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Crackin' Up

Coin SlotThe other day I ordered a plain cup of coffee at the counter of a local coffee shop.  The person waiting on me was a young, attractive woman wearing a tight fitting t-shirt that read, "Talk nerdy to me."  As she turned her back to me to reach for a clean coffee cup, I think she had what I can best describe as a wardrobe malfunction - her coin slot was in plain sight. I quickly looked away and pretended to be interested in the daily humus on pita bread special scribbled on a chalk board because I assume no one purposely wants you to stare at their butt crack.  Or do they? Coin slot - the new cleavage? Since I've been seeing more and more bum cleavage, primarily on women, my curiosity once again got the best of me.  Do women and men who are not necessarily plumbers want you to look at their coin slot? I decided to Google the phenomenon and discovered that coin slots became fashionable for young women and men in the early 2000s, often in tandem with the wearing of low-rise jeans.  The fact that there is a US patent for a design for buttock cleavage revealing pants leads me to conclude that the appearance of coin slots are no accident. Now can I harmlessly gaze upon the coin slot free of guilt and shame? And what do you women expect of us men when you flash us the whale tail - the appearance of the waistband of a thong or g-string just above the waistline of your low-rise jeans?  I mean when us guys don't notice or comment on, say, your new hairdo, there is hell to pay.  So when the coin slot makes an appearance would you be crushed if we didn't say something like, "Oh, nice coin slot.  Where did you get it?" Or maybe, "Hey my girlfriend has one just like that except it's not as hairy." If the coin slot is socially acceptable then I for one am all for more of it.  Maybe someone could organize a coin slot flash mob.  Say, two or three hundred women (and I guess men just to be fair) show up at Cheddar’s because everyone knows cheese goes great with crackers. So, do you coin slot? If so, give a brutha a break and help me understand what possible reason would you purposely shoot us the half-moon and do you mind the smile on my face?

02/24/2009 4:19PM
Crackin' Up
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