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The Divergent Series: Allegiant-
I was able to check out the screening at Barton Creek in the IMAX which was cool. I have only read the first book of the 'Divergent Trilogy', which may be good so I wasn't comparing. 'Allegiant' the movie is part 1, but isn't portrayed this way, because the 2nd part that comes out will be an entirely different name...'Ascendant.' The word is the story itself will be a bit extended, and set to come out next March 2017.

Overall, I enjoyed it better than the 'Insurgent'movie. It could have been because 'Allegiant' has some cool effects & new tech thingies (technical term ☺) in IMAX form, so maybe worth extra bucks to see it that way. The story line was decent, the acting chemistry between 'Tris & Four' was pushed at times. My honey Ted thought it could have been a 1/2 shorter, because at times it was slow. Overall, it was decent especially in IMAX.... 'Four in IMAX' was VERY NICE TOO! The message behind it touches home w/ the way some work the world, which is scary. If you are a Divergent fan you will want to see it. If you're on the fence , you probably won't want to pay full price. That's my 2 cents! Heather R. ‪#‎Allegiant

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Where are our single girl gifts!!?!?!

I am so tired of buying baby and wedding gifts for people.
I looked at my credit card statement last night and on average I am spending like $200 a month on presents for first babies…second babies…first marriages…first engagements…and first home.
What about my single girl firsts!
First time we actually have a guy call us back after a date!
First time we actually have a guy stick around for a month!
First time we have a guy actually call us on the phone!!!!
These might be the only firsts we ever get to experience!!!
Where are our Wiliams Sanoma biscuit cutters – set of 5 - …that make Flaky, perfectly round biscuits also known as one of America's culinary treasures
Where are our Le Creusset Heritage Stoneware Loaf Pan, Large, Lapis.
Where are our Crate and Barrel Hot Dips Bowl that heats up hot dips easily in the microwave or oven!
We want all these things too!!
Where is the love!!! What if we never get to have this firsts? Does that mean we will never get the Frozen Pops Dish Towel that helps sweeten those summer kitchen choser?


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With everything that has been happening in the past week w/ the storms/floods, and seeing so many people all across Central Texas and the state of Texas dealing w/ destruction and loss, I understand it. My honey Ted and I dealt w/ the destruction and loss of pretty much all our belongings due to the Hurricane Katrina flooding 10 years ago. You have to pick up, clean up and find a way to move on to something different and new and rebuild.  The grass can be green again on the other side of the dirty destruction and loss. It takes strength, determination and the help and support of others is HUGE! I also find music is a powerful tool. Whether it's a good time or a bad time, a song can find it's way to fit during that situation that either helps get you through or enjoy it even more.

I think Kelly Clarkson's new song 'Invincible' has a great message to it that can be used with many types of times. Check it out! 
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New Mix Ear Candy Fav...

You can hear Colbie Caillat's new single 'Try' from her new album Gypsy Heart.  'TRY' is so uplifting.. the video is AWESOME too! I suggest getting this in your ear candy collection. Share this w/ others...  It's so much more EMPOWERING to send a POSITIVE MESSAGE...KUDOS TO COLBIE! SHE ROCKS!

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What I don't like shopping for...

I can't believe I just typed that... not like shopping!  I enjoy shopping most of the time. A few times I don't when it comes to getting a bathing suit and also sunglasses.  This morning I had this fall out on my lap when I was getting ready to head into work. I have the worst luck w/ sunglasses.  I don't like getting expensive ones, because I've been known to sit on my sunglasses getting in the car. Somehow they end up in the seat before I sit down.  Or course cheap ones, can break sooner, which isn't always the case. It's also hard for me to find a pair that fits my face correctly and not hurt my ears after wearing them for awhile.  So when they finally break, I get bummed out I need to shop for another pair.

Do you have this same problem? Or am I just weird?  Okay.. I know I'm weird, but do you have this problem?

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Is this weird?

If tis, then it's perfect in ATX...
Which comes first Cereal then Milk?  Or Milk then Cereal as shown...  Many think this is weird?

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Would you consider this art?

The Taser Photoshoot by Patrick Hall. If you're thinking... Patrick has photographed/ video of folks getting tased. Then you're thinking right! All in the name of ART??.....  Do you consider this art?

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Mouth watering email?

I got an email that made my mouth water from Blue Bell Ice Cream. New Flavor Heads up!
Malt Shope- chocolate malt ice cream loaded w milk chocolate-covered malted milk balls! OMG, this sounds Amazeballs ( A word in the newest dictionary edition, still trying it out)  Look out for it in September.. SOON!

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Your turn..

#IceBucketChallenge  www.alsa.org  
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Test of the emergency broadcast system

a testing we will go , a testing we will go. high ho the dairy o a testing we will go
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