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Top Videos of the '80s 21-30

30. Pass The Dutchie- Musical Youth The little dude must be playing the world's smallest guitar.   29. Mexican Radio- Wall of Voodoo The scene with the lead singer busting his head out of a vat of refried beans is worth the watch. Plus, the whole premise of a song about a guy hearing people speaking Spanish, and therefore, he accidentally bought a Mexican radio---just darn brilliant.   28. Dancing in the Dark- Bruce Springsteen The video that first gave us Courntey Cox, in the sublime moment when the Boss pulled her onstage to dance! 27. Our House- Madness Madness had a couple good videos---One Step Beyond comes to mind---this one did the best job of creating the image of the lyrics. 26. Bad to the Bone- George Thorogood Bo Diddley appears as a pool shark getting hustled by George. There's also a cameo from pool legend Willie Mosconi. 25. Cry- Godley & Creme Groundbreaking in its day...featuring a non-stop morphing of faces singing the song. 24. Need You Tonight- INXS Well-edited and grapically stimulating. 23. Sweet Child of Mine- Guns N Roses Wow, does Axl look so young! His dancing was very cool and every band tried to copy it. 22. Addicted to Love- Robert Palmer You know all about this one. Robert's backup band of stoic runway models. 21. Beat It- Michael Jackson One of the famous MJ mini-movies. To continue: 11-20 http://blogs.mix947.com/archie/2010/04/28/top-videos-of-the-80s-11-20/ 1-10 http://blogs.mix947.com/archie/2010/04/28/top-videos-of-the-80s-10-1/

04/28/2010 11:27AM
Top Videos of the '80s 21-30
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