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Are you a 'Mosquito Magnet'?

So I got my 1st Summer Skeeter bites, in my home, over the weekend. I'm for sure a 'Mosquito Magnet'. A story came out that points out some things that may cause the 'Magnetic Connection'. Click here for the entire list.

Here are a few of the top things that seem to attract the skeeters...

1.) Blood type O received double the amount of bites compared to Type A and Type B was in the middle.

2.) Pregnant/ Daily exercisers.. If you exercise daily, or perhaps you are pregnant, your body temp is higher which seems to attract the skeeters

3.) 12 oz of Beer in your system can cause the attraction. Apparantly Skeeters like BEER!
4.) 85% genetics. Your genes seem to egg on the skeeters
5.) Colors that make you stand out can cause more skeeters to rush to you.

Stay strong my 'Mosquito Magnets Sisters & Brothers, it looks like we are going to have an itchy summer a head. Benedryl Spray works pretty well for the itches! Keep an ear out for 'West Nile' reports too.

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06/23/2014 9:39AM
Are you a 'Mosquito Magnet'?
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