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Single Girl Diary: The struggle is REAL

Can I openly talk about problem that I know ALL dating girls face out there?.
It is something that takes up SO much time, energy and preparation….and guys don’t EVEN have to deal with it like we do.
That “something” is the act of moving all our lady crap back and forth between his place and our place depending on where we are hanging out that night.
I am sure guys listening right now might say…whats the big deal…get an extra toothbrush and keep it at his place.
You WOULD think that. All guys need is a toothbrush.
Girls…we need so much more.
You want us to come over for a Friday night? Great.
Aside from the toothbrush and a variety of clothes we must also bring things like:
Hair dryer
Curling iron
Styling products
Make up
And sweatshirts because your place is always cold
I think right now I am up to about 5 bags I transfer between my apartment and my boyfriend's apartment.

I know that seems crazy, but I have no idea when my boyfriend and I might decide to take a swim or a run or read a book by the pool
As a good girlfriend want to be prepared for ALL of this.
Not to mention the fact that I have a dog that requires his food, bed, and stuffed animals AT ALL TIMES.
Right now I might as well just be a bag lady that lives out of her car.
So for all the other dating girls that feel me out there. I just want to say you are not alone.
Suggestions to make it easier are welcome. 
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Single Girl Diary: Guys you will date in Austin

So Thrillist.com has a GREAT list of all the people you will inevitably date while in Austin. It includes the Crossfitter…the hippie…and my absolute favorite the Festival Fling. Click here to read it! 
I would like to add 5 new ones to the list…with some included advice.
1. The Hipster: His jeans are smaller than yours. His legs are smaller than yours. You can never reveal you actually like popular music. And you gain 10 pounds drinking craft beers on the East side. In my opinion…not worth it.
2. Peter Pan: This is the over 40 year old guy that is still single…still childless…and still lives like he is 21. You will find him EVERYWHERE in Austin. From experience I will tell you… you are NOT the person they meet that causes him to magically grow up. He is who is he is because he wants to be.
3. The chef and or craft cocktail bartender – He is tatted up and swears a lot…and that is damn sexy. He only wants to meet you after his shift…on weekends…at 2am. But sometimes he gives you free drinks or free apps at his place and that makes you feel special. I say get it girl, but don’t get emotionally invested in this one.
4. The guy who might as well live in another city he is so far away from you. Austin + Austin Traffic makes Austin HUUUUGE. I live in South Austin. I once dated a guy in Taylor. It took over an hour in no traffic to get to his place. This is long distance dating and it is a LOT of work
5. The actor/improviser/stand up comedian/musician/artist/writer guy that also works in a coffee shop, Juiceland, or the Apple Call Center.
You will have so much fun with this guy. I love this guy. You HAVE to date this guy at least once. Your dates will be at coffee shops and/or at house parties…that are filled with Lonestar beer and pot. Warning: he owns 3 shirts total…and that can be a problem when you try to take him to a really nice wedding.
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What's your Jam?

BOOKERMaking A Murderer tv show on Netflix - This is the show everyone is talking about. Binge watch it today!

ALEX - Alex found the BEST customer service at Michael A Laundromat! We all go to this laundromat to get our comforters cleaned. Click here --->http://www.yelp.com/biz/michael-a-laundromat-austin

SARA - If you want to learn how to give your mind a break for a few minutes a day try out the app Headspace. It is one of my New Years resolutions to spend 10 minutes a day...meditating.
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Where are our single girl gifts!!?!?!

I am so tired of buying baby and wedding gifts for people.
I looked at my credit card statement last night and on average I am spending like $200 a month on presents for first babies…second babies…first marriage…first engagement…first home.
What about my single girl firsts!
First time we actually have a guy call us back after a date!
First time we actually have a guy stick around for a month!
First time we have a guy actually call us on the phone!!!!
These might be the only firsts we ever get to experience!!!
Where are our Wiliams Sanoma biscuit cutters – set of 5 - …that make flaky, perfectly round biscuits also known as one of America's culinary treasures?
Where are our Le Creusset Heritage Stoneware Loaf Pan, Large, Lapis?
Where are our Crate and Barrel Hot Dips Bowl that heats up hot dips easily in the microwave or oven!
We want all these things too!!!
Where is the love!!! What if we never get to have these "society dictated gift worth" firsts? Does that mean we will never get Frozen pops dish towels that help sweeten those summer kitchen chores?
This sucks!!!

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Applegate - Natural & Organic Meats

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My Fit Foods recap!

I have done the MFF 21 Day Challenge a total of 3 times over the last 4 years. Every time I lose an average of 5-7 pounds over the 21 days. This year I lost 5 pounds easy. (I don't believe in pills, or drops, or shots, or fad diets...I believe in eating real food. If you eat the right food, in the right amounts...you lose weight.)

Why I did it this year:
My motivation this year was to get back on track and to stop eating so much dang sugar!
I am really good at eating healthy Monday – Thursday, but when Friday roles around, I think I “deserve” every cookie, glass of wine, and breakfast taco that comes my way. I wanted help snapping out of this game I play with myself!!

Favorite part of MFF:
It is so easy. For 3 weeks I don’t have to worry about meal planning, grocery shopping etc.
I reminds me...I CAN go out with friends and drink water instead of wine. I CAN go to a football watching party and not snack on chips and dip. I CAN get through a day without candy!  (I actually never craved sugar while on this plan...it is crazy that if you eat the right food...cravings go away! )

Favorite Meal:
I am in love with the Lettuce Wraps and ALL of the breakfasts.

The Cost
I know that MFF is an investment, and here is how I look at it. Look at all the money you spend over a 3 week period on food, snacks, drinks, restaurants, coffee, etc. MFF is still probably going to cost more, but does it cost THAT much more? Maybe the $$ you spend is a good motivator to stay on the program…it is for me!
Whats next?
Well I fell a heck of a lot better than I did on December 31st. I am down a few pounds, and it helped me get in the grove to lose weight and make good healthy decisions in 2015!
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Day 3: Learning new habits

Day 3 learning new habits. - Sara 
One of the reasons I love the My Fit Foods 21 Day Program is helps me get rid of bad habits. For the most part I eat healthy, but if something bad happens then my mind IMMEDIATELY goes to…I need a cookie or wine.
For example, today something happened that set me off. I am a girl, it happens. Someone upset me, I overreacted, I might have cried a little…and I thought, “I DESERVE a glass of wine or a cookie...This MFF program can just wait." I was 100% set on breaking all my goals (3 days in) because of how someone made me feel.
Then I walked into MFF to pick up my next round of food. I talked to some of the guys there about my goals as they rang up my food. KC the nutritionist talked to me about some of the new meals (mac and cheese), and importance of taking all my vitamins. As I left I thought, all these people want to see me succeed! I can’t let them down!
It was hard, but I passed up temptation, and came home to find my planned dinner was CHICKEN NUGGETS!! (yes MFF has a healthy version of chicken nuggets…and they are SO good.)
Sometimes in order to succeed we need to not only commit personally, but to also commit in front of others, and accept help. There are so many excuses every day to not eat healthy. ASK for HELP! That is just one of 1,001 reasons I love MFF!
Today MFF helped me make the right choice.
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WILD is out in theaters today!!! 


A true story about a woman who overcame tragedy by putting on her hiking boots...and hiking alone for over 1,000 miles. 

Expectations going in: 

LOVED the book. LOVE Reese Witherspoon. This book meant so much to me. I grew up hiking the mountains and know their healing power. 

My Take:

A great story is a great story. This movie is a great story. I think it is a story that relates to everyone. 

Would I see it with my mom:

Yes. My mom would love this film. Great mom/daughter bonding film. 

Good date movie?

I think this is a great date movie!!! This is a chick flick that guys will like. I promise.  

Bottom Line

If you want a nice movie to see with the family this holiday season...go see WILD

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Sara's Single Girl Diary: Online Dating Pictures

Sara's Single Girl Diary: Online Dating Pictures

Full disclosure. I am an online dater. You can currently check me out on Tinder and Eharmony. #ShoutOut

Guys. Picking the right pictures for online dating is hard. So let me give you some help.

If you want to meet a girl. Stop posting the following pictures.

If it isn’t your kid…don’t hold the kid. Holding a random kid doesn’t make us go….ooo he will be a good father one day. It confuses us.

Don’t post pics with gaggles of boobalicious girls.

Don’t pose with your ex girlfriend

Don’t post a pic giving your ex girlfriend a piggy back ride.

Don’t throw me the middle finger

Don’t post a blurry picture of your feet

I don’t want to see the one time you got drunk and dressed up in a chicken costume.

I don’t what your golf swing looks like from behind.

I find all the wakeboarding pics highly suspect. I challenge you that you do not wakeboard every weekend, but instead went once 5 years ago.

Finally. It is 2014. I don’t need to explain to you why shirtless selfies are dumb. Automatic NOPE.

So men. If you want a lady. Stop posting these pictures. Thank you.

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Single Austinite Diary 13

Because I am single I have been sleeping on an air mattress for the past 3 weeks.
I am currently in the middle of a move and in the meantine…because I don’t have a boyfriend…I am sleeping on my friend's air mattress. Don’t get me wrong. It is a lovely air mattress. The best Walmart has, BUT if I had a boyfriend I would be sleeping comfortably in his bed.
Instead I am on a bed that sounds like I am letting out a big fart everytime I flip over.
A bed that even my dog gets on and them immediately goes, "oh hell no, I choose the floor."
A bed that tells me I need to loose weight as it slowly deflates a little each night.  I started  at 8 inches from the floor…now I am at about 2.
I need to find a man to save me from the air mattress. 
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