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Bras Begone

bras_be_gone2.jpgDoes anyone know when the first bra was invented?  I think I do. Way back in 1913, a New York socialite by the name of Mary Phelps Jacob filed a patent for what we all now know as the brassiere. Apparently Mary’s first version of a bra was no more than two silk handkerchiefs and some pink ribbon.  Word. We’ve come a long way, baby.  Or have we? I was watching TV last night and saw a commercial by Victoria’s Secret and by the way they were carrying on you would have thought the bra had just been invented. I think I get the point behind advertising.  They show their commercial and ask you to buy their product.  Got it!  But can Victoria’s Secret please stop running bra commercials that pretend that some major breakthrough in brassieres has just taken place and that all women, cross-dressers and transvestites should run out and buy the latest thing in bras? I don’t wear bras so it doesn’t matter to me.  OK.  Maybe I do wear bras but that’s only when I get really drunk and want to take advantage of myself.  My point is that I would think most women would be offended by what I’d consider to be false advertising by Victoria’s Secret.  A bra is a bra is a bra. Women should stop being exploited by the likes of Victoria’s Secret and rise up in protest! I say all women should stop what they’re doing right now and take off their bras and scream at the top of their lungs, “we’re mad as hell and we’re not buying or wearing bras anymore!” Ladies: please feel free to use this blog as a vehicle to plan and organize your next no-more-bras protest.  I for one will support you better than any bra ever has.

04/22/2009 4:59PM
Bras Begone
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05/07/2009 5:55PM
You are obusely a guy. Is called advertising. How many sports commercials make sense?? Besides, I figure that you bean a guy would enjoy the beautiful women that are on the commercials! Believe me, we women DO care about the latest on bras. They DO make a difference, specially when one is large breasted. Now are they over doing it? Well yes, but that is their job! Do WE really need to see a half naked (unattractive) man with his torso and face painted green and yellow with a cheese hat??? I do not think so! We change the channel or just ignore it.
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