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Austin Live & Local

MIX 94.7 has something new for you - "Austin Live & Local," a weekly segment that showcases different local talent each week hosted by Austin After Dark's Patrick Davis. Patrick will introduce you to some of the best live local musicians in the Austin area.

Patrick started Austin After Dark in 2010 with the belief that Austinites would support local musicians even more if it was easier to find out where local artists and bands are playing. Now it's easier, with "Austin Live & Local" on MIX 94.7!

Patrick says, "It's a great chance to showcase some of Austin's finest to a new audience. Being on MIX 94.7 lets us feature the future hitmakers of Austin along with established hitmakers of today."

Local talent, who would like to be featured, can submit music for MIX 94.7 presents "Austin Live & Local."

Send CDs:
MIX 94.7 Studios
c/o Patrick Davis
4301 Westbank Dr. Escalade B, 3rd Floor
Austin, Texas 78746

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The Warplanes & Kevin Flatt


The Warplanes - The band consists of vocalist and guitarist Isaac James Routh, keyboardist/vocalist Luke Dalton, bassist Andrew Dalton, drummer/percussionist Aric Garcia, and lead guitarist Matt Germeyer.

Though most of the band hails from north Houston, The Warplanes did not come together until making their way to the Texas music mecca of Austin, our mistress, our city.

Kevin Flatt - Kevin Flatt was born and raised in Arlington, TX where he began a life of music at an early age. By the age of 9, influenced by his father playing piano & brother just starting to play cello, Kevin was very interested in music and became very enthusiastic in music class. By the age of 12, Kevin began to learn the trumpet. This was really love at first sight as Kevin took off to be first chair in band and orchestra for most of his Middle & High School career. This success was due to an amazing teacher by the name of Ken Callaway. Kevin took this knowledge and love for music to The University of Texas in Austin to earn a Bachelors Degree in Trumpet Performance. Now, With just over 14 years of experience and knowledge from teachers such as Ray Sasaki, Jeff Helmer, John Mills, Ron Westray, & Dennis Dotson, Kevin has become a very well know trumpet player in the Austin, TX area.

Now living in Austin, TX, Kevin Flatt is a well-known and established freelance musician on call for both trumpet and guitar on a regular basis. The two main bands you can see him with regularly is The Matt Wilson Band and Dahebegebees. Kevin is currently working on a solo album in which he will include both the trumpet and the guitar in many different styles. The album will have a few well-known guests and hopefully will be done soon.


Kevin Flatt - kevinflattmusic.com

The Warplanes - facebook.com/TheWarplanes

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