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New JT video..
JT's 'Take Back The Night' the single on '20/20 Experience- 2 of 2' album dropping in September 30th . Pre-order here! Part 1 sold over 1 million copies the first week. The best selling album this year so far. Think Part 2 will be as popular.  I'm thinking a BIG YES!

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Have you heard of the Sanibulb?
I received an email from Lyndie about this 'Green Item'- Sanibulb.  It seems like a pretty amazing 'GO GREEN PRODUCT! Check out my 1 Thing blog and see what you think.  This sounds like 1 Thing that really could be helpful in lots of areas... Mama Earth Friendly, saving money, fighting off bacteria/Superbugs to stay healthy... Definitely peaks interest!
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Click here... It  will take you to a fun list of 1990 things from the '90s!  The movie Reality BItes popped in my head when I saw the title, and it's on the list.  Check to see if some your  '90s Favs are on it!    LOVED ETHAN HAWKE in this movie!!

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I jumped....

... On the ROCKWAGON of 'Halestorm'. OMG!  This band ROCKS, and so does their female singer Lzzy, her brother Arejay, John & Josh! They all Rock their part.  Their newest album 'The Strange Case of...' ROCKS!  Lzzy reminds me a bit of 'Doro' who is still Rock'n it!  If you like to ROCK, I suggest getting this album.  It definite helps w/ road rage in the car too!

This tune may sound familair-
'I Miss The Misery' (also on a  beer commercial).   You'd never guess looking at Lzzy that such a pretty/cute small package had such a STRONG ROCK voice, but also has a sweetness at times to it too!  AMAZING!

Here's a new lyric video to  AMAZING single from  'Halestorm- Here's To Us'... 

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Mid Summer Shopping Fun!

I recently visited my friends @ the Home Consignment Center/Shops Parkway Bee Cave.  There are lots of cool pieces w/ many more on the way.  A shipment of  new Mango Wood furniture pieces are on the way, and shipment of 'HIGH QUALITY' consignment pieces will be hitting the floor soon!  Take a look at the treasures I found. I'm Loving the new rugs they have in too... FANTASTIC PRICES!

Make plans to drop by both
HCC locations, because they get new shipments in all the time. They both get different items in too. You'll save lots of money, but remember you can make money too! Both locations take consignment pieces 7 days of the week.  Make sure you become friends w/ them on Facebook!   HCC Shops Parkway Bee Cave HCC Arbor Walk

Rose sent me a heads up  on 'EXTRA SPECIAL BLING' she just got in! The ring is set in platinum from the 80s 2 ct pear center and 4.50.on the sides 6.50 tw of diamonds.   It's called a 'Ring- Dant'. You can wear  it as a pendant or ring. Go ask Rose to show you the 'Ring-Dant'! IT'S NNNNNNIIIIICCCCCCCEEEE!!!!

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Big Adoption...

Kelly from the Austin Humane Society sent the 411 on the 'Big Adoption' tomorrow/Saturday 7/27 starting up @ noon! Get all the details and give Turtle and his friends a nice new home, or help them find new homes. Spread the word!

Adoption Event Saturday for Rescued Dogs
Line Expected to form EARLY -- Adoptions Start at Noon

WHAT: Adoption event for dogs rescued from a rural Central Texas property.
WHEN: Saturday, July 27 Doors open at Noon
WHERE: Austin Humane Society
124 W. Anderson Lane , Austin, TX 78752

More 411 on the Big Adoption Day for Turtle and Friends:
Two dozen of the 30 dogs rescued earlier this week from a rural property in Central Texas will be available for adoption.

“From the moment we saw these dogs, we knew they would make wonderful, loving companions,” says Frances Jonon, AHS Executive Director. “They’re doing great and ready to be part of a family. It’s a wonderful feeling to play a role in giving these animals the kind of homes they deserve.”
The dogs are a mix of Hound, Labrador Retriever, and Shepherd. The puppies range in age from six weeks to six months old, and the adult dogs are three years to five years old. All have received veterinary care from AHS, and veterinarians have released 24 of the dogs for adoption. Their adoption fees include vaccinations, flea and tick treatment, dewormer, a microchip, and spay or neuter surgery. Another mother dog and her five puppies are enjoying the comforts of foster care, and will be available for adoption in the coming weeks.

A line is expected to form before the event, so potential adopters are encouraged to show up early. Shelter doors open at noon (124 W. Anderson Lane in North Austin). Potential adopters will be required to fill out an adoption application, and screenings will proceed as normal. Adoption counselors will be on hand to assist.
Side note: Make sure you do not leave your dogs/cats/pets in a hot car even w/ the window cracked in 100 plus degrees does nothing.  The same goes for leaving them outside w/no shade and fresh water.  Just remember if it's to hot for you, it's definitely too hot for them. 
Click here for the signs of heat stroke. 


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This looks so FREAK'N SCARY!
I'm not a big 'Space Person' but this clip for the new George Clooney/Sandra Bullock moive 'GRAVITY' got my INTEREST for sure!  It comes  to theaters October 4th.  This will go on the 'MUST SEE  LIST'.  Check out the trailer. It's pretty FREAKY SCARY!!

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New Ear Candy...
P.O.D.'s 'Beautiful' from their album 'Murdered Love'.  What do you think?

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YGG... goes out to Beyonce.  She didn't let an industrial fan grabbing her hair kill her show in Canada. 
Check out this fan video. 

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Have you seen this video?
One of my new MIX music favs is  Imagine Dragon's 'Radioactive' from their debut album Night Visions.  It was in the movie 'The Host' which is a way better book than it was movie, disappointing, but true.  Here's I.D's video to 'Radioactive'  featuring disturbing puppets and Lou Diamond Phillips!  Check it out!

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My M-Day Ear Worm...
I have this tune trapped in my head today, Stabbing Westward- Save Myself.  I haven't heard it in a while.  It was at the ending credits of episode #12 of True Blood Season 5 that I watched last night.

I'm a season behind in 'TB' since I don't have HBO.  I enjoyed Season 5, but not as much as the other seasons.  I hear Season 6 is better than 5, so gives me something to look forward too next Summer for the 'TB' catch up!   My next Netflix catch up on a show is
'The Newsroom'/HBO Season 1.    

Something extra: This has got to be one of 'THE BEST BIRTHING SCENES'... LOL!  :)

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You are invited....

Devenir Aesthetics invites you to find out more about their services and their highly trained and experienced staff.   Their services include skin care products and services, line and wrinkle treatment, skin tightening technologies, aesthetic surgical restoration and enhancement, and spider and varicose vein treatments. 

Dr. Patel is one of the highly trained and experienced on Devenir's staff. Here are some tibits to get to know  Dr. Patel and what he can do for you:
-Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon  (concentrates ONLY on the face & neck)
Education / Training
-Undergraduate: University of California, San Diego
Magna Cum Laude

-Medical: MD, University of Southern California, Los Angeles
AOA Honor Society, Dean’s Scholar

-Internship: General Surgery, Beth Israel Medical Center
-Residency: Otolaryngology and Head & Neck Surgery, New York Eye and Ear Infirmary
-Fellowship: Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, University of Texas, Houston
-Specializes in Rhinoplasty and nasal airway improvements. 
Check out this blog  about his take on Rhinoplasty.
-Latest photo-morphing technology & techniques
-Most important he believes in the natural, subtle, refreshed look.


 Dr. Patel's blog on aging:

Why do our faces age?  What can we do about it?
During our youth, collagen and elastin provide volume and tightness to our skin. These helpful proteins are constantly produced and broken down in the body. With aging, however, the seesaw tips from production to breakdown, and we lose volume and gain laxity. How and why this happens is still being worked out, but various enzymes, proteins, and free oxygen radicals are thought to contribute. It appears that our cells are genetically programmed to shut down after a time, but also environmental exposures tend to accelerate the process. The body protects itself from aging by producing DNA repair proteins, enzyme inhibitors, and antioxidants, but they decline over time.

The key is prevention, and you’re never too young or too old to start. Have you ever noticed that those with a healthy, stress-free lifestyle tend to look healthier. It seems the adage “garbage in, garbage out” also applies to aging. That means good nutrition, regular exercise, good skin care, and staying away from smoking, nicotine, and other environmental toxins. It’s not possible to entirely avoid the sun, so a daily sunscreen with the appropriate strength (SPF 30) becomes critical. Make sure that your sunscreen protects against both UV-A and UV-B, because some do not. In a world where the effectiveness of many products is ill-supported by hard data, Tretinoin (e.g. Retin-A), a form of topical Vitamin A, is one that has good evidence for working well to reverse sun damage. Ask your dermatologist if you are a good candidate.
Click here for the entire blog!

Check out more from Dr. Patel

Dr. Patel is very easy to talk to and makes you feel comfortable too! You'll see that from the video.  

Call Devenir Aesthetics 512-477-3778 to set up a consultation w/ Dr. Patel.  Find out what he can do for you!

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