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"My" top 10 douchebag fashions...

So I grabbed this top 10 list from www.askmen.com BUT rather than putting their comments I gave it a more "local" feel.

#10 Sunglasses at night...
This is HUGE in Austin especially if you with former DJ's on rap stations that are no longer on air in Austin. (HONORABLE MENTION: wearing sunglasses on the sideline of Dallas Mavericks games...but them again it's Dallas)

#9 Excessive tans...
Getting a tan in the sun is cool but getting a tan before going out to get sun is ridiculous.

#8 Overdone jeans...
I admit, I own a pair of jeans with some patches on them. I won't wear them again. May I also add "homemade jeans" like the guy I saw in the Red Bull Energy Station at Texas Motor Speedway this past weekend. He was telling a friend that he cut them up himself.

#7: Jeans falling off your arse...
I saw a guy at Bikini's on 6th Street this past week with his pants falling off his arse and they were so low you could actually see the bottom of his but and the start of his legs. (HONORABLE MENTION: I'm a douche for being at Bikini's)

#6: Popped collars...
For the love of god I hope no one is still doing this. The only reason you should be popping your collar is to put a tie on.

#5: Too much jewelry...
Men shouldn't be wearing jewelry unless you're dressed as Johnny Depp in Pirates or dressed as Steven Tyler of Aerosmith for Halloween.

#4: Deep V-necks...
At one point last year my boy Professor Carlos Lopez of LBJ High went to American Apparel and bought one of each color of DEEP v-neck shirts. He'd go out with us and CONSTANTLY have nipple slips. (NOTE: that douche with the homemade jeans from Texas Motor Speedway had a teal deep v-neck on)

#3: Jersey Shore haircuts...
This is a tough one. Look, if you're from Jersey than it's fine just because if I said anything bad you'd kick my arse. If you're not from Jersey with that hairstyle you're an idiot.

#2: Ill-fitting clothes...
I'm guilty of this because I don't have a choice...I JUST GAINED WEIGHT! You guys wearing womens reversed fit jeans or clothing smaller that your girlfriends is just not right. How do you think she feels when you wear smaller clothes that her...she' s probably going to get a complex and stop eating.

#1: Ed Hardy...
If you're a golfer than you can pull off the white belt, ENOUGH SAID. Also, if you're gear is ending up on lighters in quickie-marts or outlet stores it's time to move on. May I suggest "Tapout" or "Affliction"?

04/21/2010 3:31PM
"My" top 10 douchebag fashions...
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04/22/2010 8:19AM
My friend and I dubbed a style of dress "the 100 man outfit"...this is because one evening in Las Vegas it only took us 2 Las Vegas blocks to count 100 men wearing this outfit (I know you know it...) Designer jeans, long sleeve dress shirt unbutonned 3 top buttons, sleeves rolled up, and loafers or trendy leather shoes. Not that its a "bad" style of dress, its just that all the guys dress like this to go out.
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