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Happy Lit Up Halloween in G-Town!
Do you know what the FOX says? 

APD Halloween Safety tips for Kids & Adults and also home safety:
It is also important to ensure that your home is safe and accessible to trick-or-treaters. There are some very simple steps to make the evening safe for everyone.
  • Turn on your porch light
  • Move lit jack-o-lanterns off the porch where kids get bunched up when trick-or-treating in groups
  • Remove objects from your yard that might present a hazard
  • Drive slowly all evening. You never know what little “creature” may suddenly cross your path
  • Report any suspicious or criminal activity to the police

Remember the APD will be out with 'No-Refusal Halloween' going on through Saturday, November 2nd.
The Austin Police Department will enforce a “No-Refusal” initiative for Halloween 2013. The initiative will start at 9:00 p.m. Thursday, October 31, 2013 and end at 5:00 a.m. Saturday, November 2, 2013. Please Don't Drink & Drive! 

Also the Don'ts on 6th Street tonight! 

APD reminds citizens planning to be on Sixth Street on Halloween night that no weapons of any type will be allowed including:
  • Firearms
  • Relics
  • Swords
  • Illegal knives
  • Clubs
  • Sharp or pointed items

All costume accessories should be plastic or soft material. Anyone with illegal items will be arrested and the property will be seized. In addition, open containers of alcohol will not be allowed on Sixth Street. Glass containers are prohibited.Children under 17 years old who are not accompanied by a parent or guardian must leave the Sixth Street area by 11 p.m. Click here for street closures and more!

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Halloween message...
Anyone have a rocking horse growing up?  I loved mine, so this took me back...

Thanks to Matt Valentine for his creative talents!
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Learned some new skills....
Recently, I had a blast at the Village @ Westlake Trick or Treat Festival and made some new friends, who tried to teach me some new skills!  I think I need to keep my day job.. what do you think?

Adam, a Fantastic Balloon Artist/Twister and more, from Art For Your Head, taught me how to make my first balloon animal.

Have you heard of Acro-Yoga?  I hadn't  until a few days ago. Joy & Melanie are Fantastic at it, and talked me into learning a move.   I have ALOT more practicing to do.. LOL...

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APD heads up on Halloween Fun on 6th!
I got this email heads up from APD, and I wanted to share! If you are going to celebrate tomorrow night on 6th street.  Here are some things to know and think about!

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Halloween addition...

Best Halloween song?  Here's a list of the most popular click here!   Here's another for the mix from Halestorm.. 'Mz Hyde'....
(Warning: Mature Song)

Halestorm does a cool version of Lady GaGa's 'Bad Romance' too!

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The final Hunger Games: 'Catching Fire' trailer was released. It's got me PUMPED about seeing the movie in theaters November 22nd! The Soundtrack is out November 19th!  AWESOME!

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Cool ear candy...
Nice Monday song Thanks to  the Goo Dolls... 'When The World Breaks Your Heart' from their newest album 'Magnetic'.  Check it out!

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Get Holiday Ready...
I dropped by the Home Consigment Center/Shops Parkway Bee Cave to see what's new w/ Janet & the Crew.  Lots of new sofa sets from Macy's, cool vintage pieces and I even made a new friend for Haloween. 

You can definitely get ready for the holidays w/ the HCC. Save money & make money at both locations.  They are taking consignments.  There's also a Fabulous selection of jewelry at both locations.  They both have different pieces.   Say hey to Janet & the Crew  w/ Rose in Jewelry @ the HCC Shop Parkway Bee Cave/South & North in th Arbor Walk w/ Tracy and the crew  w/ Herb in Jewelry!  Great idea for a holiday gift too.. HCC Gift Card!  Holiday Treasure Shopping Rocks!  

LIKE both on Facebook:


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Here's a Friday Funny...
Halloween is coming up, and Michael Jackson's Thriller is a Halloween staple.   I ran across this animated version, and I wanted to share it w/ you!  If you are enjoying Halloween early this weekend. Have Fun and be Safe! Don't drink and drive!

Halloween costume idea.. get a bodysuit, add some led lights and your set. Although the 22 month old is much cuter runing in the dark giggling! This video has over 8 million hits..  Cool idea her daddy had, but I'd probably be a bit scared if I saw that running in the dark at me, would you?



Hook'em Horns!  Taking on TCU in Fort Worth tomorrow/Saturday at 6:30pm! WIN! YOU CAN DO IT! 
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New Ear Candy to LOVE!...
I caught Daughtry on the Tonight show last night! THEY ROCKED IT! Here's the video to their new single 'Waiting for Superman' from their new album 'Baptized' set to drop November 19th! I'M A BIG FAN OF THIS SONG.. .THE VIDEO ROCKS TOO! 

BAPTIZED Deluxe Edition Tracklist
  1. Baptized
  2. Waiting for Superman
  3. Battleships
  4. I’ll Fight
  5. Wild Heart
  6. Long Live Rock & Roll
  7. The World We Knew
  8. High Above the Ground
  9. Broken Arrows
  10. Witness
  11. Traitor
  12. 18 Years
  13. Undefeated
  14. Cinderella
  15. Battleships (Acoustic)

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Recently the Vista Ridge High School Ranger Band kicked off the Grand Opening of the RBFCU/Parmer Lane location in Cedar Park.   I thought they did a cool band version of this tune.  Sound familiar?  VRRB ROCKED CEDAR PARK!

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Soul baring ear candy...
Katy Perry's new album Prism is out now.  This song is getting some legs to it- Grace Of God!  KP's baring her soul about her ex/Brand and the process of the BIG D and how to move on....

Click here for the video/ear candy

“Well, imagine what you go through,” she tells EW. “Imagine what happens when you go through a break up. We all go through break ups and we all get very depressed and desperate. The lyrics are very exact and autobiographical. That’s how I write. But the one thing about those lyrics is you can hear me finding my strength throughout the song. It starts off really low and then I kind of stand up for myself and say, ‘No!’”

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Last thing I saw before bed..
Last night, I went to bed laughing and disgusted at the same time. Jimmy & Alec ROCKED the P's for sure!

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New TS Ear Candy..
Taylor Swift has new ear candy  'Sweeter Than Fiction', that will pop up on the British movie 'One Chance'.  It's available on iTunes.  Here's the 411 on it, then click here to listen.  

 Taylor Swift just released a brand new love song at midnight, titled Sweeter Than Fiction, off the soundtrack of the upcoming British film, One Chance…And it's magical! The Grammy winner teamed up with fun. guitarist Jack Antonoff to create the song for the film, which tells the story of a store clerk who became an opera-singing mega star after winning Britain’s Got Talent in 2007! Sweeter than Fiction will play over the end-credits of the film which is, ZOMG brilliant! And it's available on iTunes right now—so you can snatch it up before the song officially hits theaters! - See more at: http://perezhilton.com/2013-10-21-taylor-swift-new-studio-track-sweeter-than-fiction#sthash.p8mrDXmv.dpuf
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Surface Challenge Tonight!

It starts at 10pm tonight at the Microsoft Store @ The Domain. Surface Challenge: Midnight Launch of Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2.  Click here for all the details, rules and how you can see Pitbull! 

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It's Taken Taylor...
Google has patented specific hand gestures for users of Google Glass, which includes the 'hand heart' gesture.  Be careful w/ your future hand gestures...  This could really hurt Taylor Swift!!  Kinda surprised she didn't patent it...
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What if....

Horrors movies were sensible?  Here is where 'H*ll No' comes into play. It's like an 'ODE' to the not so bright characters in horror movies and how their poor decisions make it scary during a movie night, especially a Halloween Movie Night!

 *WARNING: This is a bit mature language/themes in this.

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Wrapped in Red pre-order...

Kelly Clarkson's first Christmas album 'Wrapped In Red' is set for pre-orders on Tuesday, October 29th!
Here's the 411:
Kelly is super excited to announce that her first Christmas album, Wrapped In Red, is finally available for pre-order on iTunes, Amazon and Target ahead of the October 29th release!

The album features the new classics "Underneath The Tree" & "Wrapped In Red," plus the favorites "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas," "White Christmas," "Silent Night " and much more. The exclusive Target edition features a bonus track and an extra "holiday favorite."





I haven't gotten a Xmas album in a while. I'm going to have to add Kelly's to my small Holiday Ear Candy Collection. Here's taste of what to expect! MARVELOUS MISS KELLY!

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If I had the cash...
I'd consider getting one of these, if I had the cash to blow. ...The Samsung Gear Watch.  I'm a big watch fan, but w/ my budget it's more of a costume watch fan.  The Gear runs around $299 plus a service plan, which can run around $70 a month, so that gets too steep for a watch for me, but if I win that lottery, maybe.  Of course I wouldn't return it if I got it as a Holiday gift.. LOL...  Click here for more 411!  Does this seem cool to you?
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Answer to a BREWING ?...

Answer November 29th.  I got an email over the weekend that said less than 50 days to Black Friday, and I was like REALLY!? It's not even Halloween yet, but the other part of my brain was like 'What Deals are coming?'.  Confession: I have gotten a few little things for peeps for Christmas.  It's nice to have things paid off some before the New Year. With the economy the way it is, it seems the early bird gets the better deal, if you are on it.  This site has become more and more popular, and you can get on the 'White List' to get early heads up on the Big Deals coming.  There are lots of deals way before 'Black Friday'.  You can sign up to get on the list whitelistmailer@blackfriday.com .  Click here for the site and more 411!  Happy Shopping!

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Celebrate Fall...

Fall is here... lots of color changes.. cooler temps (will be here to stay soon)... the holidays coming up. Great place to get ready is at the Home Consignment Center.  I dropped by the Arbor Walk location to see what was new, and they had some really cool contemporary pieces that came in.  Lots of accessories, rugs, art and pieces you wouldn't find anywhere else.  They are also taking consignment pieces. So if you are thinking about doing some re-decorating, the Home Consignment Center is a great place to find pieces and save money and make money to consigning your pieces at both locations.... HCC Arbor Walk & HCC Shops Parkway Bee Cave!  Check out some of my favorite  finds at the Arbor Walk location. You will also see some FABULOUS  jewelry that Herb has in. One of the hot pieces of the season is the 'Eternity Bands'.  You can wear them alone or add some cool colorful bling flair to your bling! 

With the holidays coming up, someone on your holiday list who loves to decorate and adding flair to their home, a Home Consignment Center Gift Card is the  PERFECT GIFT!  Be sure to like both locations on Facebook to check out their posts of new pieces from new shipments they get in all the time.

HCC Arbor Walk w/ Tracy & the Crew w/ Herb in Jewelry    

HCC Shops Parkway Bee Cave w/ Janet & the Crew w/ Rose in Jewelry

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Free Stuff over the weekend...
Happy Friday! If you're doing the ACL Fest, make sure to grab rain gear.  For those who aren't going, you can experience the ear candy through their webcasts which they are doing this weekend! Click here for the 411! Starts up at 1:30 today! 

Free Stuff over the weekend, check out this site.  www.freefunaustin.com   .  They ways have cool things to do for families that are Free or inexpensive, which is a plus right now.  Free Fun ATX  are in the running for an award w/ the 'Austin Birth Awards' for  'Best Online Family Event Calendar'.  I have never heard of the 'Austin Birth Awards' until today.  
Click here  w/ categories from Best Midwife to Best Breast Feeding Class... Best OB GYN... 

Big Game tomorrow.. "Red River Rivalry'.. kickoff at 11am on ABC! 

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Add Double Hugs...

Check out some 411 on this thought! Double Big Hugs to you!
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New to me Ear Candy...

I caught this talented young lady on the Tonight Show last night- Lissie. She's performing during ACL Music Festival this weekend.... Saturday 3:15-4pm Austin Ventures Stage/ Waterloo Autograph tent at 1:30 Saturday.  She did this song on the show.  She's got an old school type alto voice.. bit of Patti Smith, young Stevie Nicks..along those lines.   Further Away (Romance Police)  What do you think? 

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ACL Music Festival 3-Day Wristbands for this weekend #2.. SOLD OUT!  But this weekend there will be live streaming on 2 channels.
Click here for the schedule.  A great way to catch some ACL action w/out a wristband. 
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Even if you aren't a big Miley fan, you  have to admit, this is pretty cool!  JImmy Fallon & The Roots help her out w/ a remake of 'We Can't Stop'....  

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Today is....
It's National Fluffernutter Day!  I don't remember studying this in Social Studies in school do you? I think I would have enjoyed the class more if the teacher broke out some Fluffernutters. 

Sugar Mamas Bakeshop on S. 1st/ATX (Cupcake War winners). They have a fluffernutter cupcake. I'm going to have to try it!

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You may run into these eyes..
SXSW Eco is on from today Oct 7- Oct 9th at the ATX Convention Center, touching on topics from climate chane to agriculture.  There will be around 250 speakers which also includes the owner for these eyes. Adrian Grenier, who is best known from the HBO show 'Entourage'.  He's very Mama Earth friendly besides being HOT too!  Click here to find out more about SXSW ECO!  

Kudos to ACL Music Festival for having recycling bags that were handed out to patrons to pick up cans and when they turn  a full bag, they got a FREE ACL T-shirt.. ROCK & RECYCLE!!! ROCKS!!
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I've been waiting for this...

For the Nickelback LOVERS (don't hate on us) it's coming Nov. 4th, but you can pre-order starting next Tuesday (10/8).  Greatest Hits Volume I!  Check out the tunes on it!  I know those who don't care of Nickelback are going.. "NNNNNOOOO"....but the Nickelback Lovers are like '"YYYYYYEEEESSSS"!    Here's the 411!

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Thank You Cap Metro...
Cap Metro will have FREE shuttle rides to Zilker Park and back to help w/ the not enough/no parking issues during the ACL Music Festival. 

(KXAN) Buses will run from Republic Square Park, located at 4th and Guadalupe streets, and provide direct service to and from the festival grounds. Shuttles will run from 10am-11pm.
If you  plan on using public transportation to reach the shuttle site, CapMetro bus recommends using routes 4, 21 and 22, which have drop-offs within a block of Republic Square Park.
The downtown MetroRail station at 4th and Trinity streets is also within walking distance of the shuttle site.

Because of the event, several bus routes will be detoured during the festival

Click here for ACL Fest Tips & Other 411!

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ACA update..

As the Government shuts itself down because nobody seems to be able to play nice in the DC Playground, Affordable Care Act is moving forward.  There is Free help out there thanks to Insure Central Texas. Click here for the breakdown I found from KXAN.  Where to go, what to bring....   Check out this site too! https://www.healthcare.gov/

October 1st kicks off Breast Cancer Awareness month! Keep that in mind when working out your health care issues. I recently had a mammogram, and thankfully all is good right now.  It's always good to do the preventative things that are necessary, if something happens to come up, early detection ALWAYS HELPS!  Love Yourself! You Deserve it!

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