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Day 6 - Bday Party day!

I survived my first Friday night! This morning I woke up early for an 8 mile run...and again I was nervous that I wasn't eating my usual PB and J pre run sandwich. Instead I went with the  My Fit Foods steal cut oatmeal (eggs would have made me barf..ha) and I was GREAT during the run. I did check with my nutritionist to make sure I could have a Gu during my run. Post run was a EAS protein shake!

PS. I wish I took a picture of my meal last night. It was AWESOME! 2 HUGE pieces of beef tenderloin with spinich and mushrooms. I ate it too fast to take  a pic.

08/14/2010 8:41AM
Day 6 - Bday Party day!
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08/17/2010 3:53PM
Kim at EAS
Hi Sarah! We love the oatmeal breakfast and are excited you had an EAS shake after your workout. We look forward to reading more about your journey to your goals!
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