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Stuck in ATX traffic...

Here's what I did stuck in traffic. I apologize up front for being lyrically challenged.  You would think a radio personality wouldn't have that issue, but I do.  If I don't know or remember it I tend to make up words.  Sometimes I think they are saying a certain word and then find out I was totally off when I look up the lyrics.  My honey Ted will catch me at times and ask.. What are you singing?  What was the word you just said... Come to find out I've been singing it off key wrong with some songs for years.  Oh well, it's all in the enjoyment. Music makes the soul Happy, and Nickelback was making me Happy during this moment.  I'm looking forward to their big show in ATX at the ATX 360 Amphitheater on Saturday night! 

I'm Ready to Rock!!!
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The place to go this weekend...

TGIF! It's going on the weekend before Easter. You should go to the Dollar Tree close to you for some Fun/Fabulous Easter /Goodie shopping. EVERYTHING IS $1!  You can get so many Easter goodies from decorations, to cake mixes/frosting for Easter dinner dessert, to toys, Easter baskets, brand name Easter candy and more! IT'S ALL $1! Even the Bunny Ears... everyone in the family can get a pair!

Check out  www.ileavehappy.com to find a Dollar Tree location close to you. Happy Shopping! 

This link can get you a $50 Dollar Tree shopping spree. You can get a bunch of Easter Goodies http://friendswbenefits.mix947.com/app2/Contest/ABJSPJ

The S Lamar Dollar Tree location had the nicest peeps working there. When you walked in you felt welcome.... 

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A peek inside...

I recently had a blast w/ my honey Ted doing some Easter shopping at Dollar Tree on S. Lamar. They have a ton of Easter Goodies and EVERYTHING is $1! Here's a quick peek at what I discovered! 


EVERYTHING IS $1!!!  Click here for a chance to win a $50 Dollar Tree Shopping Spree! Imagine how many things you can get at the DOLLAR TREE.. you'll be leaving as the 'Easter Bunny'!   www.ileavehappy.com is where you can find the location close to you! Happy Easter shopping!!
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Look what I got for $1!!!!

I had a blast shopping at the Dollar Tree for Easter Goodies. Ted and I had fun w/ the bunny ears in the S. Lamar Dollar Tree, so I had to get them for Easter fun. www.ileavehappy.com will get you to a Dollar Tree close to you, so you can get your Easter Goodie hook up on!


I broke them in during WOTF last Friday at the Key Bar w/ Jack Antonoff/ Bleachers/FUN.

Huey also got in the Easter Bunny Ears fun, which created another Cute/Fun video moment...

$1 got me 3 Fantastic moments with photos/videos that will be cherished for a long time. Great memories made w/ $1 Thanks to Dollar Tree!

Don't forget to register to win a $50 Dollar Tree shopping spree. Think how many moments you can make w/ $50 thanks to the Dollar Tree!  http://friendswbenefits.mix947.com/app2/Contest/ABJSPJ
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Sweet E- Preview...

I got a BUNCH of Easter goodies from my Dollar Tree shopping spree at the S. Lamar location. I'm a fan of baking, so I was excited to see cake mixes and frostings at the Dollar Tree for some Easter Baking. I had to test it out for Easter dessert, so I made some for my co-workers. Fermin, Jami & Todd are strick'n the yummy cupcake pose... Looks like they are a 'BIG YES!' for Easter dinner dessert. The Dollar Tree has so many things I had no idea they had, and no shortage of Easter goodies from Easter baskets, to toys and name brand candy! Yummy & affordable since EVERYTHING IS $1! Go to www.ileavehappy.com to find a location near you. â€ª#‎ad‬

You can win a $50 shopping Spree at the Dollar Tree here! Go for it! You'll walk out like you are the Easter Bunny! Good Times!http://friendswbenefits.mix947.com/app2/Contest/ABJSPJ
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My honey Ted & I went on a 'Happy Easter Shopping Spree' at  Dollar Tree. We popped in the S. Lamar location.  It was a lot of fun and we got a BUNCH of cool Easter Goodies for  family and friends. They have lots of name brand yummy Easter candies... cool toys.. baskets.. EVERYTHING IS $1!  You will leave as 'The Easter Bunny'! Go to www.ileavehappy.com  for more 411 and the location nearest you, Be sure to check out cool 'Happier Easter Craft Contest w/ the Dollar Tree! Everything's a $1, so everybody leaves HAPPY! Check out what a $50 shopping spree can get you!


Click here for your chance to win a $50 Easter Shopping Spree from the Dollar Tree!
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Weekend Fun!

Have a Happy & Safe weekend. It's going to be a wet one the first part of it, so be careful driving and getting around.
This song popped in my head....

Here are a few links to weekend fun...

SXSW Music Schedule     2015 Auditorium Shores Fun   Free Fun In ATX

Friday, March 20, from 5-9 p.m. and Saturday, March 21, from 2:40-9 p.m. The Auditorium Shores Stage on Lady Bird Lake features a three-day series of free-to-the-public, charity beneficiary concert events with the beautiful Austin skyline serving as the backdrop. Admission is FREEwith a free SXSW Guest Pass wristband, which can be picked up in advance or onsite at the gate. Auditorium Shores, 800 W Riverside Dr, Austin.
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Are you ready for this!

Insurgent, part of the Divergent series, is officially out tomorrow! I'm ready... It's supposed to rain all day on Saturday, so this would be a perfect fun something to do!  :) 

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Can you believe it's been 25 years?

One of my favorite movies, 'Pretty Woman', celebrates it's 25th Anniversary next Monday, March 23rd. Amazing how time flies since the movie... I graduated college, got married to my Honey Ted, expanded the family w/ Shih Tzu Huey, on a radio tour that has taken me to several cities, experienced loss through Hurricane Katrina, lost both of my parents, been having fun on Mix 94.7 in ATX for close to 9 years... this is just a few of the many things...Wow.. lots have happened in 25 years! Think about what you've done and been through in the past 25 years.... Now go enjoy making even more memories, which I hope has way more happy ones.

This is one of my favorite scenes in the movie. I have run across this type of treatment in stores before, and this scene nails it!  LOVE IT! 

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Are you in a 'Green Mood'?

I think if you have Green eyes you are covered for today. Although I didn't leave that to chance and went full on 'GREEN MODE'. No pinchers in my direction.  I'm 1/2 Irish, so that should cancel out not wearing green too, but again, no chances. I hope your St. Pattty's Day is a Happy & Safe one!
Here's some Irish ear candy that can stick w/ you! Sláinte!

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