4. iBlacklist $11.99

The iBlacklist is the perfect app for anyone with limited time, allowing you to screen incoming calls and SMS/MMS. This is essentially the perfect way to build a firewall around your incoming communication services. You can even install parental controls and block outgoing calls if needs be.

3. Google Mobile App, Free

The Google Mobile App really is just that – an app that’s uniquely adapted to life on the move. The key feature of the app is that you can search by voice, so you can pick up your iPhone and go, rather than being tied down to typing in searches. Whether you want to search for contact details or currency conversions, it’s an ideal time saver. It supports American, British and Australian accents as well as French, Japanese, German and Spanish.

2. IntelliScreen, $9.99

Bypassing most of the iPhones’s systems, the IntelliScreen allows you a quickview of your calendar, email and text messages, as well as news and weather, from the “Slide To Unlock” screen – saving you the time of delving into your phone. This is an app that has purely been made for working at speed.

1. LogMeIn Ignition, $29.99

Ignition allows you to remotely access one or more computers anywhere, anytime. Never again will you discover that you’ve left a file sitting on your desktop because you have your office fully accessible in the palm of your hand.

10/06/2010 3:34AM
25 Most Incredible Productivity Apps for the iPhone...
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