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*New  "Government Study" on Breast Cancer basically saying women do not need Mammograms 'til age 50...&  Don't worry about doing the 'Monthly Self Exams'???...
*When I first read this story, I thought it was a joke... 
Of course there  are alot of factors to their studies...
Pointing out that the majority of women in the ages below 50 seem to have 'False Scares'..
Then they have gone thru unneccessary Radiation... possibly biopsies..CTs...
things they didn't need....Yes, these are not things to take lightly. 

...But neither is 'Early Detection'...
My Husband Ted's family has a history of Breast Cancer... From the Death of his Aunt who was not 50 when she passed. To his Grandmother, who caught it early & lived to her early '90s..even his Mom caught a Lump, that ended up being a form that they had never seen before.. she made it in the medical journals..it was taken out... She had no problems, thanks to 'Early Detection'...All of these examples of Beautiful Strong Women doing 'Self Exams' keeping track of their body and having Mammograms well before their  50s.  You might have the argument, well of course they would do that, it's a Family history, which means you would do those things. Tell that to those Beautiful & Strong Women & Men who  discovered a lump because of 'Self Exams'  & 'Mammograms' who were in their early  Teens, 20s, 30s, even 40s.. What about 'Preventative Care' to keep you healthy...

* I actually had one a couple of years ago..I'm in my '30s...before the 40 rule, just to have a history of my breast since I'm adopted... I don't know my Genetic Medical History... My Doc wanted to make sure all was good.. also have something to compare things to incase anything were to pop up!!! The Docs in this recent Study would say that was an unneccessary thing to do.  All I can Say ..I'M GLAD THEY AREN'T MY DOC!!!

Strange almost the same info came out about 7 years ago, and the result was
WAY DIFFERENT.. Interesting Article/Blog..

Here's the link to the 'Wonder Doc Team' from the New Results'... 
* Insurance Companies will probably use this
study as a loop hole to not pay for very much/or even COVER
this very much  needed 'Preventative Care'!!! 


Here's the 'Whitehouse' take on it (Via Twitter.. not from Prez  Obama, since he doesn't Tweet)... Click Here!!

11/17/2009 11:00PM
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12/02/2009 8:59AM
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