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Heads up on Illegal FIreworks!

I wish you a Happy & Safe 4th of July Weekend! Also a legal one would be cool too! Here's a legal idea... Join MIx 94.7 for the Cedar Park 4th of July Bash w/ a Free Big Fireworks Show! http://www.mix947.com/pages/21629453.php?#.VZST5BtVikp

Here's a heads up on Illegal Fireworks:

"Fireworks that shoot up into the air are not legal within Austin city limits. But if you see your neighbors, shooting fireworks don't call 911. "Please call 311 because we want to leave those 911 calls for the emergency's for when those fireworks happen to start a grass fire or if it's up against someone's house or if someone gets hurt, we want that to be at the very top of the list," says Lt. De La Reza.

In the past, 911 has been inundated with thousands of calls. If you're caught with illegal fireworks in Austin you could be hit with a $568 fine. If your fireworks cause damage to property or a person you could be charged with a felony"

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Drink more....

WATER! Did you know July is Hydration Month?! I just found this out, whyich makes sense since it's summer time... in Texas.. HOT. This leads to de-hydration, which doesn't do a body good. As much as you might like beer and the frostly beverages to quinch a thirst in the heat of July, they don't hydrate you properly. Be sure to add some water first. I also learned some coffee before exercising can be a good thing! I received an email from the Entercom Wellness Group, and I wanted to share w/ you! Check it out and don't be thirsty ATX! STAY HYDRATED!!! I need to work on more water int ake too. I'm not a fan of the taste, or lackof taste. Put a little flavor to it, and that helps big time!

July is Hydration Awareness Month!

Maintaining good hydration is critical to maintaining good health, especially since the human body is about 66% water. Poor hydration results in the buildup of toxins in our bodies which can lead to dry and itchy skin, acne, sinus pressure, headaches, and fatigue.

It's important to stay hydrated, especially when outside or exercising, as our bodies lose 2-3 quarts of water a day due to perspiration and breathing. In addition to drinking water, you can also eat hydrating fruits and vegetables such as cucumber, watermelon, lettuce, grapefruit, and celery!

In order to combat dehydration, please see the list below!

5 Tips to help you keep hydrated this summer
  1. You can determine how much water you need to drink a day by taking your body weight and dividing it by 2! This is the number in ounces of water that you need to be drinking each day.
  2. Pinch yourself! Pinching your skin is an easy way to check your hydration. Hold your skin between your fingers for a few seconds. When you let go, if the skin takes a while to return to its normal position, you may be dehydrated.
  3. Caffeine is good source of hydration! Drinking12 ounces of coffee an hour before you exercise can help you work out longer and boost your endurance. It can also ease exercise-related aches and pains.
  4. Carbohydrates found in sweetened sports drinks provide energy to help delay fatigue. Lab tests have shown that 6% carbohydrate (14 grams of carbohydrate per 8 ounces of water) is the optimal percentage of carbs for speeding fluid and energy back into the body.
  5. Drink at least 20 ounces one or two hours before exercising to hyperhydrate your body and allow enough time for adequate hydration.
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4th of July thought...

As pretty as Fireworks can be in the sky, they aren't Mama Earth Friendly. New studies are showing that. Also they aren't very healthy. It's suggested to watch them upwind, so you aren't getting a direct hit from the smoke/ particals they get in the air. To help, check out some of the public firework shows rather than adding to the pollution by doing your own (which I hear are illegal in many places in Central TX area. Travis County included.) There are many free shows to check out. Here are couple of ideas... Also think about reusing/recylcing if/when throwing 4th of July parties. Any 1 Thing you can do to help Mama Earth helps Big Time! Have a Happy & Safe 4th of July Weekend!

Auditorium shores Cedar Park

(New York AP)- July Fourth fireworks fill the skies with more than sparkling bursts of color. A study says they spew pollution, too. Researchers who checked 315 locations around the country found that the explosions temporarily boosted the levels of airborne microscopic particles. The levels were more than twice normal at 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. on July 4. They tapered off overnight and fell back to normal by noon on July 5. Other studies show inhaling such particles can cause a health risk. The new study didn't look for health effects. But the Environmental Protection Agency says children, older adults, and people with heart disease, asthma or other lung diseases are considered to be particularly sensitive to particle pollution. The agency recommends that they watch fireworks from upwind.
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Happy 14th!

It was 14 years ago today, I married my Best Friend and Lover, my honey Ted.  We were together 9 years before we got married, so it's Happy 23 years total.  We've been and gone through so many times.. Many Good and sad/bad times. The sad & bad are much more bearable when you're doing it w/ someone who Loves you unconditionally, supports you and has your back. I do the same for honey Ted too! Thanks Babe for the 14 (23) years. I look forward to many more w you!  This new Mix music from Meghan T. & John L really hits home for me and my honey Ted.  You never know what will happen, so it's always good to Enjoy & Cherish the moments you have together. I look forward to several each day we are together. I hope tons more are coming!!
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Educational Hotties!


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Movie to catch...

I finally had the chance to watch Jennifer Aniston in the movie 'Cake' last night. It is a well done character movie. I agree w/ some during Oscar time when they said the Oscars snubbed her for a nomination. She really did deserve at least a nomination. It's a role that has so many sub topics to her character, and her character grows.. I'm not sure how I would react in that same situation, and I hope I won't ever have to experience it. It's worth a Netflix pick for sure! I didin't realize Jennifer had that in her. I'm looking forward to seeing her in more beefy character movies. She's great in light- hearted/ funny movies, but she really does have the talent for a varitey of different types of movies. An Oscar could be in her future... 
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History was made today when the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that gay couples nationwide have the right to marry.Today this hashtag is right...

Everyone deserves to say 'I Do' to their honey! I said mine to my honey Ted14 years ago on 6/29 (together 9 years before that). Huey has been w/ us 13 of these years. Lots more happy than sad times. When it's sad, we have each other to get through it together, until we can't do it together anymore. Even then.. I believe we'll be together in spirit. 
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Mix Candy Earworm..

Ever had an Earworm?  Not a worm in the ear. thank goodness, I'm not a bug fan. So when I heard about Earworms, I wasn't pleased w/ the name. I understand why it's called an 'Earworm' though.  It's when a song gets trapped in your head and you just can't shake it. It can be one you like/love or one you don't, which is much harder to get out.  

Well, my new Earworm is the new American Authors song 'Go Big Or Go Home'. I really like it.  The past few days, I have woken up with the song in my head.  I keep singing the 'Go Big Or Go Home' part, which is driving my honey Ted nuts. I'm also lyrically challenged, which makes an Earworm even worse, because you tend to sing  the parts you know the lyrics too.  Here's my Earworm w/ lyrics, incase the 'EW' spreads, you will be singing the right correctly.  I can't promise I will though. Really.. Lyrically challenged.. it's very strange...
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It's coming to ATX!!!

It being a casting call for Season 20 of the Bachelor! It's amazing this show has gone on so long. Do you remember this guy who had double the good times? Click here!  If you have always wanted to be on this show. Here's the 411  for tomorrow night's casting call:
Thursday June 25, 2015
AUSTIN, TX 78759
PHONE: (512) 343-2626
WEBSITE: http://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/aussh-renaissance-austin-hotel/
More here! Good luck on finding LOVE! 
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The power of music...

This morning  peeps driving were driving me nuts. Turn signals were an option, cutting multi- lanes and cruising down the shoulder on 360, texting/ putting on makeup and other things while driving...  Little things getting me all worked up on the M-day commute into work. I remembered this song by Shinedown, and it made me feel better, and turned off my potty mouth stressed out in traffic mode. It's amazing how the power of music can make you feel better. I wanted to share it w/ you, if you're having one of those days, or keep it for reserve. Then play one of your favorites and pass it to someone else who may need it. Remember.. YOU ROCK!!!

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