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Heather Rivera
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UPDATE (11/21): My Daddy passed away on Thursday 11/14 at 5:12am. He was laid to rest on Monday 11/18.  He's with my Mama Betty now... 2 guardian angels looking after me!

As I sit in room 16, at the Hospice House in Omaha, NE, typing on my laptop... I look at the man in the bed fighting to find peace. It was just a little over a week ago, I was talking to him on the phone sharing what was up for the day, and what he had planned, Little did I know a week later, I would find myself in a hospital room (871) seeing 'MY HERO' in a bed, who can't walk, sit up, even hold his head up without assistance,not able to swallow or speak,and trying to catch a breath that pneumonia was slowly stealing. All due to an enemy attack of multiple strokes that left him unable to do for himself, but fully understanding what is happening, 
Growing up, my Daddy Maurice taught me the value and the rewards of working hard, believing in yourself, and keeping your head up even when others try  to knock you down..
...I broke away from this blog for a moment to get another cold washcloth on my Daddy's head,  because he's burning up from the  effects of the Strokes that have broken his body down. It's HEARTBREAKING to see the first man I loved and always will, being broken down w/ each breath he takes due to the harsh affects of the Strokes.

The reason I'm in room 16 w/ My Daddy, he's decided his path through this journey will be taken as 'Comfort Care'. No tubes or machines to help him function enough to survive. There are many thoughts about this either way, but as I mentioned when I started this blog. My Daddy does what he wants and respects others for what they want. Some may look at My Daddy as a man who is slowly withering away, trying to catch each breath, until there is no more. I have to admit this is a thought that pops in your head when you first see him. It frightens me that each harsh breath taken could be his last, and that time will be coming.
But he's also the man, MY HERO, that has decided to let nature take it's course, and is taking every punch that he is being given.. let me tell you some of the small punches that I know will get bigger makes your heartbreak.  My reaction is too make it better for him, but helpless in the outcome. So as I sit at my laptop watching MY DADDY.. I think to myself. I'm a Lucky Girl to have such a wonderful man in my life, and I just hope when it's time, he finds the peace he so deserves. Although what looks like the end of the journey when it's time ends w/ Mama Betty in Virginia, it will only be the beginning when he's next to her. There was never a quiet moment w/ her. so it could be the start of another journey, after THE END of this one.  

MY DADDY MAURICE -MY HERO is part of the HERO CLUB that includes all the men and women who have protected and fought for what is important..OUR FREEDOM which allows us to decide for ourselves, just like MY DADDY MAURICE... MY HERO!



11/10/2013 7:45PM
Sending Big Love to my Hero....
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