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4 Things you Need to Know - June 6, 2011

Early Voting begins today

  • Early voting continues through June 14th – Election day is June 18th.

  • This election is a runoff between Austin City Council Member Randi Shade and Kathie Tovo.

Katie Couric is a wanted woman

  • Katie Couric will announce today that she will host a new talk show with Disney/ABC

  • Katie will have ownership in the program and will also be apart of the ABC news team

  • The show will be syndicated beginning in September 2012

  • If the deal goes through Katie will have worked at all 3 major networks

Good new in the fight against cancer

  • Patients with melanomas have 2 new treatment options to prolong survival

  • One targets a mutated gene that tells cancer cells to grow

  • Another boosts a patient’s immune system in the fight against the disease

  • Neither is a cure – but nearly 90% of those tested benefited from the drug

The biggest touring act of 2010

  • According to Billboard magazine – Bon Jovi was the biggest money make on the road in 2010

  • Bon Jovi beat out Gaga and Bieber…and even U2

  • They sold out 69 shows and make $17 million

  • Richie Sambora left rehab this weekend to join the guys in Europe

06/06/2011 5:49AM
4 Things you Need to Know - June 6, 2011
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