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Bud Light Chili 'n Cheese Dogs...

Are you ready for some football?


Ted's getting ready with a Yummy Bud Light recipe that is perfect for your football/tail-gating parties!
Ted's Bud Light Chili'n'Cheese Dogs
-Recipes Goodies:-
-1 bottle of Bud Light
-1 lb hamburger (ground turkey, ground chicken, tofu)
-2 strips of bacon (turkey bacon)
-1/4 onion diced
-garlic 2 cloves
-black pepper 2 tsps (your taste)
-chili powder 2 tsps (your taste)
-southwest seasoning 2 tsps (your taste)
-1 can/14 oz fire roasted diced tomatoes
-1 can/14 oz stewed tomatoes
-1 can/6 oz tomato paste
-shredded cheddar cheese (your favorite)
- sour cream (if  you like it with your chili)
-package of hotdogs (your favorite.. turkey dogs..veggie dogs)
-buns/bread (you favorite) pretzel rolls from central market ROCK

Ted's making the chili:
-Sweat 1/4 of diced onion with 2 strips of chopped up bacon, 2 cloves of garlic and seasoning and a few tablespoons of Bud Light. Add the ground beef and brown.

-While the onions are sweating and the beef is browning, combine the tomatoes, the tomatoe paste, hot sauce (1 tsp to start.. then for your taste..your choice of hot sauce. You can also add peppers of your choice here if you like) and 1/2 bottle of Bud Light in a crock pot (or you can also use a pan on the stove).

-Once the beef/onion mixture is brown, add it to the tomatoe sauce mixture in the crock pot. Let it simmer/cook at least 1 hour, before eating. The longer you can cook it/simmer, the better. Do this the night before and cook it for a few hours than have it in the refrigerator over night. Once you heat it up, it will be even yummier, if a little too thick add a bit more Bud Light to thin it out.
You can also add more seasonings as it cooks depending on your taste.

-While the chili is cooking you can also have 1/2 pot of water with 1/2 a bottle of Bud Light with 1 hot dog in the pot boiling so the water will have that yummy hot dog/Bud Light seasoning to it when it 's time to boil the other dogs.  Boil them in the same water.

-After an hour,  you might want to add more seasoning to 'Your Bud Light Chili'- give it a taste and season to your taste.  As is, it's it's got a good light kick/bit, but if you like spicier...than add some more kick!  If your kick is a bit intense, you can always add a bit more Bud Light to even it out!- Get your favorite bread ready. Pretzel rolls from Central Market are very yummy with it. Cut them, add a bit of margarine and wrap in foil to heat.  Once they are heated, add a Bud Light dog and some Bud Light chili with Cheddar cheese and sour cream (if you like) you can also add peppers, if those are your favs too. Whatever condiments are your favs to get you ready for the Big Game!

Bud Light Chili 'n' Cheese Dogs a great addtion to tailgating/football fun!  THEY ROCK!!

*BTW- This was Ted's 1st time making Chili, and his own recipe kick'n it up with Bud Light! Nathan hot dogs was his dog of choice. IT ROCKED!!! 


PS: The Bud Light Chili would be Awesome on nacho chips with cheese.   Chili 'n'Cheese Bud Light Pancake dish has come up too. May sound strange, but it would be really good. 



09/11/2011 4:55PM
Bud Light Chili 'n Cheese Dogs...
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