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What's Ed Thinking?
TGIF! If you said 'MOIST' to Ed Sheeran, what would he like of?  Click here to find out! Don't forget his new album 'X' (multiply) is out June 23rd! It includes 'Sing'. Check out the new video..  :)  ED ROCKS!

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WTFudge!!! New 'Must-Do' this summer...

Six Flags Fiesta Texas has a new water slide experience that is an 81 degree drop, 6 stories... WTFudge (some similar I would probably be yelling the entire ride)!! Think you'll add  the 'Bahama Blaster' to your list of 'Must- Dos' this summer?

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Out of hiding...

The only time I think I've ever thought, 'Wish I had been in St. Paul, MN for this during the holiday weekend'... During an EELS show, someone who hasn't performed in public for almost 10 years, and more when it comes to a popular band he used to front, took the stage. 65- year-old Steve Perry... Looking & Sounding pretty good.  Journey reunion?  Nothing solid on that even though the rumors are swirling around, but you can check out Steve work'n it. What do you think?

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The Story of Mr. G & Jellybean...

Take a break and check this video out, but have a tissue handy.  Mr. G & Jellybean's story will make your heart feel good.

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This was my Daddy Maurice, a  handsome 1st Lt. in the US Army. He passed at the age of 73, last November. He was proud of his service when he was a younger man.  I know he would send Big Thank Yous to all The Troops who lost their lives, to the Veterans and The Troops serving now... also to all their families. Honor them and enjoy the time you have w/ your family and friends this Memorial Day weekend. THANK YOU! WE SALUTE YOU ! http://www.uso.org/thanks/?src=WF11WHJFTF - THANK YOU DADDY! LOVE YOU!

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Don't let your limes go bad...
Getting ready for Tapas & Tequila tomorrow at  Brazos Hall. I ran across a Partida commercial that I found funny this morning. 'Bad Limes'.  Tickets are only $20 and you'll be able to try Partida  plus other Fantastic Tequilas, yummy Tapas and an awesome souvenir glass you get to keep. It benefits the Dell Children's Medical Center. Make plans to come out!  We'll make sure your 'Limes Don't Go Bad'.. :) 

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Have you seen the Green Gorilla?

I caught a 'Green Gorilla Movers' truck coming out of my neighborhood, and it caught my eye.  I checked out what they are about, and it's very cool what  they do for Mama Earth while providing what is needed to create a smooth move.  Click here to find out more.  An idea if a move comes up for you. 

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Nip Syncing???!!!!...
I caught this last night on the Tonight Show w/ JF.  It's weird at first and the more you watch it, the sillier it gets, and giggles come out of you.  Well, that's what happened to me.  Check out Jimmy F. & Terry Crew working it to the tune of 'Ebony & Ivory'... So wrong, but funny right...

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Help Break a World Record for the Troops!

Spread the word to send 'Thank Yous' to our troops & their families, and help break a 'G-World Record' at the same time. Just takes a moment  to jot your signature down. Donations are also being taken. If you can't donate, that's okay, be sure to show your support w/ your signature. Spread the word!!
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Getting ready to head back to Chester's Mill?!!! ...
Under the Dome season 2 kicks off Monday June 30th on CBS.  I recently read the book, which is AWESOME! If you haven't read, there are several key differences in the book and the TV show, but I think the 1st season of the show Rocked!  Hoping that season 2 will be just as Great, or perhaps even better would  Rock! I highly suggest reading the book , if you are a fan of the show.  Just go into it knowing there are differences, that so far seem to be working for the show.  I guess season 2 will be a big test if it has some staying power. 

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Spread the WORD...

A co-bud Blanca was on Walsh Tarlton a few days ago when this was here. She came across it again w/ this written on it yesterday, so it looks like there wasn’t a pick up scheduled for it.

Pass the word around that ATX does have a way to dispose of this that won’t cost you anything, and keep ATX Beautiful & Mama Earth Happy! Click here for the ‘What do I do with…’ list of things that you might need to get rid of, and don’t know how. The City of ATX can help . Spread the word!

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Planning on doing this tomorrow?

Tomorrow/Friday, May 16 is Bike To Work Day!

The mission of Bike To Work Day is to attract new bicyclists to commuting while rewarding those who already use their bikes to commute. Commuters improve our community by decreasing traffic congestion and reducing air pollution. Cycling commuters also arrive at work in better health and more alert.

There will be different stations around town set up to help ‘Fuel You Up’.. w/ coffee…baked goodies and more.. Click here for the 411!

Check out the 1 Thing page for more Good Green Times!

For some reason this tune popped in my head while I was doing this blog. Not a bad motivator for bike riding and a Friday coming too.. ENJOY !  Mark (y -Mark) W's ABS are a bonus..

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Do you know what today is?

Yes, It's Wednesday.. Hump Day!  Did you also know it's National Chicken Dance  Day?  A day to bust out a favorite Chicken Groove no matter where you are.  I secretly, not a secret anymore, Love the Chicken Dance, especially at wedding receptions.  That is the BEST!  Get in the mood....  BRING THAT FUNKY CHICKEN!!  

Here's my 'C-Groove' for the day...
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Did you get this ear candy?
Do you have  'Xscape' in your collection yet? If you're thinking about getting it, especially if you dig the remix of 'Love Never Felt So Good' w/ Justin Timberlake, then this should interest you.
There are 2 versions of MIchael Jackson's 'Love Never Felt So Good'.  The version w/ JT is in the iTunes Top 10. The album Xscape is out now!  Click Here  for the back story on the song and how JT got involved,,,


Catch some of the original version here!
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Would you buy one of these?
There is a 'Kickstarter' that's active through May 15th to help w/ the production/creation of 'The Body Dryer'.  Say bye to bacteria holding towels, and let the Body Dryer take over.. Mama Earth friendly... Interested?  


I think it's cool, but a bit skeptical w/ it being able to dry your hair quickly too.
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Beware of the 'Kissing Bug'...

With the weather getting nice and hot, it brings out many more buggies and pests that we'd probably rather not deal with. Well, I have been hearing more about a type of bug that is making it's presence in Texas in a big way. It's called the Kissing Bug, which has been common in Mexico, Central and South America. I've been seeing stories lately about dogs being affected Big Time by  'Kissing Bugs'.  They can carry a parasite that can get in the blood stream and cause many health problems, and the big one is damaging the heart. Stories have been popping up about dogs dropping dead from a heart attacks. Of course this freaks me out, especially since I have a 12 year old Shih Tzu, Huey, who has to put his nose into everything outdoors when he goes out.   

I  put a post up on the MIX Facebook  page a few days ago, and  there were some questions about it.  So I called my friends at Chem Free Organic Pest and Lawn/512-837-9681 to see about getting more information.  I have found AWARENESS about the Kissing Bug is a big deal.. especially right now.  So check out the chat I had w/ Walker Hale. He has 2 degrees from A&M in Zoology & Entomology. Chem Free Organic Pest and Lawn have extremely qualified Technicians who are extremely knowledgable.  Besides helping to relieve you of any buggie & pest problem you may have in a Mama Earth Friendly way. They can also help you w/ valuable information that can help you and your family..which includes your pets! 

I broke my chat w/ Walker down into 4 parts.  Check it out!

PT 1: Breakdown of the Kissing Bug:

PT 2: How did the Kissing Bug get it's name and what to watch out for:

PT 3: Precautions & Preventions that can be taken against the Kissing Bug:

PT 4: Where the Kissing Bugs have popped up most recently in Central Texas?

For more info or questions you can email Walker whale@goanteater.com   He can answer questions about other buggies, pests and animals. He mentioned one of his specialities is 'Fire Ants'.  So if you are having those issues, he's for sure the man to contact. There are treatments that are Mama Earth and Family Friendly that can be done w/ Walker & Chem Free Organic Pest & Lawn! 

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Something ALL Mama's should have...
Happy Mother's Day weekend to all the Mama's .  My Mama Betty passed away  in '02, and I still miss her everyday. We used to butt heads alot, but we also talked to each other all the time too.  She was a spitfire, and stubborn. But she was also my biggest fan, and showed her Love all the time.  She was a Beautiful woman.  Yes, there were times, I tried her Patience, and the other way around too.  I have found as I have gotten older, that Patience is especially something that we all need.   Mamas especially need it, because they have to deal w/ so many other issues w/ their kids.  It could be why my Mama Loved the song 'Patience',.. yep the one by Guns 'n Roses'.  Although when she told me she Loved that song.. she said 'I Love that song by Guns 'n Razors' .. Patience. Which I thought was funny when I was younger, but now that I'm older, I understand why.  For my Mama Betty, who has been an angel to me for several years I dedicate 'Patience' to her... LOVE YOU MAMA!

If you click here you can find out a few other things she taught me...

Happy Mama's Day to all the moms! Give your mom extra hugs, if she's here w/ you.  Never know when that won't be an option.... 

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Sending out some BIG HAPPY...

too all the Mamas...

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Cool idea for Mom...
War Horse is playing at the Bass Concert Hall through Mom's Day, Sunday (5/11).  Tickets are on sale now! Cool idea for Mom. Take her out for some Broadway in Austin.  Check out how the actors, who become the 'War Horse' , make it come ALIVE on stage! 

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Stay Cool ATX...
Here are a few suggestions to stay cool this summer from my friends at IC...


I'm not a big  avocado fan, but for me the 'AM' was surprisingly tasty.  If you are an avocado fan, then you will LOVE IT!  There are many more to try this summer. Click here!
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The power of Ear Candy...

Having one of THOSE mornings, and a song seems to help.  Not sure why, but this one popped in my head... 

I followed it up w/ this one, and felt more like myself.  The power of Ear Candy & my Honey Ted, who always seems to get me to smile, no matter what... Great Combo! :)

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5 Cinco De Mayo Thingies...

1.) What is the reason today is Cinco De Mayo? Besides being May 5th? Quick History breakdown here!

2.) Where is the Best Taco in the ATX area?

3.) Where to celebrate?  Cap City Comedy Club have their 'Funniest Person in ATX Search' going on w/ another preliminary round happening  tonight. I'm one of the judges tonight. The audience will also get a chance to save one of their favorites that may have not made it through tonight.  Click here  for all the 411!  Love to see you tonight! :)

3.) Where can you find the Best Margarita?   A suggestion is Iron Cactus.. they have over 100 different tequilas, and some really yummy Margarita's.  Click here to see how Andrea & the crew at IC can get your CDM Margarita on!

4.) Could you break out into a 'Hat Dance' anytime today?  Sure, why not... gotta keep our motto alive 'KEEP ATX WEIRD!' If you don't have a hat, no worries, it's even weirder to break out into one w/ out it.   Click here so you are ready!

5.) Have a Happy & Safe Cinco De Mayo.  Remember don't drink & drive. Have a designated driver or call a taxi/ bus- rail   

Here's a heads up Thingie for tomorrow May 6th a way to 'Recover From Cinco De Mayo!' 
Cinco de Mayo fun continues at Taco Cabana tomorrow, May 6, 2014. On Tuesday morning, visit the Taco Cabana Facebook page,

TC's FB post:
Recover from #cincodemayo with a FREE breakfast taco May 6. Taco Cabana will post the free taco coupon here Tuesday morning! #FreeBreakfastTacoMay6

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What's up?
There's a bunch of things going on this weekend.  From 12-2p, I'll be at AIO Wireless in S. Austin, at W. William Cannon/Brodie next to Firestone w/ movie screening passes for the new Jon Hamm movie' Million Dollar Arm. Then I've got a Cinco De Mayo party to go too starting at 6pm @ the Iron Cactus/North 100001 Stonelake Blvd tomorrow/Saturday!  You'll have a chance to win tickets & meet'n greet w/ Christina Perri at Emos on Wednesday 5/7. Click here for the 411.  Come out & say Hey! I'll have lots of cool prizes.

Click here to get all the 411 on what's up in ATX over the weekend from the Pecan Street Festival, to Lemonade Day,  and TONS more! Many events are Free to get into too!  How about a song to get you in the weekend's almost here mood... A carry over throwback tune! Have a Happy & Safe weekend coming! YOU ROCK! HR 

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A bright 'ROCK'N' spot...

I'm (or was) a Big Fan of American Idol, but the past few seasons, it hasn't been what it used to be as far as talent.  This seasion 'The Voice' has dominated when it comes to the talented people competing.  But since I started w/ AI, and fell for it once Kelly Clarkson became the 1st AI, and my favorite still.  I tried it out again last night, and just about gave up watching until Caleb came out and closed the show w/ Whitesnake/ Still Of The Night!   This season he has been my favorite, when I'm able to catch him.  I caught him last night... HE  ROCKED IT!  I'm a huge Whitesnake fan.  Back in the 'Big Hair Days',  I was crush'n on David Coverdale.  So, I was amazed how easy Caleb made the performance look. He also kept me from switching w/ the first phrase that flew out of his mouth.. 'In The Still Of The Night, I hear the wolf howl honey...." 
Thanks for Rock'n it Right Caleb...

Since it's  #TBT, how about backing Caleb up w/ the original! Can you feel your hair starting to RISE...!!! Great song to Air Guitar in your cubicle or waiting in traffic!! Now if I could just get Tawny Kitaen out of the video it would be perfect... :)
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