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Important reminder for the Labor Day Weekend!

Michelle/ MIX FB Friend had this posted.  A study has found that texting while driving makes your reaction time driving 'DOUBLE'!  Share this link w/ your friends and spread the word to 'PUT THE PHONE AWAY & DRIVE CAREFULLY!'  


APD IS DOING A NO REFUSAL WEEKEND starting tonight (Friday 8/30) @ 9pm through Tuesday September 3rd at 5am. This DWI initiative is an effort to enforce DWI laws, keep the public safe and to conduct blood search warrants on those who refuse to give a breath or blood test when they are pulled over on suspicion of DWI! 

Please don't Drink & Drive. Have a designated driver if you are drinking, or call a cab
Click here for cab 411!  Cap Metro 411 here!

September 1st new laws go into effect:
One law requires drivers to move over or slow down when they approach a stopped Texas Department of Transportation vehicle with its lights on and not separated from the roadway with a traffic control device. Under current law drivers must do this with tow trucks and emergency vehicles. Failure to do so will result in a $200 fine.

-Drivers also must have two license plates on the vehicle or they will face a $200 fine.

-Drivers will now be allowed to use their cell phone to show proof of insurance.

Looking for cool FREE STUFF to do around town w/the family! Click here!


Hook 'em Horns animated emoticon

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Kerbey Lane's pancake special through Labor Day weekend is....

'The Cinnamon Roll Pancake'.  These are AMAZING!  HAPPY YUMMY!  I suggest trying them out before they are gone until next time.  I'm all for putting these on the menu permanently.  IF YOU LIKE CINNAMON ROLLS AND PANCAKES, IT'S THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS! 

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Words to live with????

Looks like Miley's Twerk(ing) has created a lasting impression in lots of ways and places.  'Twerk' has become the newest official verb added to The Oxford Dictionary as part of their quarterly update w/ new words. 

"Twerk, v.: dance to popular music in a sexually provocative manner involving thrusting hip movements and a low, squatting stance."

A few others add:
'Selfie'- word typically used to describe pouty smartphone self-portraits,
"Digital Detox" for time spent way from Facebook and Twitter
"Bitcoin," for the nationless electronic currency

Don't you feel smarter now... LOL!

How about we give Miley a break and learn some Twerk moves from Tweetie. 


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The 1st!!!
Josiah Grant became the 1st male to win the North American Pole Dancing Championships.  Click here to see how he ROCKED the pole! Think this should make it as an Olympic Sport?  There have been talks about it.
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I've been a FAN for a LONG TIME!...

It's true... I've been a longtime fan of Coca Cola /products. I grew up in a home that had and still has the 'Coca Cola Friendly Refrigerator'.  My Daddy's Dad/my Grandpa.. Big Papa drove a Coca Cola truck when he was a young man in Virginia, and eventually opened a small quick stop store where he sold Coca Cola products in Weems, VA.

(Daddy Maurice & Charming Carmen) When we went to my grandparents to visit, I was always given an ice cold Coke. I grew into a BIG FAN of Cherry Coke/Diet Cherry Coke/Diet Coke, depending on my mood that day.

Well, a few years ago, I heard about the Coca Cola Freestyle  fountain dispensor machine coming to ATX Schlotzsky's. Yes, I'm also a BIG FAN of Schlotzsky's. I had been eating their yummy sandwiches growing up in Omaha, NE.  I didn't realize they started in ATX, until I moved here about 8 years ago. Schlotzsky's + Coca Cola= AWESOME. So I had to check out this 'Coca Cola Freestyle' machine that has over 100 different drink combos. Endless drink combos you can't get in a store, but the Coca Cola Freestyle allows you FREEDOM & FUN to create your Yummy MASTERPIECE DRINKS!  Check out the video of my 1st experience w/ the 'Coca Cola Freestyle' at the Schlotzsky's on S. Lamar, a few years ago, one of the 1st places to get THE FABULOUS COCA COLA FREESTYLE IN ATX! EASY & FUN TO USE....

Click here to see some of the cool people I meet that day having fun w/ the Coca Cola Freestyle and the drink combos they created!

I was first introduced to the Coca Cola Freestyle in 2010, and it's going STRONG all around the ATX area and the nation allowing peeps to create their own FUN Drink Combos!  You can find one to have FUN w/ at participating Schlotzsky's. Click here to find the one near your! 

HEY RIGHT NOW THROUGH THE END OF AUGUST YOU CAN CREATE ANY SIZE OF A COCA COLA FREESTYLE DRINK FOR A $1 W/ A PURCHASE OF A SCHLOTZSKY'S ENTREE AFTER 3PM EACH DAY.  Get a yummy Schlotzsky's sandwich, and your Coca Cola Freestyle drink/ any size will only be $1 after 3pm each day through August 31st! 


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Burn That Suit...

Talking about the one Robin Thicke was wearing on stage during the Mylie finger foam invasion and crotch grind.  Those stripes need to be burned about now, don't you think? 

Lady G Rocked it as the opener w/ Applause and looke FABULOUS in her Seashell G-Bikini!

Winners List:

My honey Ted got the KP movie 'Part Of Me' on our Netflix watch list, so we watched that over the weekend before the VMA's. Watching that movie made me like her even more.  Her new single 'ROAR' definitely fits... 


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Want a Goodie bag? !@!!

MTV VMA's are this Sunday (8/25) and it's jam packed w/ celebs performing and helping to giveaway the VMAs.  If you are part of the VMA experience, you will receive a HUGE GOODIE Bag.   It includes a Rehab addiction book from Lindsay Lohan's most recent rehab center.   Katy Perry's new perfume and TONS MORE! 

Since the VMAs are in the great borough of Brooklyn this year, all the items in the gift bag are BK-themed. You'll get official Brooklyn Nets apparel, H. Fox & Co. chocolate flavor syrup, Ovenly bar snacks and a certificate to indoor cycling studio SoulCycle, all of which call Brooklyn home. From shoes to skincare to salty snacks, we have you covered. Now start tweeting!

Here's the complete list of stuff:
» Ballasox Shoes
» Ending Addiction for Good (Mastel) book
» Blue-Glue Bikini
» Brooklyn Nets apparel item
» H Fox & Co chocolate syrup
» Harvest Snaps snacks
» Hello Breath Spray
» Invitation Consultants notecards
» Junk Food Clothing Yo MTV Rocks t-shirt
» Coty Killer Queen- Katy Perry fragrance
» Koehler showerhead
» KSH Couture pocket square
» Logitech Color Collection Eye Candy Color Collection Mouse
» Fego Gioielli Jewelry items
» Mojo Backpack
» Ouya game console
» Ovenly nuts
» Paper Toy t-shirt
» Powerocks power charger
» ShutterBall Selfie Shot Helper
» Soul Cycle free class pass bandana
» JW Marriott Essex House hotel stay coupon or voucher
» Griffin Cell Cases w/ VMA Logo cell case
» Rep the Code t-shirt
» Valentino sunglasses

CLICK HERE FOR A CHANCE TO WIN ONE! It looks like the cut off time is Sunday 8/25 at 5pm CT.


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I could use some of this today...

Wish you could bottle up that energy?  Looks like someone has tried it.  'Sprayable Energy' (spray on caffeine).  You spray it on your skin like you would cologne/perfume.  4 sprays are suggested to be the same amount of energy as 1 cup of coffee.   You are suppose to get energy quick without out gitters or crashing. You control the amount, which can be good and bad. 

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What are they selling?

These commercials are becoming more and more popular.  The ones you have no idea what the product is until the end, and there is still confusion on how it relates to the product.  This ad shows a new place your guy can carry your stuff instead of carrying your purse.. LOL!


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New Sheryl...
I got the heads up about new Sheryl Crow earcandy. 
You can download tunes and tips are suggested w/ 100% of the tips going to charity!
Click the photo for more 411!
CLICK HERE to check out the video to her new single 'EASY'!

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Holiday Cheer from A Texas Girl

I got the heads up that Kelly C.  has a holiday album coming out 'Wrapped In Red' available on October 29th! Stay tuned for more preorder information. Click the photo to see Kelly's pretty picture.  'Don't forget she'll be in town w/ Maroon5 on September 18th!

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Get to know...
IF you have been thinking about getting  'Something Done'', whatever the service is it's important to do lots of research about where you are going and who may do it.   I suggest checking out Devenir Aesthetics.  They have services that include skin care/products, wrinkle treatments, skin rejuvenation, aesthetic surgical restoration and enhancement, and spider and varicose vein treatments.  Lots of services that can make you look and feel more youthful.  

Another suggestion is to get to know
Dr. Patel.  He's a board certified Facial Plastic Surgeon, and concentrates on the face and neck.  He believes in the 'Natural Look'! He specializes in Rhinoplasty. He's received training in  LA., New York, and Houston.   Click here to find out more about Dr. Patel's background.  Knowledge is KING!

Did you know....
-Dr. Patel developed novel research to improve ways to differentiate types of thyroid cancer using minimally-invasive techniques.

-He has been part of a humanitarian mission to Santa Marta, Colombia to repair cleft lips and palates in children
You know now... :) 

Check out the video to get to know Dr. Patel more!  You can find out more about Devenir Aesthetics
here!   Your next step would be to call and set up an appointment to chat w/ Dr. Patel.  I was pleasantly surprised how comfortable it is to talk w/ Dr. Patel. Call and see if you feel the same way...512-477-3778 .

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It's been a good week for...
Katy Perry's new single 'ROAR' is  ROCK'n on most digital copies sold this week @ 450,000 + closing in on 1/2 million in a week. Figuring her new album 'Prism' coming out October 22nd will be a HOT seller too!    If you're looking for more Katy, NETFLIX has 'Katy Perry: Part Of Me' available to watch, if you didnt' catch it last year when it came out. Or watch it again.  I'm putting it on my list. 

Here's the write up on it...

The Katy Perry "documentary," Katy Perry: Part of Me, is on Netflix and you really should watch it. She's kind of weird! But in an endearing way. Documentarian Nanette Burstein is among the producers and Dan Cutforth and Jane Lipsitz, who helmed Bravo-era Project Runway, are the directors. It's mostly a fluffy concert movie, a true trifle. But it does allow one especially pained sequence: Perry, uncontrollably weeping from the dissolution of her marriage to Russell Brand, summons some higher pop star power and psych herself into a Barbie smile before being raised on stage. It's powerful. (Netflix)

Can't forget the Katy & John duet... CLICK HERE  FOR AN AAAAWWW Moment!

Hey I found out today is National Rum Day!  Click here for a recipe to celebrate!

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Would you wear this?

WINE WEAR! Click here to find out about clothing being created in Australia to literally form themselves without a stitch using wine.

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Does this M-Word bother you?

My friend Jen had this link on her FB page. She hates this M-Word. There are many who feel the same way. Click here to find out why. 

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The Deadly Kissing Bug has turned up in Elgin/Bastrop. They bite you on your lip or eye and can carry Chagas disease, which can affect your heart and digestive tract and even lead to death.

There's no vaccine or cure -- so if you see one -make sure not to touch it with your bare hands and clean all surfaces the bug has walked on.  Click here for more!   

This freaks me out a bit!  What about you? 

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Lunch/dinner taken care of tomorrow...
Heads up on the cool Sonic Cheeseburger deal tomorrow...   FWB have a chance to win a $25 Sonic gift card! Double Bonus..
Click here!
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Sounds like...

Awesome time for 'NEW EAR CANDY' w/  Lady GaGa releasing'Applause' from her her album 'ARTPOP' coming out November 11th, and according to her FB page can be ordered via iTunes tonight!  It came out a week early!  I'm so Happy Lady G is back... 'Applause' could have been inspired by this you think?

WAIT... more 'NEW EAR CANDY' dropped today.. expected drop  'ROAR' from Katy Perry's new album 'PRISM' out October 22nd! Unexpected  how familiar 'Roar' sounds... But today there is more than 1  POP MUSIC battle because of Lady G's  Pop Music Emergency... Lady G vs Katy P... unexpected until today since Lady G'  'Applause' had a next Monday 8/19 release date.... But there is another battle that could rise up...  Check out 'Roar', which I LOVE!


The rising battle could be Katy P vs Sara B...  ROAR vs. BRAVE! Which I Love both tunes, and there's a familiar reason why!

Looks like for now Katy & Sara are cool! Click here!  
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It took 8 years...
Ted and I made this purchase over the weekend.  I'm thinking about adding some red  accents.  Think that will work?  We've had the same one for 8 years, so figured it's way time to change things up.

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A place to keep COOL...

Get out of the heat for some Fun Fantabulous Shopping.  I dropped by the Home Consignment Center/Arbor Walk to see what was up w/ Kristin & the crew.  Kristin gave me the heads up on a couple of new shipments coming soon that includes new sofas, patio furniture, water fountains, bronze statues and more.  She also wanted me to pass the word along that they are taking consignments.  If you've been thinking about a new design for a room in your home, you should go see Kristin about consigning your couch, sofa, furniture...  You could make money and save money at the same time.  Here are some of my FAVS ... it's  a FUN SHOPPING TREASURE HUNT! You never know what you will find, but it's always a good time!  If you are looking  for awesome jewelry... BLING.. Herb & Debbie can hook you up! 

Make sure to checkout the
Home Consignment Center Shops Parkway Beecave w/ Janet & the crew & Rose w/ the jewelry hook up. They have new shipments coming in all the time too, plus they are taking consignments.. leather sofas/couches are in big demand right now.. as well as patio furniture.  You can make money & save money at both locations. :)
Stay Cool and like them on FB!

HCC Arbor Walk       HCC Bee Cave

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LOVE this group...

I have this album on repeat over and over since I got it a few weeks ago. Halestorms'  'The Strange Case Of....' I have a bit of a girlcrush on Lzzy the lead singer, because I LOVE  her voice.  She can belt out a ROCK TUNE, and then she can be a bit softer w/ tunes like this one 'In Your Room'....  Big Love to her brother Arejay for commanding the beats on the drums... the whole BAND ROCKS!

If you've got a bit or a lot of a 'ROCKER' in you, I highly recommend getting Halestorm in your collection.. You might recognize 'I MIss The Misery
(I was guilty of singing as Mr. Misery, which works too... LOL) from TV commercial... Pick up some 'Rock'n Ear Candy' over the weekend!  Have a Happy & Safe one!


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COOL Drop by...

The Plain White Tees were recently in ATX and dropped by the MIX studio to chat w/ Sara.  This video is from my phone, so the quality isn't stellar, but certainly spur of the moment. It's VERY COOL for the PWTs to drop by and break out in song! Another reason I LOVE MY JOB! :) Here's 'Should've Gone To Bed' title track of their new EP that is out now.  A full album is in the works to be released soon too! :)

Phone video from the MIX studio:  LOVE THIS PWTs EAR CANDY!!

Click here for the official video!


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Trader Joe's is hiring...
I've been hearing lots of folks talking about the  new 'Trader Joes' opening up in ATX!  The first one is suppose to open this Fall/September 20th on Bee Caves road.  Wanna work there?  Here's some 411 to help out!  I've never been in one, so I'm lookig forward to checking it out!

AUSTIN (KXAN) - Austin's first Trader Joe's is slated to open in the fall and the store will begin accepting job applications next week. The store, dubbed as a unique, neighborhood grocery store with foods and beverages from the exotic to basic, is slated to open Sept. 20. The 11,000 square foot store is located at 2805 Bee Caves Road.

Job applications will be accepted at the store starting on Tuesday, Aug. 13, and 10 a.m. Interested individuals must apply in person and can obtain an application on site, or by clicking here .

According to the store's website, a second Austin location is slated to open at 211 Seaholm Drive , in 2014.

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Think Harry would be proud?
I think Harry Houdini would think Anthony ROCKED IT!  Could you imagine skydiving, in a freight box (media calling it a COFFIN) and inside you are handcuffed and chained up.  You have to get free so you don't go splat on the ground.  I'm scared just mentioning it.

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New Fav...
I was listening to Alex's 'HOT MIX' last night &  he whipped out some New Pink 'True Love'... LOVE IT!  What do you get when you have HUGE stuffed animals and vegetables, a Tattoo Man, a CUTIE kid, & Lily Allen... Answer: 'TRUE LOVE VIDEO' check it out! 

Pink's  'Truth About Love Tour' hits the
AT&T  Center November 14th. It's worth the short road trip for sure!
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It's coming August 12th...
Katy Perry's new album Prism is expected to drop on October 22nd . The first single 'ROAR'  next Monday 8/12!  Here's a tease! I'm looking forward to hearing some new ear candy from Katy! Are you?

1st Roar Teaser!
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Another reason it's COOL to live in ATX! Another movie is being filmed called 'Intramural' starring Jake Lacy from the Office as well as Kate McKinnon and Jay Pharoah from Saturday Night Live. Extras that look like they could be in college in their 20s-30s for Tuesday and Wednesday. If you're interested, shoot an email to intramuralextras@gmail.com or go to their Facebook page. (KXAN)
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Meet Dr. Patel....
  Dr. Patel is a Board Certified, highly experienced, trained and skilled Facial Plastic Surgeon at Devenir Aesthetics.  He concentrates on the Face and Neck, and specializes in 'Rhinoplasty and nasal airway improvements' .  He has received an abundance of experience and training in LA, NY and Houston.  Now you can see Dr. Patel @ Devenir Aesthetics in Austin.  I know how hard it can be to find a doctor you feel comfortable with and trust.  Dr. Patel is such an easy person to talk too. He makes you feel comfortable when he's explaining a procedure to you.  Most important, he's talking to you not at you.  Some doctors do that... NOT Dr. Patel.  Check out the video when I went to chat w/ him and find out more about what he does. 

See Dr. Patel on Facebook and Twitter   and check out some of his blogs.

You can find out more by checking out Devenir Aesthetic's site  www.freshfaceaustin.com  You'll see many more facial areas that Dr. Patel is experienced.  You could set up an appointment w/ Dr. Patel and have him do the lastest photo-morphing techniques/technology with you. 
Just call 512-477-3778!

'LIKE' Devenir Aesthetics on Facebook! They post lots of helpful skincare tips and heads up on specials!

Dr. Patel has a geniune smile too! 

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Big Date Night Tonight!
Happy  Friday! Big Date Night tonight. My Honey Ted & I are planning on catching some of the Mayhem Festival at  ATX 360 Amphitheater.  This will be my first time at the venue seeing a show. I'm looking forward to ROCK'n tonight w/ my Honey!  Here comes the girl question... What should I wear?  Something cool that's for sure!

I believe there are still some tickets available for the Train, The Script and Gavin DeGraw show at ATX 360 Amphitheater on Sunday!
Click here for all the 411!  Have a Happy & Safe Weekend! YOU ROCK!  
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Happy August 1st... Are you getting ready?
Summer is flying by and Back-To-School is coming soon!  Don't forget it's Tax Free weekend next weekend Aug 9-11Th Click here for the 411!  There are also a bunch of School Supply Drives going on, so if you would like to help out whether it's getting supplies for kiddos or volunteering to collect them. Here are a few ideas. You can click here for more! It takes about $100 per student to get started for school.   The info is thanks to www.freefunaustin.com, which is a FANTASTIC site to check out what's Free & Fun in ATX!
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