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Heather Rivera
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By 2013...

50% of Cigarette packs will be covered in a detailed photo showing what smoking can do
and why you should quit?

Click the picture to check out more..

I've been smoke free over 10 years. The labels are pretty graphic, but I'm not sure if I would have quit just by looking at those. But it does certainly give you something to think about. I might not been as quick to grab a pack when I was a teenager seeing something like this on something I was gong to put in my mouth/body. Once you start smoking, it's not very easy to stop. It is usually something smokers enjoy doing besides just having the addiction to it.

*Smokers, will these pictures make you quit?  Or do you just want to smoke in peace?

*Non-Smokers, do you think these pictures will work when it comes to quitting smoking and  make young ones think before they pick up the habit?

*Former smokers/non-smokers- would these photo labels have made you quit?

06/21/2011 6:27AM
By 2013...
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