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Top Videos of the '80s 11-20

20. Rio- Duran Duran Not one thing about this video makes sense, but gosh darn it was beautiful.   Duran Duran - Rio Uploaded by jpdc11. - Watch more music videos, in HD! 19. New Year's Day- U2 Back in the '80s, especially among the European bands, there was a real fear and loathing in the music and videos that someone may push the proverbial button at any time and blow us all into oblivion (see Nena's 99 Luftballons). The Cold War was very real then, especially in those countries where the nukes were within striking distance. New Year's Day by U2 was a stark, cold look at men at war on horses riding into battle with guitars and drums. My guess is their side lost. 18. You Might Think- The Cars This video took A LOT of work in the editing bay, but it was one of the most visually amazing videos of its time. Imagine what they could have done with today's computer editing and animation. 17. The End of the World- REM That kid sure did have a lot of trash. REM End of the world Uploaded by EDATCRANE. - Music videos, artist interviews, concerts and more. 16. Hot For Teacher- Van Halen How much did those kids look like tiny Van Halens? This video was done so well...and when the teacher came out to dance...I often wonder where that teacher is now and what she's doing. Class dismissed! 15. Don't Come Around Here- Tom Petty An Alice in Wonderland take that won all kinds of video awards...Petty always had strong videos for his songs. 14. Safety Dance- Men Without Hats If you're into midgets and renaissance festivals you're gonna love this one. Everybody---look at your hands! Men Without Hats Safety Dance Uploaded by Celtiemama. - Music videos, artist interviews, concerts and more. 13. Boys of Summer- Don Henley Henley got into the video world with a bang, nabbing video of the year for this one. Don Henley - Boys Of Summer Uploaded by jpdc11. - See the latest featured music videos. 12. I Wanna Rock- Twisted Sister Neidermeyer from Animal House stars as the teacher. "What kind of man desecrates a defensless text book!?" 11. Working Girl- The Members Most of you have no doubt NEVER seen this video or heard this song...so I'm thrilled to introduce it to you. This video is another example of the excellent British sense of humor. The guys in the video are "in love" with a working girl. They stay home all day, shoot pool and drink, while their women go off to work. A man's sugar mama fantasy come to life right there on video. See the Top 10! 1-10 http://blogs.mix947.com/archie/2010/04/28/top-videos-of-the-80s-10-1/

04/28/2010 11:34AM
Top Videos of the '80s 11-20
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