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New Moon Chemistry???


*BIG YOU ROCKS to Brenda, Robin & Mark @ Blockbuster
and Steve & the Crew & Cinemark/Southpark Meadows for
hosting the  'BIG NEW MOON PREMIERE'.. It was an honor
to be one of the first in Austin to see 'New Moon' !! Austin
was 1 of 20 cities in the Country that got this  chance...
New Moon Buds
... Did ILike New Moon the movie?  Yes, of course if you are a
Twilight Saga Fan of the books, like I am, you will Like the Movie..
Did I LOVE IT like 'Twilight' the movie?  NO!!!
New Moon was Good w/ effects, followed the book story line
pretty closely, all around decent movie.. But for me
it just didn't have the same 'Chemistry' w/ the 'LOVE Triangle'
as the Book did... When I read the Book, I had trouble putting
it down when I had too & looked forward to picking up where
I left off.. The Movie... Acting was good, but I just didn't feel
the same connection of intimacy w/ Bella/Jacob as I did w/
the Book.. The same w/ the Bella/Edward separation & then Reunion..
It was Good, but I was so hoping for 'FANTASTIC'!!!
I am looking forward to see what Director Chris Weitz does w/ 'Eclipse' that
part of the story may be a bit more up his alley.. I think the
chemistry/relationship part was better w/ Director Catherine Hardwicke
 in 'Twilight'...My Husband Ted even said he thought the Chemistry of the
'Love Triangle' needed a bit more of the 'Woman's Touch' like
the first movie 'Twilight'... (
Yes, he read all the books so he could
chat about it w/ me.. ISN'T HE THE BESTEST.. BIG LOVE FOR TED)

*Big thumbs up on "Jacob's/Taylor's" muscles.. they were
a Big Star in the movie too!!  They had their own chemistry
going.. :)

*Still' Team Edward'... but here's
another movie to keep an eye out for
  putting Edward a side for a bit,
w/ this movie.. "Remember Me'..
I caught the preview last night..
He still looks Good even w/ a
busted up face...

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/k8Vg3fqIWGs" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

11/20/2009 6:29AM
New Moon Chemistry???
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