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A Kiwi a day....

Kiwi could help curb IBS attacks. HHHMMMM.. might have to try it and see.  Thought I would share this new tibit with you, if you suffer from IBS like me. 'Foods' and 'Stress' are a big factor for me.  Ever since I was a little girl, I would get stomach aches when I had extreme emotions.
I just thought I was looking forward to getting some where, so that's why. Of course growing up, they got worse, especially during my time of the month.  I didn't get diagnosed until I was almost 30.  It was   relief knowing it wasn't something more serious, because IBS doesn't lead to anything, but  it also means you really can't be rid of it, you have to deal with it. Some days are good and others..not so good.

Looks like the Kiwi helps more of the IBS/constipation sufferer, so keep that in mind.

"IBS suffers who ate two kiwifruit a day for four weeks had less constipation and a general lessening of symptoms than those who didn’t."
Check out the entire story


08/11/2011 6:09AM
A Kiwi a day....
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