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Getting to know SonoBello...

*Hey... thought I would share w/ you a brief version of
what you will experience when you come in for your
Free Consultation @
Sono Bello...  This is the time to
grab information about whatever procedure or
treatment you are thinking about to help make
'Your Problem' area go away.  I was amazed how
comfortable they made me feel... I didn't feel pressured,
or even bad about my 'Problem Areas'.. I actually felt
a bit empowered that I could do something besides
exercise/diet, which isn't giving me the 'Full results'
I want... Let's face it... there's nothing wrong w/
'A little Extra Help' to  'Feel Good'... 
Sono Bello
is doing that for me...
(3rd Left to Right in Pix) is GREAT  about
explaining things in a simple way... and she's
no stranger to the Procedures. She recently had
Laser Lipo on her back, to  get rid of the Bra
overhang. She is very open & will tell you all about it..
Or perhaps chat w/ Monica
(2nd Left to Right in pix),
the manager, who recently had Laser Lipo on her
'Saddle Bags', because no matter what type of diet/exercise
she did she couldn't get rid of them....
Now She's Lov'n Life w/ 'No Saddle Bags'... :)
*I'll  spared you the unveil of  my 'Banana Roll'/Dipples...
For now... Perhaps a  before and after pix might pop up in the future... :)

...My 'Velashape Treatment' is in action!! Going for another Treatment tomorrow!! :)
My Hubby Ted  noticed  over the weekend my Bottom was tighter & smoother... :)
I'm really excited about it... Looking forward to wearing normal
bathing suit  bottoms this summer without feeling
so self conscious and giving the Cutie Skirt Bottoms a break!!!


02/16/2010 11:00PM
Getting to know SonoBello...
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