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*It's not Always Bad to be a 'Quitter'...
At least for 'A Day'...
*Today is the
'Great American SMOKE OUT'...
See if you can make it a Day w/ out smoking?

...You might be thinking....
"Easy for you to say, if you don't Smoke...."
Well, I have been 'SMOKE FREE' for 8 Years...
I stopped Cold Turkey... started doing Exercise DVDS
each day to try to keep the 'NON-SMOKING POUNDS' from coming on...
I made it 1 Day..then 2..Then a week..Then a month.. Then 2 months...
Of course the first 3-6 months..it was so hard... but it gets easier.
It has also made me cut down on any drinking I did, since I
always wanted to Smoke when I had a drink...Made me all around healthier
 So a little over 8 years later, I'm still Smoke Free... and NO I didn't Gain
the 'Non-Smoking Pounds'... Just have to put a little more time
into your body & keep in mind what you are putting into
your body.. I'm not going to say It's EASY.. but if you
can Get your Will Power Up.. IT CAN BE DONE...
Of course, there are days I would love to grab a smoke
and have just 1, but I know I would start up again. 
Also the cost of smokes is another incentive not too,
I'd rather have a cute pair of shoes rather than a cartoon
!   Will I ever smoke again, I hope not..but again
sometimes it's a Day, By Day thing.. Just take it that way..
don't put to much pressure on yourself..
Challenge yourself to 'QUIT FOR A DAY...
See where it takes you!!

Need some Help:
No Smoking

*The American Cancer Society also provides group smoking cessation programs, Internet resources, referal programs, or support groups.  To learn about the options available in your community, contact the American Cancer Society at 1-800-227-2345 or www.cancer.org.


11/19/2009 6:32AM
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