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Posts from August 2014

Remember this guy...
Last night my Honey Ted & I were watching 'So You Think You Can Dance'.  There was a tap dance number performed that had Gregory Hines pop in my head. Remember him?.. Then this popped in my head.. remember this '85 movie?  Perfect for #TBT!  
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Have you heard about 'Undercover Colors'....
'Undercover Colors' is a creation of these students from  North Carolina University- The team — Tyler Confrey-Maloney, Stephen Gray, Ankesh Madan, and Tasso Von Windheim. They know women in their lives who could have used this creation. It's SAD this is something that is in need, but Awesome these guys are doing something to help stop this AWFUL VIOLATION! Y'all Rock!

The team is hoping to empower women by giving them an easy way to detect date-rape drugs:

"While date rape drugs are often used to facilitate sexual assault, very little science exists for their detection. Our goal is to invent technologies that empower women to protect themselves from this heinous and quietly pervasive crime.
For our first product, we are developing a nail polish that changes color when it comes into contact with date-rape drugs. With our nail polish, any woman will be empowered to discreetly ensure her safety by simply stirring her drink with her finger. If her nail polish changes color, she’ll know that something is wrong."

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The reason why...
Hey y'all.. TGIF!  As we go into the weekend, you'll probably run  across more 'IceBucketChallenges', which by the way is a perfect time to do over the weekend w/ 100 degree plus temps.  Anyway, a reminder that actually hit me much harder w/ thought when I watched Anthony's video.  The #IceBucketChallenge is getting the awareness and raising money for ALS, but while you either watch or do a challenge, it goes much deeper than that.  Anthony's video really got me thinking about it. If you only watch 1 more challenge, his is the one.  It goes much deeper into what ALS is and what it does.

My video is in honor of him and everyone w/ and affected by ALS.  Hugs to all who are helping the cause.  You Rock!

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It's Your Turn...
#IceBucketChallenge  www.alsa.org  
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It's NOT Fair...
I know that's a statement that usually has the answer, well life isn't fair.  Which is BIGTIME the case for Anthony. With the #IceBucketChallenge HOT on social media... ALS making over $31.5 million so far. If you are tired of all the ice water videos, you need to watch this one, even if it's your last #IceBucketChallenge you watch.  Anthony does it, but also explains and shows why.  He wants those to know why they are doing it.  I suggest having some tissues available.  I wish I could hug him. ALS runs in his family. His grandmother had it, his mom has it and he was diagnosed w/ it 5 months ago at the age of 26.  

There is some adult language in the video, so you're warned before watching it.  Those words definitely fit how/when they are used during this video. Hopefully, this will never happen to you or someone you love.  But think about what would you do if you were in the same situation as Anthony.  I don't think you'll be bothered by the ice water vIdeos, once it's put into the in your face perspective of what ALS does to a a person who is dying from it.  Anthony is such a strong soul. RIght now.. IT'S NOT FAIR FOR ANTHONY AT ALL!


Please watch this and share!

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Getting ready...
I got called out/challenged, by my SIL Nici, so it's in the making and I'm getting ready! I'm already cold thinking about it...BBBBRRRR!  It's for a Great Cause! Wonder who I will challenge????  Over $31.5 million has been raised thanks to buckets of ice water and social media.  www.alsa.org 
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Who is this?

This is Meghan Trainor, who is 'Bringing Booty Back', because she's 'All About That Bass (No Treble, No Treble').... She had to fight for 'All  About That Bass' not to change it's tone/tempo:
When she first pitched the song, Trainor told Billboard that songwriters complained that "All About That Bass" didn't have a "big chorus." "We were like, "No, that's the catchiest part of the song! That's our chorus and we don't want to change it,'" she recalled. "So we kept it, and that's everyone's favorite part."     Meghan has written songs since she was 11 and by 13 she was producing them on a computer her parents bought her. Meghan has written several songs for different artists.. Rascal Flatts included.  When this song came up, other artists were being entertained to sing it, but Meghan stood up for it and herself as a songwriter/singer! 

I'm glad this now 20 year-old from Massachusetts stuck w/ it. I think the song is perfect the way it is, with a Great message, minus a bit of hating on 'Skinny Biaaatches!!  But it's not hating on the skinny part, but more on the B- tudes!!   Meghan's album will be coming out this fall.  She's snuck in later in the summer, but she's in the running for 'All About That Bass' to be Summer Song of 2014. What do you think ?

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I didn't know this...
Pop Up Video jumped in my head today for some reason. I checked out the more updated version (I LOVED the original) .  I learned a lot about Paramore's 'Misery' tune thanks to the 'Bubbles- Info Nuggets'.  Pop Up Videos are AMAZEBALLS! (AMAZEBALLS is an official word and so is SIDEBOOB, which I really couldn't use w/ this.. OXFORD Dictionary added them!  Pretend you read that Info Nugget in a Bubble :) ) .. Did you know this?....
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FREE Fun this weekend...
Free Fun In ATX is a great site with lots of cool  family things to do. FREE ROCKS TOO!  They have a Top 10 Freebie Fun for this weekend.  One includes the Austin Symphony concert on Sunday... Click here for the other 9 ! :) Happy Weekend. Stay Cool and hydrated.. HOT & HUMID w/ triple digit temps feeling like it's 105 this weekend! Good Hot Times in ATX!!
  1. Austin Symphony Concerts in the Park – Sunday, August 17 at 7:30 p.m. Each Sunday, a different ensemble of the Austin Symphony will be featured at the Hartman Park, located on the grounds of the Long Center, performing music from jazz and light classical to pops selections and film scores. This week, you can enjoy the Woodwinds ensemble. Concertgoers are encouraged to bring a picnic dinner and blanket and make it a group outing. FREE parking will be available at One Texas Center, located on Barton Springs Rd. at S. 1st Street. Paid parking will be available at the Palmer Garage for $7. Hartman Concert Park (directions), Long Center, 701 W. Riverside Drive, Austin.
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Friday-Eve Ear Candy...
New video for Daughtry Ear Candy 'Battleships' ...


Chris is making call outs to his fans. Try it out! Call him at 857-216-6739!

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Grand Reopen is Saturday!
Plans for the weekend?  Here's a Really Cool idea! Alamo Drafthouse S. Lamar's Grand Reopen is Saturday (8/16). It's done and FANTASTIC LOOKING from the photos!
Here's what to expect..

"The Drafthouse and Highball are together at last under one roof, featuring three new theaters for a total of nine screens, with space for nearly 1,000 moviegoers in all. The Highball has seven karaoke rooms and a floor made from old bowling alley lanes, while the theatre lobby has some pretty sweet new features including a delightfully creepy Shining- themed photo booth and colorful murals."

"Michel Gondry's Mood Indigo as the opening film this weekend, with the first screening at 12:15 p.m. on Saturday; it'll also host the annual Fantastic Fest which kicks off September 18."

Click here for more 411!  I'm EXCITED!  It Looks AWESOME! 
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A Daughter's message to her Daddy
Robin Willliam's Daughter Zelda Rae's(25) reaction when she learned her Daddy had taken his life.  She took to twitter/instagram w/ a quote from a French writer w/ her special message on the end.  As a daughter who lost my Daddy Maurice last November due to strokes, I understand the lose. But it would be even harder, when the first man you feel in love w/ takes his own life. She did find a way to express how she felt.

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I never met him/or knew him, but when I heard that Robin Williams committed suicide, my eyes started to tear up. I was hoping it was a hoax, but sadly the news is true.  There have been many times when I've had a tough time going, I'd watch a Robin movie and it would make me feel better. He had the power of laughter.  Patch Adams, Mrs. Doubtfire, Aladin...  so many movies that made you laugh.  

He also had the talent of  making you think and feel, even sadness.  One of the first serious movies he did  'What Dreams May Come.' He didn't get a lot of attention for it, but he was awesome in it. It showed a different side to Robin. From there he could do just about anything he put his mind and talent too.  But overall he will be rememebered for the art of laughter that he perfected to share w/ many.  It's tragic that same laughter couldn't stop his demons. 

It's  SO SAD & FRUSTRATING for such a talented person, and one that loved to make others laugh couldn't find another way then just end it. My thoughts & prayers go out to his family and friends.  R.I.P Robin! Thank you for the laughs.

Here's an early memory of an intro to Robin for me. Remember this?

Robin's stand up 'Weapons of Self Destruction' ( Strong Language Heads up)
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Book before movie?
Over the weekend I ran across the book, 'The Giver' by Lois Lowry at Sam's Club for $5.  I've seen the movie advertised coming out on Friday (8/15), so I figured why not. I have no idea how I never heard about this book 20 years ago. I didn't read it in school like many people I'm finding have.  I really just found out about it when the movie started getting some buzz.  It really is a Great book, based on a SCARY subject. An extremely monitored society of sameness, where you're told pretty much what to do, who to marry, who your kids will be, what to see, how to react and feel.  It stops a lot of negative thoughts and stressers in the society. If there is anything that affects this perfect set up, then it's 'released'.  But on the same side it takes away the FANTASTIC parts of life, which makes life in most cases! You'll have to read the book if you're like I was and hadn't. 

I've been told to read the book before I see the movie, which is done.  From the trailer, looks like the movie doesn't follow the book as much, but of course it's only a trailer, I could be wrong. It does have a stellar cast that includes Meryl Streep, Jeff Bridges, Kaitie Holmes and Alexander Skarsgard (formerly hottie Eric True Blood)  and  12 year old Jonas is portrayed by Brenton Thwaites, who looks  older than 12 in the movie, so big difference there.  Look out for Taylor Swift too (as Rosemary)!   I highly suggest reading the book. The author Lois Lowry has a write up at the beginning before the story. It talks about where this book 'The Giver' has gone and where it's going. Whether you like the movie or not, the book is always here.  

Do you think 'Jonas' looks 12?  

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Check out Vinny!
Imagine seeing this walk through your yard.... Vinny's got the walking thing down, don't you think?
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Enjoy The Youth...

Today is my Niece Kaiti's 20th Birthday!  No longer a teenager,but moving into the young adult role.  It's amazing how things have advanced since I was her age.  How do you live w/out your smartphones 24/7?  What would a day be like without Facebook/Twitter?  Global tensions, warming, terrorism, outbreaks and more becoming bigger and bigger issues in our lives. It's good to grow up, but it's also good to enjoy 'The Youth'.

Kaiti has been more of an inspiration in my life then she may know. Besides being Beautiful, inside and out, Smart, Talented and all the stuff that a proud Aunt would say, which is true. Kaiti is an inspiration when it comes to dealing w/ what life has given. Growing up she's dealt w/
Juvenile Arthritis, and it doesn't go away.  She has never let that hinder her from what she wants and loves to do which is dance. She absolutely glows when she's dancing.  She's taken classes and
won/ particiated in numerous competitions. She continues to dance and also teaches others, while she's going to college. She does this all w/ her beautiful smile.  Never allowing treatments and sore joints to get her down. It's amazing how strong a child can be, and Kaiti's strength is bigger than I think she even knows.   

I wish her all the BEST and GREAT SUCCESS during her adulthood, but I hope she takes the time to 'ENJOY THE YOUTH!'  In fact, we all need to do that from time to time no matter how old. There is always some 'YOUTH' that wants to get out. When it's the right time to release that , we should. 

May Kaiti have a Happy 20th with many more Happy Days coming....


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WIth all the crappy news out there it's nice to see a story like this trending.  It's out of Australia. A guy was catching a train to Perth. He went to get on the train, but didn't quite make it in the train. Instead he got his leg caught in the space between the landing and the train. He was stuck. This video shows a bunch of folks getting together and moving the train enough for the man to get his leg out, and he seemed to be okay.  I LOVE to see Happy endings in situations that could be way less Happy.  Do something nice for someone soon, just because. It will make you feel good. It may also inspire others to do the same.

I agree w/ MIX Facebook Friend Lillie:

 People can be so great when they choose to be. So please choose to be.- Lillie ozment
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Girl Power!
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Happy Friday!!!
Katy Perry's new single 'This is how we do' gets me in a Friday mood!  I'm digging the new video. Lots of changes... editing this together must have been a B....

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