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13 is coming...
I thought this would be a cool Throwback  for today, and it also gets me ready for the 13th Wedding Anniversary to my honey Ted. Officially it's Monday (6/30). We will celebrate 13 years being married, but we were together for 9 years before that.  22 years.. WOW! We of course were around 10 when we got together.. LOL!  What I value about having all these years together w/ Ted and hopefully many more is that besides being my hubby &  Loverboy,  Ted is my BEST FRIEND!  We have gone through a lot together, and I'm thankful to have him in my life. Last November my Daddy Maurice passed away, my Mom had passed about 12 years ago, and since I'm the only child, I could easily feel alone since my immediate family is with me in spirit.  Ted makes sure I don't feel that way. He's my family, and for that I'm grateful.  
  Happy Anniversary  coming (6/30) to my Hubby Ted, LoverBoy & Best Friend! LOVE YOU JUST THE WAY YOU ARE...  This was also our 1st dance song.  This song was played first, so I guess technically this was our 1st dance song.. Great for today too! #TBT,...

Take each day you have as a blessing to be w/ the ones you LOVE. 
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Happy Wet Wednesday...
I started my workday wet. Mama Nature certainly gave the South ATX area a BIG DRINK! While I'm trying to dry off in the COLD AC, which I'm thankful for most of the time, but right now.. BBBBRRRR..  While I'm warming up a bit, this song popped in my head.  Have a great Wednesday.  Be  prepared for weird popup downpours/showers throughout the day. Be sure to wear clothing that will dry quick, that's a helpful suggestion.

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My new favorite song...
The more I hear this OneRepublic tune the even more I  LIKE IT!  They're at ATX 360 Amphitheater on August 23rd. 411 on  the MIX concert page.  I'mbetting this song will ROCK live! 

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Are you a 'Mosquito Magnet'?
So I got my 1st Summer Skeeter bites, in my home, over the weekend. I'm for sure a 'Mosquito Magnet'. A story came out that points out some things that may cause the 'Magnetic Connection'. Click here for the entire list.

Here are a few of the top things that seem to attract the skeeters...

1.) Blood type O received double the amount of bites compared to Type A and Type B was in the middle.

2.) Pregnant/ Daily exercisers.. If you exercise daily, or perhaps you are pregnant, your body temp is higher which seems to attract the skeeters

3.) 12 oz of Beer in your system can cause the attraction. Apparantly Skeeters like BEER!
4.) 85% genetics. Your genes seem to egg on the skeeters
5.) Colors that make you stand out can cause more skeeters to rush to you.

Stay strong my 'Mosquito Magnets Sisters & Brothers, it looks like we are going to have an itchy summer a head. Benedryl Spray works pretty well for the itches! Keep an ear out for 'West Nile' reports too.
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Count your blessings...
Happy Friday!  I was checking my Facebook page and I noticed my friend Patti in Omaha, NE did something so Wonderful.  I wanted to share.  She lives in the city I grew up in, Omaha, NE.  You probably heard about all the tornados that have been popping up in Nebraska.  On her day off, she went to Pilger, NE to help the folks who got pounded by the Twin Tornadoes earlier in the week.  The whole town is pretty much wiped out.  My friend Patti is so amazing helping out strangers because they need it.  I'm honored to be her friend, and so proud of the many things she does to help others.  
Click here to check out some of the photos she took while she was there. Be sure to count your blessings for your family and friends you have in your lives! Give them EXTRA HUGS!


I've experienced Patti's BIG HEART 1st hand when my Daddy passed away last November. She dropped by the hospital/hospice just about everyday, to the day he passed, to be there for support. She is truly a remarkable woman! I'm honored to know her and have her friendship!  PATTI ROCKS!
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Okay Go has a new album coming out October 14th 'Hungry Ghosts'. 1st single 'Here's The Writing On The Wall'. Of course in Okay Go style they have another cool creative video.  Songs is pretty cool too! What do you think?

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Look what today is...
On June 19, 2014, American Public Transportation Association (APTA), and public transportation systems across the country will celebrate the 9th Annual National Dump the Pump Day.

Could you do this today?
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What would you pick?
Stuck in traffic this morning a question popped in my head.  If I could pick a talent I wish I could do, it would be this!  Picking up a guitar and being able to RIP IT UP & ROCK IT just like Orianthi's doing w/ Steve V.  


What would you pick?
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So Scary...
When I first saw the video of the 'Twin Tornadoes' that leveled most of Pilger, NE and hit surrounding areas HARD, it reminds me of a re-occurring dream I have had since I was a child.  Two, sometimes three tornadoes chasing me around. I wake up before I get caught.  For sure means, I'm not a fan of tornadoes.  I grew up in Omaha, NE, and I remember when I was 5 there was a tornadoe that went over my house.  My mom had me and my friend in the basement.  She said we can play fort w/ the couches turned over us.  We got lucky the tornadoe didn't hit our home/neighborhood, but the neighborhood right next to us, it wiped out many homes in a row.  Tornadoes scare the crap out of me!   Click here  to find out how to help. 
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Can You Dig The New Ear Candy M-AHN!!!
MAJIC!- All members of the band are originally from the Toronto area. The lead singer of MAGIC!, Nasri, had been working with and writing songs for different pop acts, Chris Brown, Christina Aguilera, Pitbull, and more, prior to the start of the band. He had met Mark Pelli in the studio and the chemistry was "different than writing chemistry, it was more artistic." A few weeks later, while Mark played a reggae tune on the guitar, Nasri suggested to start a band like "modern-day Police." w/ Alex Tanas and Ben Spivak.  Nasri said "It's a stressful time out there, and people are struggling to find hope in balance. This music is meant to put you in a good mood. We want to bring people together to have a good time."    

Here's their 1st single 'RUDE' from their album 'Don't Kill The Magic' coming out July 1st! Pre-orders here!    This is one of those tunes that will stick w you and you'll catch yourself humming/singing it during the day...Listen for it on MIX 94.7!! 

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New ED ....
Ed Sheeran's new album 'X' (Multiply) is out next Tuesday, June 23rd. It features the BIG HIT 'SING' and hits in the making. Ed created this song 'Afire Love'  in tribute of his late Grandfather.  Might want to have the tissues around...(MTV)

A new single is being released eaach day leading up to the album release next Tuesday. Available on iTunes so far Sing, One, Don't & today's newbie...

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Have a Happy Weekend...
I wish you the Best Daddy's Day weekend. Whether you are celebrating w/ your Daddy, remembering great times w/ him and/or enjoying your Daddy's Day...I hope you find the happiness and peace that is needed. It's going to be a rough one for me, but I know my Daddy Maurice is with me, just in a different way than the past years,... 

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It's A Big Day!!!

Today, June 12, 19?? My Honey Ted was born. He's an AMAZING man!  He makes me a better woman every day I get to spend w/ him.  I'm thankful to share another 'Happy You Day' w/ him.  Since today is #TBT, here's some shots from a couple/ few years ago... :)

Love You Always & Forever Babe (Ted)..... Happy Birthday! May you have tons more I can celebrate w/ you!

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This popped in my head this morning....
Cruising into work today, this song popped in my head. I had to get it out and share it. Happy Woot Woot

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Save Gas $ on the road to the Big O!
I ran across this site that will create the best route to your vacation destination and show you where to stop for the cheapest gas.  Might be something to look at if you plan to hit the road sometime this summer! 
I did ATX to my hometown Omaha, NE... yep some place UT guys Baseball are headed. Saturday 6/14  they will play UC Irvine.in the College World Series, Hook' em!

CLICK HERE to see what I got for gas prices for the road trip from ATX  to the Big O!
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Several pools are closed around the city mainly due to lack of available lifeguards. Interested? check out the story and the 411 on the job fair tomorrow. There's also a list of the pools closed. Click here!
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I DID IT!!!!
BIG YOU ROCKS to the crew at iFLY ATX!. I had my very 1st iFLY Flight experience w/ Booker/MIX Morning Show. IT ROCKED!  I was nervous when I first got there, but from the time you check in at the front, which Charlotte & Katy totally put me at ease. They shared w/ us  their experiences doing it. They said we would have FUN!  They were right!  Javier was our instructor.  He was so full of energy, great teacher and had lots of patience.  The hardest part for me was relaxing, which causes you to fly higher without assistance, but I did pretty good for my first time.  Afterwards, you are filled w/ BIG TIME ADRENALINE.  It does give your muscles a work out, so you may be a bit sore afterwards.  I am, but it feels like a workout sore.  The iFly Experience is different for everyone, but everyone I was around and saw came out of it smiling, feeling good they did it.  I saw young kids to seniors doing it! IT ROCKED!  This is Javier trying to get me to relax.. LOL!  I've got video coming soon. Be sure to check back. :) If you have always wondered about it, well stop wondering and DO IT!  Click here!

Booker had a BLAST.. as you can see! :)

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Planning on doing this later today...

I've always wanted to try 'Skydiving', but still chicken to jump out of a perfectly good airplane.  Well, I've been given the opportunity to take a step closer to that.  Today, I'm going to experience that flying feeling w/ iFLY.. Indoor Skydiving!  I'm excited & nervous at the same time.  I've heard it's AWESOME!  So I wanted to try AWESOME for myself!  I'll let you know how it goes.  There's a  chance to win an iFLY Family Flight Package! Check it out... I'll keep you posted on how it goes!

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Opening this weekend

The 'Boardwalk Grand Opening' is happening  Saturday (6/7)!  Here's the run down....

Saturday, June 7, 2014 at 10am
Lakeshore Trailhead, eastern end of the Boardwalk, Ann & Roy Butler Hike-and-Bike Trail

This is an outdoor park event – please dress comfortably and wear appropriate footwear! Hike or bike to the event! Bike rack will be available on site. Biking information: http://www.austintexas.gov/department/bicycle   Trail information: http://www.austintexas.gov/page/trail-directory

Parking is available on-street along the north curb line of Lake Shore Boulevard, and adjacent streets. Please adhere to no parking signage and do not block intersections. Please carpool!

www.capmetro.org Plan your ride! Routes in the area: 7 Duval/Dove Springs, 20 Manor Road/Riverside

Austin B-Cycle will have a temporary short-term kiosk on site - https://austin.bcycle.com/home/

Will you attend?

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What to do this summer w/ the kiddos?
I LOVE this site. Free Fun In ATX.  They have suggestions of what to do fun in and around ATX.  They released a special list of 75 Fun Things to do during the Summer.  There are cool things to do that are Free & budget Friendly on this list.
Here are the 1st 10:
1. Explore Austin and win prizes with the I Love Austin - Summer Fun Checklist for Kids!

2. Take the Texas Nature Challenge! Form a team with family and friends and explore the outdoors in Central Texas! Caving, flint knapping, fishing, geo-caching, and hiking are just a few of the adventurous outings awaiting you and your team. It is free to participate in the 2014 missions, but some locations on the list have an admission cost.

3. See a free Alamo Kids Camp screening at Alamo Drafthouse locations around town. These movies are for age 3 and up, except on Baby Day (Tuesday) when all ages are invited to attend.

4. Check out 50 fun things to do in Round Rock and win prizes with the Round the Rock Instagram Summer Challenge.

5. Frolick in one of 24 local splash pads.

6. See a free movie under the stars at Lake Kyle.

7. Visit the new Family Garden at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center during Summer Nature Nights. Admission is free all day on those select Thursdays this summer.

8. Go for a swim in one of Austin's 27 free pools or a nearby community pool. ($)

9. Check out the $1 movies playing at Cinemark and Regal theaters all summer long. ($)

10. Skate for free at Playland Skate Center

Check the rest out here!   Have a Happy Fun Summer!
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