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Posts from February 2014

This touched my heart...
A 6-year-old, Dylan wanted to help w/ funding and awareness for his Best Friend Jonah who has a rare liver disease, so he decided to write a book and sell it to raise $1million.  The book is called Chocolate Bar.  He's raised $750K so far.  Check out the video. You might want a tissue near by, it brought some Happy Tears to my eyes.How Sweet is this... SO SWEET!!  #sochocolatebar

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Oscar goes too..
Oscars Sunday Night on ABC 7pm w/ Ellen D. as the host. Here's a printable O-Ballot I ran across to get you ready for Movie fun on Sunday!  http://www.moviefone.com/oscars-academy-awards/nominee-winner/printable-ballot

Which movie do you think will take the Big-O home? I've seen 1 of the 9 movies up for a Big O. I'll be doing a lot of closing my eyes and picking winners w/ the ballot.  

First time this year the Oscars  will be streaming live for on mobile devices through WATCH ABC. WATCH ABC is available for subscribers to participating pay-TV providers online and through the WATCH ABC app on your iPad, iPhone or Android device. How to get set up click here!
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Don't know what you got until it's gone...

This rings true quite often during life.  Even the little things that we use each day, and take forgranted when they are not there.  Example: This morning I discovered my water heater died, so COLD SHOWER! I'm a huge HOT SHOWER GIRL... it seems petty to be upset about no hot water, especially when there are others in way worse conditions.  So then I felt guilty, and the Don't know what you got phrase popped in my heads as well as a this song. Anyone remember this?

Then I had the memory of meeting Cinderella when my highschool friend Wendy and I made a big sheet banner of their 'Long Cold Winter' album cover. Okay, she created that, I helped w/ the supplies and the fringe on the sides of the banner. We won and got to go backstage to meet Cinderella. They were all cool, but the drummer Fred, who made fun of my BIG HAIR, which my smart mouth commented about his being bigger. The rest of the band laughed about it.  Anway, it's strange how a cold shower can bring back fun memories/times, and also make you thankful when you get the warm/hot water back.  Be thankful for what you have while you have it! :)  Happy Friday Eve!
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Are you the next BIG ATX STAR?
CW is looking for a new face of ATX for their next BIG STAR!  Here's the 411 on Open Auditions this Saturday and more! Good Luck!

Option 1 – Open Audition

When: March 1st 11a.m – 4p.m.
Where: Hill Country Galleria – Outdoor Amphitheater
12700 Hill Country Blvd, Bee Cave, TX 78738

The CW Austin Star works for the CW Austin for one year to cover everything Austin and Entertainment for central Texas. This role is an opportunity to get great experience within the television entertainment industry. The CW Austin Star helps cover events and promote The CW programming and digital platforms. Red Carpets, local events, national events, concerts, movie premieres, celebrity interviews are just a few of the assignments The CW Star will be given. They are the face of this central Texas television station. They will write, shoot edit and blog as well as star in spots and entertainment updates every day and report for The CW Austin’s sister station KXAN.


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This made me LOL...
Last night after a long day, I was watching Jimmy Fallon w/ Paul Rudd. I love them both!  Well, the did the 1st Tonight Show Karaoke Lip Sync contest.   This even made my honey Ted laugh.  Paul Rudd is the man of this.  Take a few and check this video out.  Too funny! Paul Rocks!!! 
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Another proud moment for ATX!!!

Yipee another cold front moving through, but at least the temps should stay above freezing.  Of course w the drizzly roads, traffic is not fun.  Be sure to take your patience. Thought I would pop in some  (Miranda) Dawn & (Chris) Hawkes/ATX to calm the nerves.  These two made a HUGE IMPRESSION on Adam Levine last night on The Voice, who they picked to be their coach.  Talented and cute... they have 'IT' to go far! SHOW SOME LOVE ATX for Dawn & Hawkes
They 'NAILED' the Beatles.. that sounds strange put that way... 'They ROCKED' the Beatles..still a bit strange.. How about they made it 'FANTABULOUS'...better.. anyway Here's "I Just Seen a Face" w/ some extra Love vibes during the performance for a bit extra  Love for this ATX Duo! 

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Deserves Oscar attention...

Last night I got a chance to watch 'Captain Phillips'.  I know.. about time! It was, and the movie was Way Better than I thought it would be.  Of course Tom Hanks was Brilliant in it as Capt. P, and his character extremely believable.  But the rising star that was shining was a limo driver turned actor who's up for a Best Supporting Actor at the Oscars this coming Sunday!  Barkhad Abdi plays Abduwali Muse, the lead member of a group of four Somali pirates who hijacked the cargo ship the MV Maersk Alabama in April 2009. Barkhad Abdi had interesting interaction w/ Tom while filming the movie...

"The first time Abdi met Hanks was the first time their characters meet on screen, as the hijackers storm the ship, and Abdi delivers the line to Hanks that pivots their characters' relationship: "I am the captain now." Not meeting Hanks prior, "helped the dynamics of the film and set the standard," says Abdi. "If we had met, I’d imagine the results would have been different. I had to scare him."  more..

I actually shed a few tears towards the end of the movie, even though I knew the basic ending of the story.  It definitely is a movie worth watching and deserving of it's Oscar attention...

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ITunes Fest 411...
During SXSW Fest there will be iTunes Fest at the ACL Live @ The Moody Theater.   There will be FREE live streaming of the performances, which is cool if you can't or don't win tickets in!
Here's some 411:
From March 11-15, iTunes Festival at SXSW is taking over ACL Live at the Moody Theater for five spectacular nights of live, free music including Coldplay, Imagine Dragons, Pitbull, Keith Urban, ZEDD, and more to come.

Already registered for SXSW? Learn how to enter a drawing for your chance to win tickets to any of the shows here.

You can also stream the shows live or after the performances in the iTunes Store on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or computer. Or watch the concerts on your big screen with Apple TV—select iTunes Festival from the main menu or stream via AirPlay with the official app.

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Best one in Austin???

Tomorrow/Saturday is National Margarita day... heck why not make it National Margarita Weekend! :)
The Original Margarita
2 oz. Blanco tequila
1 oz. Cointreau
1 oz. Lime juice
Combine all ingredients in a mixing glass and add ice

Click here for more yummy recipes!  Where is the 'BEST MARGARITA in ATX?

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What the 'LOSER' gets..
The $80,000ish Goodie Bag list for Oscar 'Losers' in the Best Actor/Actress, Best Supporting Actor/Actress  and Best Director categories get this as a consolation prize. It includes everything from  Pepper spray, to vacations and even a hair transplant.. Click here for the list. I think this would help the sting of losing, especially w/ that vacation in Hawaii to get over the loss. It would work.
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I got sucked in....
I got sucked into another reality show.  'The Wahlburgers' on A&E on Wednesday nights at 9:30pm.   Mark, Donnie, their brother Paul & Mama Alma are the big stars. Paul is a chef that manages/runs 2 restraurants that Mark is invested in w/ some other buyers... Wahlburgers  & a finer dining place called Alama Nova (named after their Mama). Alma is pretty cool, and amazing having raised 9 kids.  Mark, Donnie & Paul seem like they were hand fulls, and add 6 more.. YOU GO GIRL goes out to Alma! She rocks! Check out the show sometime, see what you think!

Mark is continuing his relationship w/ A&E producing another show called 'Breaking Boston' that will air on March 13th on A&E.  Mark said it's about some women in Boston who are Rock bottom and it will show them trying to rise above.  I may be hooked on another show thanks to Markie Mark! This just popped in my head!
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Would you try the 'Green Goo'?....

Jay and I are new office buddies as of 1 1/2 weeks, so we decided to do something together... Try Patrick's 'Green Goo'.  Would you do the Goo w/ your office buddies?

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What makes you Happy?
I woke up this morning w/ this song in my head! :)   Then I ran across this story about a Texas mom who is making sure to enjoy each moment w/ her 5-year-old daughter who has uncurable cancer.  She's getting a Princess Day! Be sure to enjoy the moments you can!  What makes me Happy? Waking up this morning seeing my Honey Ted.  It's a good day when I wake up next to the one I Love. :)   Think about what makes you Happy, and enjoy that moment! :)

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Happy to call USA HOME...

Does the name Pussy Riot sound familiar? If not, it's an all girl Punk band out of Russia, who are not fans of V. Plutin, and they let that be known w/ their music. PR's surprise performance pop ups w/ their messages against Putin, the Russian government, and the church are what lands them (Nadia, Masha & Katia from PR) in jail.  This is a documentary 'Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer' that originally aired on HBO last summer, and it's making it's rounds again, since all eyes are on Russia right now w/ the Winter Games.  I got it through NetFlix and watched it over the weekend. Whether you're a fan or not of PR's music, this docu-film certainly puts things in perspective, and made me Happy I was born and raised in the U.S.A.  I highly suggest watching it. 

PR is still fighting 'The Man'/Putin check out what happened in Sochi! Click here!
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This made me smile ...
I think Jimmy Fallon is going to be a Great fit w/ the tonight show, if last night's first show is an indication of what to expect and even more and better as time goes on.  His history of Hip Hop Dance w/ Will Smith.. I woke up a bit tired thismorning, so this revived me a bit.  


Looking forward to seeing what Jimmy will do next, especially w/ Justin Timberlake dropping in Friday night!
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What is Love?....
Here's  my answer....  Happy V-Day!
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What do you drive?
J.D. Power's annual Vehicle Dependability Study showing the most reliable 3-year-old vehicles — suppose to help when shopping for a good used vehicle. The biggest problem in least reliable is  new engines and transmissions accounted for nearly 6 of the 7 additional problems per 100 vehicles in this year's study. "The decline in quality is particularity acute for vehicles with four-cylinder engines," Power reports.  Problems in vehicles has gone up 6 % since last year.  

It's based on # of problems per 100 vehicles. Industry average is 133 problems per 100 vehicles.  The most reliable i Lexus w/ 68 problems reported per 100 vehicles.. The worst w/ 185 problems per 100 vehicles is what I drive, The MINI COOPER It doesn't surprise me it's the "LEAST RELIABLE!'  Fun to drive, but multiple repairs after the warranty  SUCKS!

Here's the list of most reliable to least brands.  There are also lists of top 3 best in different categories that you can find here!
Brand scores (problems per 100 vehicles for 2011 models; lower is better):
  • Lexus (68) (Best)
  • Mercedes-Benz (104)
  • Cadillac (107)
  • Acura (109)
  • Buick (112)
  • Honda (114)
  • Lincoln (114)
  • Toyota (114)
  • Porsche (125)
  • Infiniti (128)
  • BMW (130)
  • Subaru (131)
  • Chevrolet (132)
  • Jaguar (132)
  • Mazda (132)
  • GMC (133)
  • Ford (140)
  • Nissan (142)
  • Audi (151)
  • Kia (151)
  • Volvo (152)
  • Scion (153)
  • Chrysler (155)
  • Volkswagen (158)
  • Ram (165)
  • Mitsubishi (166)
  • Hyundai (169)
  • Jeep (178)
  • Land Rover (179)
  • Dodge (181)
  • Mini (185) (Worst)

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Help is needed...

If you love kids, and you've been wanting to do something that could make a difference in their lives.  This could be the volunteer opportunity for you.  CASA needs about 300 additional volunteers because there are 700 children without a dedicated volunteer. There is an information session tonight from 6p-7p at the Westlake Hils Presbyterian Church.   You can find out more about CASA, and if you'd be a good fit here!  

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I have to agree..
Do you feel the same way?
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A Bad Dream....
Nope it really happened, a reporter mistook Samuel L. Jackson for Lawrence Fishburne. I've had bad dreams before about mistaking someone for someone else during an interview.  It would suck if it really happened!   PHEW! Check out Samuel's reaction....
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Something to try over the weekend...

I ran across this 'Healthy Desserts' recipe blog.  I had to click on 'Healthy Chocolate Lava Cake'.  I know when I've had one, I'm thinking wow I wish this was healthier. LOL  Anyway, the recipe doesn't look to bad, and there are many other recipes available that are suppose to be healthier, but taste good. Feeling cooking/baking adventurous give it a try.  I might take a swing at a few of the recipes. 
This song just popped in my head thinking sweets...

 Good Friday song don't you think?

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Ready for new ES?
Ed Sheeran is working on tunes w/ an album expected to come together for a release later this year. Ed released a video w/ a bit of new stuff to get a taste.  It's got some soul to it from what I can tell.  It's under Teddy's photos/ Ed's Cat CLICK HERE..

Here's another, from The Hobbit movie, to tide you over until new full on ES hits our ears...

You can catch Ed on Christina Perri's new album 'Head orHeart' out March 11th on the single 'Be My Forever'.
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Are you ready?
The Winter Games start tonight w/ preliminary rounds of  Snowboarding, Freestyle,Skiing and Figure Skating, around 7pm CT on NBC tonight. The opening ceremonies happen tomorrow/Friday around 6:30pm CT. There is also a way to get live streaming and keep up on all the action on all your devices, depending on who your cable company is. Click here to find out the 411. GO TEAM USA!!
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The guy behind the dog & horse...
One of the big commercial Favs during the Big Game was Budweiser's 'Puppy Love' commercial. The song is 'Let Her Go' by Passenger. His song was popular, but now it's blowing up on iTunes.  Here's his official video for 'Let Her Go' and check out the man behind the Dog/Horse bond.... Looks like the Bud commercial didn't hurt his You Tube hits either.. over 196 million views... GO PASSENGER!!!

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Having a Bad Day...
If this is the case, click here it could make you feel better.  Unless you're a Denver fan, then never mind. DO NOT CLICK!  Chocolate usually helps get me in a better mood. 
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A funny on 1D...
...This has been making the rounds. SamRick  does this to tunes that is called 'Shred'. Basically what they would sound like without 'AutoTune'.  Of course we know 1D doesn't use AutoTune, but in fun, it's pretty entertaining... it's like the Bad AI auditions in TURBO CHARGE!  Wonder what 1D thinks about this?

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Sexy & Cute
I was so impressed w/ Bruno Mars. I have always thought he was a talented, musician, performer, producer and so on.  He's easy on the eyes too, but last night I thought he was SEXY  banging those drums.  Check it out if you missedit.  It could make the cloudy M-Day a bit brighter w/ some Bruno mixed in there..


Cute: Budweiser's 'Puppy Love'. My favorite commercial...
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