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Posts from December 2013

Do you have one?
I ran across a list of the Top 13 Resolutions nationwide.  I didn't notice mine: to slow down and 'ENJOY THE HAPPY MOMENTS'.  Do you have this problem? You get busy, and your so into doing the next thing, that when a 'HAPPY MOMENT' comes you don't fully ENJOY IT!  Since losing my Daddy in November, and my Mama being gone for over 10 years, it makes me realize I didn't appreciate to the fullest what I had.  I can't go fill the void of wanting to see my Mom and Daddy.  When I have news to share, I can't call them on the phone. It's weird not having my parents around, and makes me appreciate the past Happy Moments even more w/ Great Memories.  Memories are nice, but ENJOYING THE MOMENTS to the fullest while they are happening will make future memories even better.  So that is what I plan to do.  'ENJOY THE HAPPY MOMENTS' when they happen.  Appreciate times I have w/ my loved ones.  You never know when it won't be there, so ENJOY what you have while you've got it! Have a Happy and Safe New Year! May 2014 bring you a TON OF HAPPY MOMENTS!
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Have a Happy one! Enjoy the TIME!
Have a Happy Holiday Season w/ your family and friends.  Be sure to ENJOY all the moments you get w/them, because you never know what the next season will bring.  In fact, don't just do this during the Holidays, but everyday, ENJOY the moments you have w/ your family and friends. This season will be tough for me since I lost my Daddy Maurice in mid-November and my Mama Betty 10 years ago. I plan to ENJOY the moments/time I get w/ my Honey Ted/his family and Huey, even if there are some tears in there for my Guardian Angels Maurice & Betty.


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Top 10 LIst of the Lists...

Towards the end of every year, there are lists that are released Top 10/ Best Off.. lists for the year. Whether it's Top 10 celebrity couples.. Richest... Most annoying celebs... whatever the topic, there's probably a "LIST" for it. So I found it humorous and informative at the same time of what was hot this year from a recent write up from the Washington Post!

Here a few of  WP's  List of the Top 10 Lists.. :)

10. Top 10 Miley Moments of 2013 (Time). 
 8.) This Google list of Top 10 “What Is” searches:Google knows what it’s talking about, and it really comes through this year with its top 10 lists. Looks like 'Twerking' was REALLY popular in 2013.. which reverts back to Miley C. 

2,) Best movies of 2013

1.) More lists w/ The Top 20 List of 2013 w/ the Rolling Stone.  The Lists are never ending. 

Check this list out for a few laughs.  'Funniest & Creepiest of Celebrity Face Swap Photos of 2013'.  The Harry Styles/Taylor Swift  and the Kanye W./Kim K. swaps are Funny & Scary! Click here to check them out!

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"Art and Music Are Professions Worth Fighting For"
"I respect my profession. I respect artists. I respect music." .... Blake Morgan. 
Click here to read the article that goes w/ his ending statement. 
It's Powerful, Refreshing, and Honest!  
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Happy Winter Fireworks season!  It kicked off today (12/20) and goes through January 1, 2014. Have fun, but please be safe.  Thanks to KXAN....
Here is a list of safety tips while you ring in 2014! Safely in this case makes BIG HAPPY!

(KXAN) Travis County will not be restricting the sale of fireworks during the upcoming holidays, but they suggest people take some precautions to stay safe this season:

  • Buy from reliable fireworks sellers only, and never attempt to make your own fireworks.
  • To detonate fireworks, find a flat surface, away from buildings, dry leaves and grass.
  • Have water on hand in case of a fire.
  • Insist on adult supervision when buying or setting off fireworks.
  • Read and follow label directions, warnings and instructions.
  • Be sure other people are out of range before lighting fireworks.
  • Light only one firework at a time.
  • Never try to re-Iight fireworks that have not fully functioned.
  • Never give fireworks to small children; even sparklers can cause serious burns.

The winter retail fireworks season begins December 20 and runs through midnight January 1. Fireworks are not allowed in Travis County Parks and parks managed by Travis County. The sale and possession of fireworks are prohibited within the city limits of Austin.

For more information, contact the Fire Marshal's Office at 512-854-4621


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