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Who loves puppies playing with ice? This guy...

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ESPN finally made me laugh...

But it wasn't ESPN that made me laugh, it was a video from www.jest.com about the NBA lockout that made me laugh!

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It took a while but I finally got the peanut butter off me...

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The most relaxing song ever...

Earlier Sandy mentioned that this song by Marconi Union called "Weightless" is clinicly proven to be the most relaxing song ever!

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I'm totally digging David Arquette's hair from last nights DWTS....

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Two bear cubs chillin' on a hammock...

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It's on: Red Bull's Austin, Texas F1 promo has arrived...

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I'm glad I'm not the only one that screws up group photos...

(thanks to msnbc for this gem)
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How many Chinese kids can you get in a minivan built for 8? 64 kids...

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HP printer vs. a cat...

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Welch's needs to take note on how Russia does juice commercials...

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Chris Farley is alive and lives in Phoenix...

Power Lines Fall on Crashed Vehicle, Driver Trapped: MyFoxPHOENIX.com

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...and here is your Monday video of a panda in a rocking chair

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OKAY, this is why I want a dog now...

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Red Bull F1 driver David Coulthard lighting up the streets of Austin, Texas...

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"I Trust You'll Treat Her Well" by: Victor Buono

Dear World:

I bequeath to you today one little girl...in a crispy dress...with two brown eyes...and a happy laugh that ripples all day long.. and a flash of light brown hair that bounces in the sun when she runs.
I trust you'll treat her well.

She's slipping out of the backyard of my heart this morning...and skipping off down the street to her first day of school. And never again will she be completely mine.
Prim and proud she'll wave her young and independent hand this morning and say "Goodbye" and walk with little lady steps to the schoolhouse.

Now she'll learn to stand in lines...and wait by the alphabet for her name to be called. She'll learn to tune her ears for the sounds of school-bells...and deadlines...and she'll learn to giggle...and gossip...and look at the ceiling in a disinterested way when the little boy 'cross the aisle sticks out his tongue at her. And now she'll learn to be jealous. And now she'll learn how it is to feel hurt inside. And now she'll learn how not to cry.

No longer will she have time to sit on the front porch on a summer day and watch an ant scurry across the crack in the sidewalk. Nor will she have time to pop out of bed with the dawn and kiss lilac blooms in the morning dew. No, now she'll worry about those important things...like grades and which dress to wear and whose best friends is whose. And the magic of books and learning will replace the magic of her blocks and dolls. And now she'll find new heroes.

For five full years now I've been her sage and Santa Claus and pal and playmate and mother and friend. Now she'll learn to share her worship with her teachers ...which is only right. But no longer will I be the smartest woman in the whole world. Today when that school bell rings for the first time...she'll learn what it means to be a member of the group...with all its privileges and its disadvantages too.

She'll learn in time that proper young ladies do not laugh out loud...or kiss dogs...or keep frogs in pickle jars in bedrooms...or even watch ants scurry across cracks in sidewalks in the summer.

Today she'll learn for the first time that all who smile at her are not her friends. And I'll stand on the front porch and watch her start out on the long, lonely journey to becoming a woman.

So, world, I bequeath to you today one little girl...in a crispy dress...with two brown eyes...and a flash of light brown hair that bounces in the sunlight when she runs.

I trust you'll treat her well
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Red Bull F1 car arrives at Austin Infiniti...

Not everyday in Austin, Texas does a Red Bull F1 car arrive at Austin Infiniti on the back of a tow truck!



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JB & Alex go eat lunch in South South Austin...

In an attempt to get around and make a visit to our listeners neighborhoods, JB & Alex cruised down to South South Austin in the Ditmar & 1st Street area to grab a bite. The neighborhood is...alright and the place we ate at was...alright.

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Does USA Soccer make the opponent crap their pants...

ask Mexico! (BTW, Americans salvage a 1-1 draw against Mexico on Wednesday night)

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2011 Dallas Cowboys Training Camp in San Antonio, Texas...

Let me start by saying I'm not the biggest Dallas Cowboys fan but DAMN, San Antonio does it up right for the fans! The players along with the coaches are great with the fans. It's one of the only times you can get up close and personal with them which was super cool. I can't leave out Cowboy legend Drew Pearson hanging out with us at Rio Rio Cantina on the Riverwalk. Thank you San Antonio for a great time!

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Who wasn't a Dukes of Hazzard fan...

There's a reason that we leave jumping old cars to STUNT MEN!

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Who will be the first to sign this kid...

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Redneck tattoo removal...(painful video, beware)

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This new X Factor promo makes me really miss Simon Cowell...

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How big ships are launched...

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Casey Anthony judge or former Dad on ABC's Family Matters?

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I hope your dog is safe & sound after the 4th of July...

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Now only if they made tortillas like this at Taco Cabana...

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Old people are not only cute, they are FUNNY...

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Here's the reason why I want a lion...

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Cat Video of the Day: Kitty playing the shell game...

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The reason why I don't want a German Shepard: TOO big in one year...

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Forrest Gump's sister can RUN...

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Funny or Sad...

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Why is this smoking hotting holding an ugly animal...

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You can thank terrorists for a sad video like this...

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Carrie Underwood & her silly baseball bat have NOTHING on this chick...

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Time to get rid of old clothes...

...there is nothing more humbling than going into Plato's Closet to sell 4 GIANT bags of clothes and them only taking 4 things and giving you $21.50

BOTTOMLINE, my clothes all suck!

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Here's the dog I want...

This dog belongs to one of our listeners, I have no idea what kind of dog this is but I want one!

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Chevrolet Super Bowl ad leaked: freaken hilarious...

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Sara's little cousin Timmy can sure sing him some Ke$ha...

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Who doesn't love a little dog humping...right?

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Newest Brett Favre allegations get the Taiwanese animation treatment...

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THIS is a crappy way to lose a marathon...

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CLICK HERE if you love '80s police training videos...

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The Ten Best Cars To Have Sex In...


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What NEVER to do if the cops are chasing you...

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I was never a huge Conan fan, this made me laugh...

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25 Most Incredible Productivity Apps for the iPhone...

If you don't have these apps you are missing out, be the "cool one" today at work or school!  (thanks to www.globetask.com)

Image: Yutaka Tsutano

Technology today allows us to do things that would have been unthinkable 10 years ago. However, sometimes it can feel like all the gadgets at our disposal are slowing us down rather than making things easier. Here are 25 iPhone apps that really can help you to manage your time and increase the efficiency with which you work – making you a better and more effective worker.

25. MyWi 4.0, $19.99

MyWi performs a simple but invaluable function – tethering laptops and other mobile devices to your iPhone, allowing you to make full use of all that free wireless. For the business traveler, or anyone who works on the go, this app could prove absolutely priceless.

24. Bump, Free

Business cards can finally become a thing of the past. With Bump all you have to do is knock your iPhone together with someone else’s to share photos, contact details and calendar information. That’s a system that really is neater, tidier and quicker than dealing with stamped cardboard.

23. Yelp, Free

Need to take clients to a restaurant? Want to hold an interview in a respectable café? Yelp will point you in the direction of the nearest suitable locations, tied to to reviews so you can find out whether they are any good – all of which saves you time, phone calls and embarrassment. With 3GS, Yelp even has an augmented reality feature so you can just point ahead and grab information from the air.

22. Dragon Dictation, Free

Dragon Dictation saves you the hassle of transcribing conversations or taking notes – at a speed that is approximately five times faster than typing on a keyboard. Your transcription can then be easily edited and moved to SMS or email, shaving even more time off the process.

21. Wikipanion, Free

There’s a reason why Wikipedia is the world’s favorite crowdsourced encyclopedia – it’s actually rather good when searching for information about all sorts of things. Nevertheless, the classic build is a somewhat clunky on the iPhone’s compact screen. Enter the Wikipanion – information does want to be free after all. If you want to check your facts in reasonable time, without resorting to a desktop, then Wikipanion is for you.

20. Pastie, $2.99

Received a request for business information? Want to tell your boss you’re in a meeting? Pastie allows you to send preformatted emails with a single push of a button, allowing you to effortlessly increase your efficiency.

19. i-Clickr PowerPoint Remote, $9.99

If you frequently present PowerPoint presentations, i-Clickr could be your savior. Because it acts as a remote, you can also view slides and notes during the presentation and add annotations as you go. This both saves time and adds a significant new way for you to present.

18. WordPress, Free

If you blog or write material online for a living you might be familiar with WordPress – and this app allows you to write from wherever you are. By freeing you up, you can work more flexibly, and more efficiently, doing the job you need to do, from wherever you are, at a moment’s notice.

17. Timewerks, $9.99

Timewerks allows you to track your time and submit invoices for freelancers, consultants and contractors. Essentially it’s one step closer to the paperless, automatic office, without any of the inefficiency or waste of paper communication.

16. White Noise Lite, Free

Background noise can be a huge distraction to getting essential tasks done. One way of dealing with it is to use the iPhone’s white noise generator – zoning out interruptions to allow you to focus on your work and to increase your efficiency and productivity.

15. TweetDeck for iPhone, Free

It might be well known but that doesn’t make it any the worse. If you need to follow Twitter, using TweetDeck can make your day much, much easier and save you a lot of time. The current version allows you to follow tweets and topics in real time and manage groups and Twitpics. It can even sync with existing TweetDeck columns. It’s a tweeting life saver.

14. Air Sharing, $2.99

Air Sharing turns your iPhone into a real portable hard drive. You can mount the phone as a Wi-Fi drive on your computer and then simply, wirelessly drag and drop files. As a way of exchanging files it couldn’t be easier.

13. LockBox, Free

Remembering account details and passwords for the various sites you use can be a major drain on time. However, taking a paper note of your information could present a major security risk should it land in the wrong hands. A simple solution is LockBox, an app that lets you store and protect sensitive details in one secure but easy to access location. With LockBox you can secure all kinds of information, from private notes and credit card details to passwords and pin numbers. The information can be exported – but can’t be accessed without your secret code. With this app, online transactions can be a breeze.

12. Currency, Free

The Currency app provides up to date exchange rates for over 100 different currencies, saving you the bother of grappling with calculators and paper to work out currency transactions. Whether you’re trading in currency or traveling abroad, this app will save you time and confusion.

11. fring, Free

If you need to work with multiple IMs to stay in contact, fring could be the thing for you. Not only can you centralize your messenger services in one platform, but you can also stay in touch on the go. By rationalizing the systems you need to interact with, fring increases your efficiency while also keeping you entirely flexible.

10. Melodis Voice Dialer, Free

Melodis saves you the time of even having to dial a number into your phone. Just say the name of the person you want to talk to and it will auto dial. If you’re frequently calling the same contacts this will shave vital seconds off your day, and allow you to use the iPhone as a hands free device.

9. OmniFocus, $19.99

This award winning app allows you to smoothly manage your tasks, projects and to-dos, tracking items based on locations, dates and individuals involved. With this device you can get a grip on how to manage your time and identify your top priorities.

8. Evernote, Free

Evernote allows you to almost instantly capture whatever you’re thinking about. What’s better is that it allows you to do so without breaking your train of thought, meaning you can continue with the task at hand before dealing with the issue later. The app allows you to quickly make text, audio and photo notes and even lets you search text within snapshots.

7. iTranslate, Free

Google Translate might be an impressive service, but this is a genuine universal translator. This app will allow you to translate almost anything, anywhere, from speech into text and back. iTranslate can make you fluent in 52 languages – which should be as many as you need! The time savings are immeasurable.

6. TomTom U.S. & Canada $49.99

Ever got lost? Well, that was a waste of time. Your iPhone’s Sat Nav might tell you where you are, but TomTom will tell you where you’re going. Whether you travel for work or need to attend meetings around a city, this app will save you an absolute bundle of time.

5. Skype, Free

Too obvious to mention, too useful to live without. Skype seamlessly connects you to your contacts on whatever platform, wherever they are in the world. This isn’t so much time saving as one of the building blocks of the global village.

4. iBlacklist $11.99

The iBlacklist is the perfect app for anyone with limited time, allowing you to screen incoming calls and SMS/MMS. This is essentially the perfect way to build a firewall around your incoming communication services. You can even install parental controls and block outgoing calls if needs be.

3. Google Mobile App, Free

The Google Mobile App really is just that – an app that’s uniquely adapted to life on the move. The key feature of the app is that you can search by voice, so you can pick up your iPhone and go, rather than being tied down to typing in searches. Whether you want to search for contact details or currency conversions, it’s an ideal time saver. It supports American, British and Australian accents as well as French, Japanese, German and Spanish.

2. IntelliScreen, $9.99

Bypassing most of the iPhones’s systems, the IntelliScreen allows you a quickview of your calendar, email and text messages, as well as news and weather, from the “Slide To Unlock” screen – saving you the time of delving into your phone. This is an app that has purely been made for working at speed.

1. LogMeIn Ignition, $29.99

Ignition allows you to remotely access one or more computers anywhere, anytime. Never again will you discover that you’ve left a file sitting on your desktop because you have your office fully accessible in the palm of your hand.
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10 Worst WWF Outfits of the 90's...

Here's a little treat for my peeps that were huge WWF fans (thanks www.popcrunch.com)

Wrestling: one of the world’s greatest contradictions. On one hand you have truly massive men with arms like tree trunks and an encyclopedic knowledge of bone-crushing moves ready to be unleashed upon some unwitting victim, while on the other you have face-paint, tights and spandex. Just as humankind has never found answers to such perennial questions as “Does the Jersey Devil really exist?”, “Is there a monster lurking in Loch Ness?” and “Who keeps giving Piers Morgan airtime?” so we shall never know why wrestlers have such a misplaced penchant for wearing eye-watering attire that is not only horrifying but often hopelessly impractical for fisticuffs.

While professional wrestling has never really been at the cutting edge of fashion, it seems that the 1990s were a particular low point for the World Wrestling Federation (now known as World Wrestling Entertainment) and the individuals that performed upon its international stage. Clothes that would normally be met with howls of derision on any street corner were suddenly de rigueur for the rippling muscle men and risk-taking acrobats. Spandex was ubiquitous and neon colors the norm. With a high turnover of ‘talent’ it seemed that every wrestler wanted a gimmick that would get them noticed. Many of these dreadful outfits ensured that their memory lives on in fans’ hearts, although perhaps for all the wrong reasons…

10) Goldust

The dubious honor of kicking off what will undoubtedly turn out to be a rogue’s gallery rests with Goldust. Real name Dustin Rhodes, Goldust’s extravagant outfit was originally based upon the Academy Awards’ Oscar statuette. While the Oscar’s build is that of streamlined art deco perfection, Goldust’s physique was more fatty boom batty, so the whole image didn’t exactly start well. Since then it evolved into something more akin to Auric Goldfinger’s sex-mad cross-dressing younger brother.

Apart from his wardrobe, Goldust was also infamous for combining wrestling with behavior that would nowadays land him squarely on the sex offender’s registry. A notable match (the Hollywood Backlot Brawl) between the gold-laméd one-man freak show and Rowdy Roddy Piper included the visual delights of Goldust fondling Piper’s behind and a spot of kissing. Eventually, though, Piper prevailed, but instead of a darned good thrashing he decided that the best way to teach Goldust a lesson about inappropriate touching would be to knock him unconscious and strip him of his ludicrous outfit. Underneath, Goldust was wearing a basque, stockings, suspenders and a g-string…

9) The Warlord

Introduced to the murky world of professional wrestling by none other than Goldust’s real-life dad, Dusty Rhodes, The Warlord somehow came to the conclusion that the best way to augment his 6ft 5inch frame would be with The World’s Crappest Armour™. Made from what must have been the cheapest black plastic known to man and topped with a helmet blatantly pilfered from the Phantom of the Opera’s pound shop, The Warlord’s costume was eclipsed in the do-it-yourself stakes only by his absurd ‘W’ stick. At least the helmet hid some of his revolting face. Indeed, his armor was so shoddy that rather than use it for protection he actually had to remove it before his fights lest it get scuffed. The Warlord retired in 1996 after a car accident involving a Pizza Hut delivery guy left him with a serious neck injury.

8) Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Ah, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, a man to whom a wrestling costume consists of nothing more than a plank of wood and a cross-eyed stare. Oh, and a thumbs up. His outfit may have been entirely devoid of creativity but what Jim lacked in spandex he made up for with impenetrable facial hair and a madman’s howl. A regular face in the WWF, Duggan quickly became a fan favorite and racked up numerous titles across several wrestling federations, even becoming the winner of the first-ever Royal Rumble. Even kidney cancer couldn’t put the gravel-voiced, blue-panted patriot out for the count and after a few years on the independent circuit he returned to the WWE in 2005.

7) Brutus ‘The Barber’ Beefcake

Unlike The Warlord’s poking stick, Beefcake’s props were actually quite useful. After subduing his opponents with his trademark sleeper hold he would grab his personalized ‘barber’s’ garden shears (or electric clippers) and lop chunks of their hair off, throwing ‘handfuls of hair into the air to the delight of the crowd’. Fans loved the non-consensual haircut malarkey and the man who was billed as hailing from ‘parts unknown’ soon became a firm favorite. His costumes, however, were nothing less than low crimes against high fashion. Bow ties without shirts, zebra prints, rips, ribbons and a highlighted mullet ensure Brutus’ entry into sartorial infamy.

Not everything was straightforward for Beefcake, though. A parasailing accident in 1990 left his face ‘caved in’, and surgeons had to use 8 titanium plates, 32 screws and 100 feet of wire to reconstruct his head. The by then semi-retired wrestler was involved in a bizarre terrorist scare in 2004 when he accidentally left a large bag of cocaine in a Massachusetts subway station phone booth (oh come on, we’ve all done it). A commuter came across the white powder, mistook it for anthrax and contacted police. The station was evacuated and Beefcake hastily owned up before promptly checking into rehab.

6) Demolition

Made up of the imaginatively-titled Ax and Smash (joined later by Crush), the Demolition tag team enjoyed a costume that was something of a confused mixture of styles. Black leather waistcoats (liberally coated with studs), spiked gloves, leather masks and red-and-white, Kiss-style face paint were intended to be redolent of the fictional inhabitants of the post-apocalyptic world of Mad Max, crossed perhaps with the followers of the New York punk scene. However, couple the fact that Ax & Smash were already balding and a bit fat with the addition of crotchless chaps, and suddenly what could have been a ‘well-hard’ look became rather like two aging BDSM aficionados caught backstage at a sex club in an impromptu police raid. The appearance of the Legion of Doom (who used spikes far more effectively) exposed Demolition’s unintentional imperfections and their popularity soon waned.

5) Ultimate Warrior

While most wrestlers milk their entrances for all they’re worth, The Ultimate Warrior did away with all the high-fives and muscle-flexing and simply put his mad little head down and sprinted as fast as he could into the ring. Obviously intoxicated with adrenaline (perhaps among other things), he would then randomly thrash about on the ropes for a bit. Happy with his thrashing, the fight would get underway.

And with an outfit mainly consisting of day-glo string, The Ultimate Warrior was a sight to behold. Fluorescent Speedos, wristbands brighter than the sun and unnecessarily substantial tasseled boots mirrored his high-energy persona. Indeed, James Hellwig (real name) actually became so intertwined with his WWF character that in 1993 he legally changed his name to Warrior. With his massive lion’s mane hair, face-paint and a wide-eyed stare that seemed to have originated from the very deepest level of crazy, Warrior resembled some kind of escaped mental patient who’d broken into the Fresh Prince of Bel Air’s dressing room.

4) Brett ‘The Hitman’ Hart

Brett Hart’s WWF story is one of greatness and betrayal. Hart was probably the most famous of the Federation’s competitors during the mid 1990s. His motto was: “The best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be.” It was a sentiment that was echoed by WWE chairman Vince McMahon who described him as: “The greatest technical wrestler and storyteller in the history of the business.” But Hart and McMahon were not always on such amicable terms.

His final match after 14 years with the WWF saw him pitched against rival Shawn Michaels in Montreal. Hart was understandably reluctant to lose the match (and championship title) while in his native Canada, so he and McMahon decided that Hart would win the match but submit the title soon after. However, McMahon, Michaels and referee Earl Hebner had conspired behind the Hitman’s baby-oiled back and the upshot was that Hart lost to a ‘screwjob’ in front of an audience aghast. An angry Hart promptly smashed up a few things backstage (like McMahon’s already dreadful face) and left the WWF. Reconciliation would follow more than a decade later.

While Brett Hart might have been a gifted and consummate professional, his clothes were a different matter. Any other color choice would have been forgivable but noooooooooo, he had to go and dress as a bright pink and black spandex atrocity. And what would be the perfect icing for such a homo-erotic cake? That’s right, a Freddie Mercury-style PVC military jacket, discounted wrap-around shades and hair oilier than a BP rig.

3) High Energy

When Owen Hart teamed up with “Birdman” Koko B. Ware a fashion disaster was born. Known as High Energy, the two men’s chosen attire was the physical embodiment of all that was wrong with early 90s fashion. Black and white chequered braces, liberal use of blindingly bright, Day-Glo colors and trousers with more spare room than Norman Bates’s motel were essential for the ‘high flying’ twosome. The intense and clashing colors of their outfits outshone even the unfortunate blue-and-yellow macaw that accompanied them.

Alas, the mismatched duo only competed in a single pay-per-view match which they lost to The Headshrinkers and by early 1993 High Energy had been ‘quietly dropped’. While they were certainly not the most successful tag team in the WWF they were undoubtedly the baggiest.

2) Ric Flair

Ric Flair was synonymous with a lot of things: stunning charisma, notable promos and massive arrogance to name just a handful. But it is his fondness for gowns that ensures his inclusion here. These weren’t normal, plain gowns like you or I might wear upon exiting the bath or shower. Oh no. Flair’s robes were like works of art, incorporating frills, floral motifs, elaborate stitching and sequins by the bucket load. In fact, they often had so much stuff stuck to them that it looked like a child had covered his mother’s dressing gown in super glue and thrown it in a transvestite’s trash can. The self-styled ‘Nature Boy’ seemed to have a special love for feathers. Sometimes you could barely see him for the amount that where sewn onto his gowns. “Woooooo!” As a side note Wikipedia reports: “In September 2007, Flair opened a financial business called Ric Flair Finance. In July 2008, Ric Flair Finance filed for bankruptcy.”

1) Macho Man Randy Savage

In a world of drug-addled, colorful personalities Randy Savage was up there with the most eccentric and crazy wrestlers that have ever entered the squared-circle. Not only did his sartorial flair seem to be inspired by a particularly bad LSD trip, but his wardrobe appeared to be never-ending. Unlike some other WWF stars, Savage had total control over his clothes and even owned each item personally. So he’s totally to blame.

Never short of a word or two and with a voice that sounded like a chainsaw on razor wire, watching Savage’s interviews was like looking through the door grill into a padded cell. It’s true that he may not have always been coherent or even able to face the right way, but the incandescent cowboy embraced his ‘macho madness’ and he exuded the feeling that sanity (and normal clothing) were for wimps. Where many of his colleagues would settle for one or two items of fashion faux pas, Savage insisted on dressing himself head-to-toe in clothes that would dazzle a mole.

Wacky stetsons, sunglasses that were quite possibly opaque, bandannas, brightly-colored biker jackets, leopard-prints and tights would all be rounded off with a few million tassels. And that was just ONE of Savage’s outlandish outfits. This year, toy-maker Mattel announced that Savage would be immortalized with a new action figure as part of a “WWE Defining Moments” range. Good news if you would like to own a diminutive tribute to the neon insanity that is Macho Man Randy Savage. “Ooooooooh yeah!”
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The U.S. cities with the most drunk driving offenders...

Congrats Austin, Texas for coming in #9!  (sarcasm)


Cities with the most drunk driving offenders

1. San Diego

2. San Jose, Calif.

3. Charlotte, N.C.

4. Phoenix

5. Columbus, Ohio

6. Indianapolis

7. Los Angeles

8. San Francisco

9. Austin, Texas

10. Jacksonville, Fla.

11. San Antonio

12. Dallas

13. Houston

14. Fort Worth, Texas

15. Memphis, Tenn.

16. Philadelphia

17. New York

18. Baltimore

19. Chicago

20. Detroit

Source: Insurance.com
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Want to see the most boring video EVER...

SWEET 1970's graphics!


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U.S. Soldiers Film Themselves Pranking Iraqi by Planting a Grenade In His Trunk.

Oh & the guy that played the prank has a website along with some pretty sweet tracks (CLICK PHOTO BELOW)

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Nick Saban & Mack Brown Commercial for ESPN College Gameday...

It's freaken awesome to see something like this after they battled it out for the national championship back in January!

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What a freaken joke, "Top Tailgating Towns" by forbes.com

Hey forbes.com, call me when you want the real deal.

New England...WEAK


Austin, Texas...I DO THINGS UP RIGHT
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Who wants a million dollar cell phone?


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PETA is all over Dodge for this commercial, are you shocked?


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Rush Limbaugh has a BIG microphone...

...and he scores with the chics (his new bride)


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More proof that people in Dallas are idiots...

Remember hearing back in 2009 the great new idea of an indoor dog park that was gonna take the nation by storm?

Well a year passed & it didn't work out to well, the place is up for auction now...who wants in?

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Justin Bieber needs to tap everything in sight...

OK, so Justin Bieber is only 16 and has plenty of time to find a lady to spend his life with. But he's already starting the search. He tells News of the World, "I'm single but that's not by choice. I want to find a girl. But I'm not going to date someone who's just going to like me for my fame... It's going to be really hard to find a girl who likes me for me."

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Nothing says wussy like an engagement ring on a man...

Michael Bublé is sporting some unexpected jewelry: an engagement ring. The 34-year-old crooner showed off his "man-gagement ring" at a concert last night, explaining that pre-wedding man-bands are traditional in Argentina, his fiancée's home country.

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Are you tired of having a girlfriend or a wife…GET AN IPHONE!

10 iPhone Apps That Could Replace Your Girlfriend Or Wife, ENJOY...

(from http://www.iphoneappcafe.com)

10. Teaches you to cook: Allrecipes.com Dinner Spinner, Free

Learning to cook? Shouldn’t it be your girlfriend cooking for you? No, of course not! Just like a real girlfriend, this app will have you cooking tasty dishes in no time. The dinner spinner lets you narrow down what you want, choosing from thousands of recipes and selecting your meal by ingredient, cooking type or cuisine, to ensure you end up with the perfect dish.

9. Takes you to the movies: Movies by Flixster, Free

Want to watch another goofy romcom? Of course you don’t. This slick tool will take you to the movies to see the film of your choice. And your iPhone will love it! This app will bring up show times and tickets, show you where the movie you’re looking for is on and will allow direct iTunes downloads – as well as hosting an extensive catalog of titles and links to Rotten Tomatoes to let you know if the movie’s going to stink. if this were a date, it would be like going out with the Golden Globes.

8. Reads to you: Audiobooks, Free

Whether you want to fall asleep to Moby Dick or charge down the interstate listening to Harry Potter, Audiobooks means you need never be alone. The app allows you to access 3,500 classic audiobooks for free – while there are countless more recent premium entries for you to download and enjoy.

7. Reads the map: Tom Tom US & Canada $49.99

No longer will you need someone to read a map to tell you where you’re going. While this nifty number might be decidedly on the experienced side, it’s a top of the range route finder which will ensure that you get to your destination happily. Rather than relying on Google Maps, it comes with its own mapping system, tells you when to turn and what lane to use, and formulates the ideal route based on time, traffic and fuel efficiency. Better than a human…

6. Remembers birthdays: Pocket Informant $12.99

With this app you can remember occasions, birthdays and events in deluxe style. You can tie events to locations, you can keep multiple calendars and you can keep a running tally of notifications. This is a more complete system of reminders than a girlfriend could ever give you.

5. Tells you if you’re drunk: BACC: Blood Alcohol Concentration Calculator (WebApp)

If you’ve had a couple of drinks, it can be hard to tell just how drunk you are without some concerned help. Here’s the DIY fix – the Blood Alcohol Concentration Calculator, which can estimate just how tipsy you might be. Time to quit drinking – the BACC can tell.

4. Introduces you to new people: BrightKite, Free

If you need someone to drag new and exciting people into your life, then you can always try BrightKite, a location based social media app that can identify other people in you vicinity who have similar interests to you. Social media 1, human companions 0.

3. Watches what you’re eating: Fast Food Calorie Counter $0.59

Without the attention of the fairer sex, you might find yourself losing track of your diet. Fear not, for your iPhone is to hand to count the calories so you know exactly what’s going into you. No excuse for developing a tummy now!

2. Finds your car keys: General Motors Car Key App

Can’t find your keys? With this app you won’t need them, because, guess what, you’re iPhone replaces them. That’s what we call convergence. If you own a Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick or a GMC, you can not only unlock your doors but also remotely start the engine and sound the horn and lights. Unless your partner is willing to hide in your car and start the engine on command, this is going one better than a girlfriend by letting you pretend to be James Bond. The only shortcoming is that while its release is imminent, it isn’t out yet.

1. The Simulated Girlfriend experience: My Virtual Girlfriend $0.99, Virtual Girlfriend $0.99

So you’re not content with your iPhone replicating all those basic applications of the human girlfriend? Then you may want the full, simulated girlfriend experience. This app comes in several shapes and sizes. There’s the My Virtual Girl app, illustrated above and top – where you can try your hand at dating girls tailored to your personal preferences.

Then there’s the Porshe of simulated girlfriends – the Virtual Girlfriend herself, illustrated above. You can either select her appearance from a face library or upload a photo of your own ideal girlfriend. She listens to you, she talks to you and you can decide what she says. What’s more she’s interactive – as the blurb says: “Shake her. Touch her.” And she only costs $0.99.

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Hey road crew: not going anywhere for a while, grab a Snickers!

This reminds me of that old Snickers commercial where the old man paints Kansas City "Chefs" instead of "Chiefs". Hey road crew: not going anywhere for a while, grab a Snickers!


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Can someone tell me where I can find an armless mannequin?

Man Caught with Pants Down and an Armless Mannequin in Public Park  (CLICK PHOTO FOR FULL STORY)

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This Jet Blue flight attendant is my hero...

View more news videos at: http://www.nbcnewyork.com/video.

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Pretty cool interview with Browns' QB's Colt McCoy and Jake Delhomme..

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My favorite Matthew Perry has a new show coming out on ABC...

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I'm convinced that girls with blue cars are...

good wholesome girls that you want to date. I can name 4 girls that drive cars this color that are good girls: Sandy's wife Tricia, former co-worker Autumn, former intern Natalie (sister of former co-worker Lauren) & some sales chic Samantha here at work.

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Alex cruises his new scooter...

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I bet I can eat a hotdog faster than you...

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Do you & your friends have a guilty pleasure song?

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It's only a matter of time this will be in Austin...


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Can Alex Dunk A Basketball...

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So I missed the ESPY's...

If you think the whole LeBron "Decision" was ridiculous last Thurday than you'll love this.

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I love mascots & puppets, I love this video...

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If you already haven't seen it, here's Jewel pulling a fast one...

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There already coming in, Mel Gibson gets his wish...

(thanks to Mix listener Richard for sending this to me)

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My first time wake surfing...

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Only in Austin, Texas...

a stupid Beatles car in downtown on Enfield.  FYI, I hate the Beatles.

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Pretty cool gift I got this morning...

Our new GM knows I'm a hardcore Red Bull Racing fan and got this autographed hat from Formula 1 driver Mark Webber...CRAZY!

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I've never met this guy before BUT...

when the US soccer team scored we hugged like brothers!

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Here's my watch for the summer, yes...it's a Swatch!

I got this back in 2009 while I was in Innsbruck, Austria.

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The 10 most popular haircuts of all time...


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Would you pay $33,000 for a mattress?


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Check it out: old school Sandy!

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The best thing about the USA vs. England game...

The 2011 Dodge Challenger commercial!

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My Dad uses a typewriter still sometimes, I'm gonna get him this...

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We don't need to go to the gym anymore: Fitness Gaming Evolutions!

The Kinect ‘Your Shape: Fitness Evolved’ game will change up your exercising regime. The Xbox Kinect has only recently made its debut, with plenty of interest and buzz over the controller-free gaming device. The featured game gives you plenty of options in terms of exercise and different work-out methods.

Further, the Kinect ‘Your Shape: Fitness Evolved’ game can determine your BMI and set the appropriate goals for you to attain.

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Did you know the Yankees had a mascot named "Dandy"?


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10 Most Expensive Cars to Insure vs. 10 Least Expensive...

10 Most Expensive to Insure:

  1. Lexus IS 300

  2. Land Rover Discovery Series II

  3. Audi S4

  4. Jaguar X-Type

  5. Mercedes SLK Class

  6. Lexus GS 430

  7. Land Rover Freelander

  8. Mitsubishi Montero

  9. BMW X5

  10. Toyota 4Runner

10 Least Expensive to Insure:

  1. Oldsmobile Silhouette

  2. Pontiac Montana

  3. Saturn L Series Sedan

  4. Chrysler PT Cruiser

  5. Saturn L Series Wagon

  6. Chevrolet Venture

  7. Chevrolet Astro

  8. Saturn Vue

  9. Jeep Wrangler

  10. Oldsmobile Bravada

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3-year-old Chinese girl smoking?

YES, Ya Wen smokes & drinks beer as therapy from traffic accident injuries (CLICK PHOTO FOR STORY)

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Is This Guy the Next Susan Boyle?

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Alex's first Austin Aztex's game...

My first Austin Aztex soccer game. Great time including watching the pre-game march to the stadium from The Tavern!

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We have a listener that listens to us from her closet...

Elizabeth's husband coverted a closet and built an office in it, classic!

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Sandy helps the men in the office out...

He post news stories WAY to dirty for on air in the mens room!

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WTF? 50 Cent lost more than 50 pounds for a movie part...

(here's the scoop from the baltimoresun.com)

50 Cent dropped his name's worth for the movie "Things Fall Apart," and a 50+ pounds lighter 50 Cent is almost unrecognizable.

The Grammy Award-winning rapper looks to be going for a Oscar-worthy physical transformation with this role, which required him to drop the weight and lose his former muscular frame. He plays a football star who is diagnosed with cancer, and he's definitely achieved a look that resembles a cancer patient.

The star reportedly went on a 9-week liquid diet and spent three hours a day on a treadmill to go from 214 to 160 pounds. As for what he craved while on his strict diet? Chili's baby back ribs, according to US Weekly.

Now that filming has wrapped and he's back on tour, time to get some meat back on his ribs!

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My Mom was cooler than yours, look what I was doing at 2 years old...

EMBED-Ardi Rizal - The real SMOKING BABY !! - Watch more free videos
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Justin Bieber walks into a glass door (get a f'n haircut)...

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Here's your cute kitty video of the day, enjoy...

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Do you love motorcycles? Gonna die soon? This is for you...

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Alex loves to piss off JB like a little kid does...

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DON'T try this at home...

...but if I was 10 years younger I'd be trying this!

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Joe Buck video from 3 years ago that will creep you out @ 2:40 in...

Okay, let me first saw that I like Joe Buck but it wasn't until a minute ago I actually thought he was kinda funny. Yes the video is old but I'm not on Joe's street team & not up to date on all things "Buck".

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I owe Sara a car wash (I was just trying to help her out)...

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Not even 24 hours & there's already drama with the 2010 Miss USA winner

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Probably going to be my new favorite show next season on NBC: "Outsourced&q

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NBC: did we really need "The Paul Reiser Show"...

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This 2 year old girl has caught a bigger fish than I have ever caught & I�

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CLASSIC! Race car wrecks after fan "moons" him...

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and Sandy's 2010 Preakness winner is...

Lookin at Lucky

For those that don't know, Sandy has been around horse racing all of his life and picked Super Saver to win the Kentucky Derby.  He makes ESPN's Hank Goldberg look like a chump!

(click the "audio" tab below to hear why he thinks this horse will win)

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OMG, the devil in me wants to do this to my wife...


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Does this 3 minutes video make you wanna go to Forks, Washington...

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So sad the San Anotnio Spurs lost, BUT...

I'm glad we left Steve Nash looking like this...

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Will Ferrell (Rojo Johnson) Pitching for the Round Rock Express...

Rojo Johnson (a.k.a. Will Ferrell) gave everyone at The Dell Diamond last night a once in a lifetime treat!

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Happy Mother's Day...

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It's hard to pick a Mother's Day Card...

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I think I like Conan O'Brien again...

The fact that he broke out with his old Ford Taurus SHO to take the CBS 60 Minutes dude for a ride in was CLASSIC!

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ATTN: Star Wars geeks with dirty cars...

Your dream has come true, a bunch of Princess Leia's are about to wash your car!

READ THE FULL STORY HERE: http://tinyurl.com/2eayzlu

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Dead guy on motorcycle...no, really he's dead...

SHORT STORY: A Puerto Rican guy died & rather than putting him in a casket for his peeps to view they mounted him on a motorcycle...good times!

Here's the full story: http://tinyurl.com/39k58wj

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The MTV show that made want to move to Austin...

...back in 1997!

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Wanna see the worlds smallest horse?

(Click on the photo for the whole story)

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for those listening @ 9:34 am, this is what I'm talking about...

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JB and Sandy are big kids after work...

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Penn St. alumni should be embarrased with this video...

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I've never seen birds fight until my ride home today...

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Mexican soda is the way to our IT guys heart...

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I'm trying to convince my wife to let me get a "sheep pig"...

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A man's dream: date night on a dime...

So I was peeping over my wife's shoulder and read this article from www.thenest.com. It has some GREAT ideas to save a buck on date night. I know I'll be trying some of these out!

1. Go to the movies for cheap: There are ways to do movie dates on a budget: "Find second-run theaters. They cost about $2 per person per show. Or go to a matinee of a current movie."

2. Make it a lunch date: "Order from the lunch menu — it's cheaper than dinner and the portions aren't that much smaller."

3. Take a free cooking class: "Go to Williams-Sonoma and attend one of their cooking demos." You'll have some new recipes to try instead of going to a restaurant, so you'll save even more money.

4. Rethink tool time: Cooking stores aren't the only places with free how-tos: "Hardware stores like Lowe's and The Home Depot have DIY seminars. You can both learn to fix things, and it's fun and free!"

5. Make a reservation, for dessert: "We go to our favorite ice-cream shop and get sundaes, then drive around town and get in some quiet time."

6. Make it a Wii Night: You've already invested in a Wii, now use it for date night. "We have date-night Wii tourneys and make some interesting bets to spice things up. Anything goes, from doing dishes to sexual favors!"

7. Hit the links: "A really fun date is going to the golf course and playing just nine holes. I did that recently with my husband. Even if you guys aren't good, it's still fun."

8. Volunteer together for a feel-great date: "Volunteer together somewhere. One of my favorites was volunteering for a local farm to harvest veggies that are then sold at ridiculously low prices to people in need. We had a blast and felt great about helping. Cost: gas money."

9. Step up to the plate: "My husband and I take a bat and a ball to a local school and play around." Get into it with knee-high socks, baseball hats or even your favorite team's jersey.

10. Get crafty with your home improvements: Decorate and date! "My husband and I do silly, crafty things. For example: We'll go to A.C. Moore or Michaels craft store and buy things that we can make to decorate the outside of our house!"

11. Go on a field trip: Soak up culture free of charge: "Our neighborhood library has free passes to local museums. You can check out the passes like a library book."

12. Read about it: "If you look in any local paper, you can usually find an entertainment section full of cheap activities in the next few days." Stick to your own neighborhood so you won't have to use extra gas or waste travel time.

13. Pack for a picnic in the park: Pack a great picnic basket: blanket, bottle of wine, cheese, fruit, etc. — but be warned: "We did this once to be cheap, and ended up spending about $70. So, make sure it's an inexpensive bottle of wine and cheap cheese."

14. Take a staycation: You don't even have to leave the city limits: "We live in San Francisco, so we visit the Japanese Tea Garden and pack a lunch. You'll get to experience a little bit of another country right inside Golden Gate Park."

15. Have a theme night: "Schedule a theme dinner and movie night at home." Create a menu based on the movie you're watching (i.e. spaghetti for a Francis Ford Coppola flick) and make it together before watching.
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"My" top 10 douchebag fashions...

So I grabbed this top 10 list from www.askmen.com BUT rather than putting their comments I gave it a more "local" feel.

#10 Sunglasses at night...
This is HUGE in Austin especially if you with former DJ's on rap stations that are no longer on air in Austin. (HONORABLE MENTION: wearing sunglasses on the sideline of Dallas Mavericks games...but them again it's Dallas)

#9 Excessive tans...
Getting a tan in the sun is cool but getting a tan before going out to get sun is ridiculous.

#8 Overdone jeans...
I admit, I own a pair of jeans with some patches on them. I won't wear them again. May I also add "homemade jeans" like the guy I saw in the Red Bull Energy Station at Texas Motor Speedway this past weekend. He was telling a friend that he cut them up himself.

#7: Jeans falling off your arse...
I saw a guy at Bikini's on 6th Street this past week with his pants falling off his arse and they were so low you could actually see the bottom of his but and the start of his legs. (HONORABLE MENTION: I'm a douche for being at Bikini's)

#6: Popped collars...
For the love of god I hope no one is still doing this. The only reason you should be popping your collar is to put a tie on.

#5: Too much jewelry...
Men shouldn't be wearing jewelry unless you're dressed as Johnny Depp in Pirates or dressed as Steven Tyler of Aerosmith for Halloween.

#4: Deep V-necks...
At one point last year my boy Professor Carlos Lopez of LBJ High went to American Apparel and bought one of each color of DEEP v-neck shirts. He'd go out with us and CONSTANTLY have nipple slips. (NOTE: that douche with the homemade jeans from Texas Motor Speedway had a teal deep v-neck on)

#3: Jersey Shore haircuts...
This is a tough one. Look, if you're from Jersey than it's fine just because if I said anything bad you'd kick my arse. If you're not from Jersey with that hairstyle you're an idiot.

#2: Ill-fitting clothes...
I'm guilty of this because I don't have a choice...I JUST GAINED WEIGHT! You guys wearing womens reversed fit jeans or clothing smaller that your girlfriends is just not right. How do you think she feels when you wear smaller clothes that her...she' s probably going to get a complex and stop eating.

#1: Ed Hardy...
If you're a golfer than you can pull off the white belt, ENOUGH SAID. Also, if you're gear is ending up on lighters in quickie-marts or outlet stores it's time to move on. May I suggest "Tapout" or "Affliction"?
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My wife hates when I whistle...

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Jon Gruden's QB Camp: Colt McCoy...

Poor former Texas Longhorn QB Colt MCCoy gets his @ss chewed by former NFL coach Jon Gruden for talkin' funny.

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Try explaining to your boss that the octopus took your camera...

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I can't stand George Lopez...

and I love when people put stuff like this together. In this video you'll see what makes the George Lopez Show a MONSTER success! (awesome funny joke then let the band play him out)

The George Lopez Game from Totally JK on Vimeo.

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Move over Westlake High School...

because a high school in Allen (a suburb north Dallas) will soon have a $59.6 million stadium.

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Cute dog runs loose at baseball game...

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Justin Bieber's mouth looks like...

...the creature's mouth in the movie "ALIENS"

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Here's a photo of our clean work microwave...

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the many faces of Kate Gosselin...

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Still lost on the new healthcare bill, this will help you out...

10 Ways the New Healthcare Bill May Affect You (from www.investopedia.com)

The Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Act, more commonly referred to as the "healthcare bill", has taken over a year to craft and has been a lightning rod for political debate because it effectively reshapes major facets of the country's healthcare industry.

Here are 10 things you need to know about how the new law may affect you:

1. Your Kids are Covered

Starting this year, if you have an adult child who cannot get health insurance from his or her employer and is to some degree dependent on you financially, your child can stay on your insurance policy until he or she is 26 years old. Currently, many insurance companies do not allow adult children to remain on their parents' plan once they reach 19 or leave school.

2. You Can't be Dropped

Starting this fall, your health insurance company will no longer be allowed to "drop" you (cancel your policy) if you get sick. In 2009, "rescission" was revealed to be a relatively common cost-cutting practice by several insurance companies. The practice proved to be common enough to spur several lawsuits; for example, in 2008 and 2009, California's largest insurers were made to pay out more than $19 million in fines for dropping policyholders who fell ill.

3. You Can't be Denied Insurance

Starting this year your child (or children) cannot be denied coverage simply because they have a pre-existing health condition. Health insurance companies will also be barred from denying adults applying for coverage if they have a pre-existing condition, but not until 2014.

4. You Can Spend What You Need to

Prior to the new law, health insurance companies set a maximum limit on the monetary amount of benefits that a policyholder could receive. This meant that those who developed expensive or long-lasting medical conditions could run out of coverage. Starting this year, companies will be barred from instituting caps on coverage.

5. You Don't Have to Wait

If you currently have pre-existing conditions that have prevented you from being able to qualify for health insurance for at least six months you will have coverage options before 2014. Starting this fall, you will be able to purchase insurance through a state-run "high-risk pool", which will cap your personal out-of-pocket expenses for healthcare. You will not be required to pay more than $5,950 of your own money for medical expenses; families will not have to pay any more than $11,900.

6. You Must be Insured

Under the new law starting in 2014, you will have to purchase health insurance or risk being fined. If your employer does not offer health insurance as a benefit or if you do not earn enough money to purchase a plan, you may get assistance from the government. The fines for not purchasing insurance will be levied according to a sliding scale based on income. Starting in 2014, the lowest fine would be $95 or 1% of a person's income (whichever is greater) and then increase to a high of $695 or 2.5% of an individual's taxable income by 2016. There will be a maximum cap on fines.

7. You'll Have More Options

Starting in 2014 (when you will be required by law to have health insurance), states will operate new insurance marketplaces - called "exchanges" - that will provide you with more options for buying an individual policy if you can't get, or afford, insurance from your workplace and you earn too much income to qualify for Medicaid. In addition, millions of low- and middle-income families (earning up to $88,200 annually) will be able to qualify for financial assistance from the federal government to purchase insurance through their state exchange.

8. Flexible Spending Accounts Will Become Less Flexible

Three years from now, flexible spending accounts (FSAs) will have lower contribution limits - meaning you won't be able to have as much money deducted from your paycheck pre-tax and deposited into an FSA for medical expenses as is currently allowed. The new maximum amount allowed will be $2,500. In addition, fewer expenses will qualify for FSA spending. For example, you will no longer be able to use your FSA to help defray the cost of over-the-counter drugs.

9. If You Earn More, You'll Pay More

Starting in 2018, if your combined family income exceeds $250,000 you are going to be taking less money home each pay period. That's because you will have more money deducted from your paycheck to go toward increased Medicare payroll taxes. In addition to higher payroll taxes you will also have to pay 3.8% tax on any unearned income, which is currently tax-exempt.

10. Medicare May Cover More or Less of Your Expenses

Starting this year, if Medicare is your primary form of health insurance you will no longer have to pay for preventive care such as an annual physical, screenings for treatable conditions or routine laboratory work. In addition, you will get a $250 check from the federal government to help pay for prescription drugs currently not covered as a result of the Medicare Part D "doughnut hole".

However, if you are a high-income individual or couple (making more than $85,000 individually or $170,000 jointly), your prescription drug subsidy will be reduced. In addition, if you are one of the more than 10 million people currently enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan you may be facing higher premiums because your insurance company's subsidy from the federal government is going to be dramatically reduced.
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For all you Porsche guys & gals in Austin, Texas...

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I think I'm ready for a little girl after watching this...

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Here's the other winning video: congrats Sarah Kolodzinski...

Sarah's going to a SOLD OUT Taylor Swift show courtesy of JB & Sandy and Mix 94.7

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Congrats to Lauren Brown & Nicki Springer...

they won a pair of tickets to see a sold out Taylor Swift show at the Frank Erwin Center from JB & Sandy & Mix 94.7

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Planning on a Lockhart BBQ tour...

This is from a listener named Nicole Valerio & she has some great tips!

"We have done the Lockhart BBQ tour and it is great.  We got ribs, brisket and sausage at each place.  The ones to try are Black's, Kreuz, Smitty's and Chisolm Trail.  Smitty's only takes cash and Black's have BBQ sauce while the others don't."

-thanks a bunch Nicole
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All the hot girls in the Winter Olympics are curling...











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Things I haven't done in Austin, Texas yet...

...and I've been here fro almost 10 years!

-ride in a bus

-go to UT baseball game.


-Esters Follies

-Broken Spoke

-1st Thursday

-kayaking/paddle boarding on Lady Bird Lake

-riverboat tour by Congress bridge

-taping of ACL

-the sunset view @ the Oasis

-frisbe golf

-UT womens basketball game
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(I've said this before) there is no girl this hot that works at Taco Bell..

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Alex (aka Digitz) has a sweat problem...

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GREAT news for fans of American car makers...

There's something in the water in Detroit & Ford is drinking it all up.  Ford is coming out with some AWESOME cars in 2011 that all American's can be proud of...

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President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad LOVED Avitar...

APTOPIX Mideast Iran Nuclear
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Make sure you turn your cell phone off...

Watch CBS News Videos Online
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Blast from the Super Bowl past: Reebok's Terry Tate...

Sandy played a clip of old school Super Bowl commercials that included Terry Tate, CLASSIC!

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I hope I never faint on live television...

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Brett Favre's bruises after the Vikings vs. Saints game...

Say what you want, Brett Favre is a bad-ass and took a beating in that game!

his ankle:

his hammie:
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The coolest thing EVER at Bed Bath & Beyond...

Buccaneer Grill Tailgate Cooler


The Buccaneer incorporates a barbecue grill and three-piece barbecue tool set into one convenient unit. The tote features a large, insulated, waterproof cooler compartment, padded handles, shoulder strap, and a reinforced base. Set comes complete with a grill with lid, large spatula with serrated edge, a pair of tongs, a barbecue fork, and one removable insulated cooler tote. Measures 15" H x 21 1/2" W x 12" D.
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Best thing to come out of this years NFL Pro Bowl game...

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These boobs beat the Longhorns in the Rose Bowl...

Yup, that's one big boy & he's going to be in the NFL (CLICK PHOTO FOR FULL STORY)

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Don't EVER complain about your garage being too small...

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Incase you've been under a rock: (Dancing Inmates) MJ's "This Is

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Just found my shirt for this years Super Bowl...

No one is wearing any Joe Flacco gear!

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Here's a picture of my first car...

It's a 1970 Ford Maverick.  It was my Mom & Dad's.  They made me in the back probably.

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Super Bowl is around the corner...

I'm ready to redeem myself from next year (I went only 23 seconds)

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JB's new purchase...

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How not to feel humiliated when dining alone...

I can't take credit for this BUT I used to have this problem & I've done all these things listed below.

(this is from Heather Wagner at Better Homes and Gardens)

1. Be Bookish. Always come armed with reading material. Having something to read not only keeps you from getting bored but also serves as a shield against waitstaff pity or unwanted conversational overtures from fellow patrons. Keep in mind that certain reading choices are better than others due to their portability and fold-ability (good: Sports Illustrated bad: War and Peace). In fact, frequent dining alone might be the real motivation for investing in a Kindle – although be wary of spilled beverages!

2. Try The Bar. For many would-be solo diners, the fear of being surrounded by lovey-dovey couples or raucous groups can be prohibitive. Requesting a seat at the bar is a good solution: Most restaurants will serve the full menu, bar seating is casual and low-profile, and you're likely to be surrounded by other content singletons.

3. Exude Confidence. Stride up to the host or hostess and proudly request your table. Never shrug or say, “just me” as though you’re apologizing. It takes guts to eat alone, and you should command the respect you deserve.

4. Eavesdrop. People in restaurants tend to be drinking, which often results in loud talking, over-sharing, bawdy jokes, or bitter marital brawls. Either way you can (discreetly) listen in on proximate tables and gain valuable insight into the human condition. Bonus points for detecting awkward first-time Internet dates.

5. Befriend Your Blackberry. Most of us are borderline addicted to checking our Blackberries or mobile phones. While it’s impolite to do this in the company of others, it's an absolutely acceptable activity when you’re dining alone: Reading the news, checking your Twitter feed, fondly reading old emails from loved ones, or scanning your secret crush’s Facebook page...the wireless possibilities are endless.

6. Go, Team! Even if you’re not terribly into sports, if there’s a game playing, become a fan for the evening. You’ll be surprised how an entranced gaze up at the screen now and then will give you a sense of purpose, as will a well-timed groan of defeat or hearty fist-pumping “Yes!”

7. Think Like A Food Critic. Pretend you are reviewing the restaurant. Observe the nuances of each course, take in the presentation, note the faults and strengths of the décor and keep a sharp eye on the service. This puts you in a position of judgment – always empowering.

8. Life Is Short, Enjoy The Steak. Finally, remember to relax, enjoy yourself, and focus on the positives of solo dining. Just think: There will be no quibbling over who pays, no awkward pauses, and no drawn-out discussions about your companion's relationship or work problems. You really can be your own best dinner date.
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Another Eric Selken classic photoshop...

alex dunking
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My friend Eric Selken LOVES Photoshop...

Here's his latest creations: TOP) me hooping with the Globetrotters BOTTOM: me chest bunping Austin's KEYE 42/Telemundo's Fred Cantu

alex digitz hooping with globetrotters fred cantu chest bump
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For all you old Honda CRX owners...


honda cr-z
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Randy Jackson's brother or Ryan Seacrest's stalker...


randyjackson and brother
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I was this boy in 4th grade: same size, hair & sweater...

Yeah, I know this is from 4 years ago but it still has a special place in my heart cause I was this boy!

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Cutest video EVER: polar bears hugging dogs...

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Taiwan tells the Leno vs. Conan saga...

Remember when they told us the Tiger Woods scandal? Now they break down Leno vs. Conan CGI style!

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Austinites would never do this to Colt McCoy...

Former Austinite/Westlake quarterback Dree Brees can never go anywhere in New Orleans without hearing this crap:
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Photos of Colt McCoy's engagement...

thanks to Barry @ deadspin.com




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My 2009 Holiday Letter...

2009 definately falls in a three way tie with 1993 & 2000 for the best years of my life.  This is the year I offically became a man.  I kicked of this year being engaged to Andria Aguayo who I had known since high school.  We planned to get married this October back in our hometown El Paso, Texas.  It meant that I had to REALLY buckle down & start actually saving for the wedding.  Soon after by the grace of God my credit cards were paid off & I had some money actually put aside to only realize how quickly you get back in debt when you start paying stuff for the wedding.  I wanted to think it really didn't matter since "you only get married once" so why not splurge.  Once the cards were getting up there again people all around me started to lose their job due to the poor economic times.  There's no feeling worse than wondering everyday " oh my gosh am I next".  As selfish as it sounds I just hoped I made it through to my wedding having a job just to give Andria the wedding she wanted.

Time passed fast & I soon found myself on the Altar on October 30, 2009.  This is when I think I officially became a man cause not only am I taking care of myself but I'm now a provider for my wife.  This is the day that all the advice eveyone has giving me started to make sense including "pick your battles".  This one was huge since I've been used to living alone and doing things "my" way.

The year was dominated with my "I mean our wedding" but there were also some big things that happened in 2009 like:

* I found my first handful of gray hairs

* I mastered the whole "tailgate thing"

* My Father & I finally became "boys" & it all went down at Luby's while in El Paso waiting for my Mom to get out of school.

* UTEP played the Longhorns here in Austin & I actually got to emcee an event for the game that featured UTEP's Coach Mike Price (my star struck moment).  By the way, stuff like this I'm grateful for the job I have.

* I'm renting a pretty sweet apartment that has a bitchin' view.  I know, I know people say "when are you gonna get a house" but you know what, it's the "get fired when you get a house" dj bet so I'll pass on that for the time being.  Hey, while you're at Home Depot trying to figure out what part you need for your broken toilet I'm in bed calling maintanence filling out a work order for them to fix it.

* After all the years of my Grandmother asking "when am I gonna finish school" congrats, I'm going to start taking classes online come the new year since I can't take 6 hour naps anymore.

I've never been happier & it shows in my tight fitting jeans.  I have a great family in El Paso, a great wife in Andria, I live in an awesome city and have a great job.  I wanted to take this time to thank the listener of Mix 94.7 because without you I wouldn't be here and thank you JB & Sandy.  Fellas, you fall in my "people I'd take a bullet for" list.  Thank you for the chance you took on me, you found yourself a hard working Mexican guy that makes stuff happen when you need it.  I'm here til you're sick of me...hopefully I don't get played out like the Chiuaua & you all don't leave me at the animal shelter.

Happy Holidays!
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My wife & I are stuck on what bedding to buy...neither?

crateandbarrel   bbb
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One of the greatest movies of all time, Little Giants...

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JB wakes up to this song every morning since he's an Apple guy...

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My Grandma right before she starts eating (choking) on cornbread...

I mentioned that I was going to spend some time with my Grandma over Christmas &  It never fails, she always chokes on cornbread.   This is her eyeing the cornbread at the table.
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Our new closet minus the plastic/metal hangers...

My wife Andria left to Pasadena for the Rose Bowl with one bag.  She came home with it as well as 2 giant boxes of wooden hangers.  Her friend Blair was getting rid of them...thanks!

Here's the left over plastic & metal hangers.  I have to some how get these to Goodwill in my little car!IMG00155
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Saab car owners come out strong to save their brand...

We had more people turn out for New Moon tickets than Saab owners trying to save the company at the GM headquarters.
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This will get you pumped for Texas vs. Alabama in the BCS National Championship.

Props to this UT student who obviously had some free time to put this together.

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I feel sorry for the jet ski...

I feel sorry for this jet ski...
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Neil Diamond "The Chanukah Song"

Sandy played this earlier this morning, just incase you missed it...enjoy!

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