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Bud Light-licious...You need to try this!!

Bud Light-licios Rita w/ Sweet & Salty Bud Light-licious snack mix...
Warning: It's deliciously addictive...


Here's a Bud Light
 Yummy Recipe  to keep you cool during the Heat Wave.  Remember to Drink Responsibly and plan a safe ride home.

Bud Light-licious  Rita
1- Bottle of Bud LIght
1- Bottle of Bud Light Lime
1- Can frozen concentrate Limeade
(pink lemonade Rocks too)
1- can of water after it's limeade has been removed
1- Ice
1- Salt/Sugar for the rim of the glass
(I'm a sugar girl)
1- Lime cut in 


*MIX together the Bud Light and Bud Light Lime with the limeade/pink lemonade. Add the can of water and MIX. You could have ice in a glass and have a Bud Light on the Rocks, or my choice blended with the ice. Put sugar/salt around the rim of the glass. Squeeze a bit of fresh lime in it.
Bud Light Rita is Bud LIght-licious! 


It goes great with...Sweet:
3 cups of Honey Nut Chex Mix
1 1/2 cups of mini pretzels
1 cup of peanuts
(I used dry roasted...Honey roasted would Rock too)
1/2 stick of margarine/butter
12 oz bag of chocolate chips
1/2  bottle of Bud Light
2 cups of powdered sugar



Bud Light-licious Sweet & Salty Snack (chex) mix!


3 cups of Corn Chex
1 1/2 cups of mini pretzels
1 cup of peanuts
1/2 stick of margarine/butter
2 tablespoons of worcestershire sauce
1 tablespoon of multi seasoning salt
( I used Emeril's original seasoning)
1/4 cup of Bud Light

-In a sauce pan melt the chocolate chips, margarine and 1/2 bottle of Bud Light. Once it's sauce, pour slowing over the chex, peanuts and pretzel mixture that's in a bowl.  Gently stir until all the mix is covered in chocolate. Let cool in the refrigerator....

-In a sauce pan bring to a simmer the margarine, worcestershire sauce and Bud Light. Once it's thickened a bit, pour the mix over the chex, peanuts and pretzel mixture thats in a bowl.
Once coated, put on cookie sheet and bake at 325-350 degrees until the mixture is dry. While this is cooling.,,,

Mix together...
... put 2 cups of powdered sugar in a gallon zip lock bag and pour the sweet chocolate snack mix in the bag. Close it up and toss is around in the bag until its all coated in powdered sugar.

In a bigger bowl, mix the sweet/chocolately mix with the salty one. Don't mix the 2 mixes together until you are ready to serve/eat it. Keep the 'Sweet' chilled and the 'Salty' room temp.   This is perfect for a YUMMY snack, party... IT WOULD ROCK AT A TAILGATE PARTY!



08/05/2011 8:22PM
Bud Light-licious...You need to try this!!
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