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Can you do this?

I got back over the weekend from Omaha, NE.  My honey Ted & I drive there. Yes, we are in the same vehicle together for at least 13 hours straight (if no major traffic issues, then it's longer) one way. I run across many that say they couldn't be in a vehicle w/their sweetie/family for that long.  We have done this many times, and so far so good when it comes to getting along.  Of course, I won't say you don't get tired of being in the car, a bit grouchy w/ each other, but overall, it's a great experience.

Here are a few things you can do while in the car w/ your sweetie.

1.) Facebook/Twitter- Social Media is awesome when it comes to passing the time in a long car ride
2.) Digital books/books.. reading passes the time.
3.) Taking a nap, but not too long.  I've felt that having the passenger role during a trip, I need to try to stay awake, so the driver stays awake. 
4.) Take several pitstops to get gas, walk around and stretch. 
5.) Listen to tunes!
6.) Snacks are a must

The most important part of this is you 'LIKE' each other besides just 'Loving' each other.  This does help. We don't have kids, so if that was added in the mix, then flying or other ways to get places quicker, might be an option.

If you haven't tried a road trip w/ your sweetie,and thinking about taking that new adventure on... Start w/ a couple of hours in the car together, and grow from there.  Happy travels this summer!

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07/07/2014 9:20AM
Can you do this?
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