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Austin Live & Local

MIX 94.7 has something new for you - "Austin Live & Local," a weekly segment that showcases different local talent each week hosted by Austin After Dark's Patrick Davis. Patrick will introduce you to some of the best live local musicians in the Austin area.

Patrick started Austin After Dark in 2010 with the belief that Austinites would support local musicians even more if it was easier to find out where local artists and bands are playing. Now it's easier, with "Austin Live & Local" on MIX 94.7!

Patrick says, "It's a great chance to showcase some of Austin's finest to a new audience. Being on MIX 94.7 lets us feature the future hitmakers of Austin along with established hitmakers of today."

Local talent, who would like to be featured, can submit music for MIX 94.7 presents "Austin Live & Local."

Send CDs:
MIX 94.7 Studios
c/o Patrick Davis
4301 Westbank Dr. Escalade B, 3rd Floor
Austin, Texas 78746

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Danny Crooks, Lucas Molandes & Soul Track Mind


Danny Crooks - Danny Crooks is an open-book enigma. He’s a mystery, yet wears his heart on his sleeve. The music impresario of 6th Street in Austin, TX has “developed” more musicians than the law should allow. And although his dream boat, Steamboat, no longer exists, his heart is still in the music that made it great. A difficult childhood hasn’t stopped the man that brought Music to 6th Street. Danny outran the demons from his childhood, proving that “if you WANT a good life badly enough, you can accomplish anything!” He has passed that mantra on to every one of the bands that came to Steamboat, looking for the opportunity to prove themselves. Every budding musician felt he or she was going to be the next Beatle. But only if Danny “felt” their music, did they get the chance to become famous. Danny Crooks lives in Buda, Texas with his wife, Leslie, and their musician son, Sean.

Lucas Molandes - Lucas Mondales: Widely hailed by critics and colleagues as a defining talent of the Austin comedy scene, Lucas Molandes has an impressive list of accomplishments that include appearances at the prestigious Montreal Just for Laughs Festival, Comedy Central’s “Live at Gotham,” and twice appearing on Marc Maron’s WTF Podcast.

Most recent, Lucas has split his time between Austin and New York, where he was a writer for season 1 of MTV's Failosophy, and MTV 2's season 3 of The Guy Code.

To call Lucas’s inimitable brand of comedy “observational” would be a gross understatement – he operates on an X-ray level, seeking out the dark and dusty corners of the human condition and relishing every opportunity to pick awkward truths and embarrassing gems from the wriggling bones of personal failures, weaknesses, unrequited expectations and (of course) love.

Soul Track Mind - Featured on the summer 2013 cover of Texas Music magazine, Soul Track Mind infuses soul and R&B with flares of funk, rock, and dance rhythms in a modern sound deeply rooted in retro convictions. Since the band's inception in 2008, whirlwind frontman Donovan Keith and the dapper disciples of Soul Track Mind have become synonymous with wildly entertaining shows that have made them a force to reckon with in the modern soul genre.


Danny Crooks - Buy The Book Here

Lucas Molandes - lucascomedy.com

Soul Track Mind - soultrackmind.com/

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