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Crazy Country Song Titles

* I Keep Forgettin' I Forgot About You * I Liked You Better Before I Knew You So Well * Get Your Tongue Outta My Mouth 'Cause I'm Kissing You Goodbye * Mama Get A Hammer, (There's A Fly On Papa's Head) * Her Teeth Was Stained, But Her Heart Was Pure * How Can I Miss You If You Won't Go Away? * I Don't Know Whether To Kill Myself Or Go Bowling * I Got In At 2 With A 10 And Woke Up At 10 With A 2 * I Just Bought A Car From A Guy That Stole My Girl, But The Car Don't Run So I Figure We Got An Even Deal * Get Your Biscuits In The Oven And Your Buns In Bed * I Still Miss You Baby, But My Aim's Gettin' Better * I Wouldn't Take Her To A Dog Fight, Cause I'm Afraid She'd Win * I'll Marry You Tomorrow But Let's Honeymoon Tonite * I'm So Miserable Without You, It's Like Having You Here * I've Got Tears in My Ears From Lying On My Back While I Cry Over You * If I Can't Be Number One In Your Life, Then Number Two On You * If I Had Shot You When I Wanted To, I'd Be Out By Now * My Wife Ran Off With My Best Friend, and I Sure Do Miss Him * Please Bypass this Heart * She Got the Ring and I Got the Finger * She Got the Goldmine and I Got the Shaft * You Done Tore Out My Heart and Stomped that Sucker Flat * If The Phone Don't Ring, It's Me * Tennis Must Be Your Racket 'Cause Love Means Nothin' To You * Thank God And Greyhound She's Gone * How Can You Believe Me When I Say I Love You When You Know I've Been A Liar All My Life? * I Changed Her Oil, She Changed My Life * I Would Have Wrote You A Letter, But I Couldn't Spell Yuck * If You Don't Leave Me Alone, I'll Go And Find Someone Else Who Will * My John Deere Was Breaking Your Field, While Your Dear John Was Breaking My Heart * Oh, I've Got Hair Oil On My Ears And My Glasses Are Slipping Down, But Baby I Can See Through You * They May Put Me In Prison, But They Can't Stop My Face From Breakin' Out * Velcro Arms, Teflon Heart * You Can't Roller Skate In A Buffalo Herd * If My Nose Were Full of Nickels, I'd Blow It All On You * You're The Reason Our Kids Are So Ugly * If You Leave Me, Can I Come Too? * Her Teeth Were Stained, But Her Heart Was Pure * If Love Were Oil, I'd Be A Quart Low * My Every Day Silver Is Plastic *She Made Toothpicks Out Of The Timber Of My Heart *She's Got Freckles On Her, But She's Pretty *When You Leave Walk Out Backwards, So I'll Think You're Walking In *You Can't Have Your Kate And Edith Too

06/14/2010 10:30AM
Crazy Country Song Titles
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09/21/2010 7:54AM
Jeff / Humble Uker
Love these titles! Need to check some out. Do you have any that the lyrics make you pass beer through your nose whenever you hear it? Jeff
10/26/2011 10:03AM
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