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Cool Find...

*Today, I'm trying to unwind after the past couple of days of 'Holiday Shopping', plus try to get my 'Sizzling Credit Card' a chance to 'Cool Down'... My niece sent her 'Christmas List' the day after Turkey Day, I had been asking for it for the past 2 weeks. Of course there were things on there, that would be a challenge to find once 'Holiday Shopping  Season' Kicked it... But Ted and I went all over the place & found what we needed.. I don't want to say what it is, in case she reads this. Want it to be a surprise...but we did end up finding it at Wally World in Round Rock... I found something else inside... OMG.. MY FAV..
...Whenever I go to Barton Creek Mall
I have to get a pretzel.. not a mall outing
without 'AA'... But if  I lived in Round Rock,
then a trip to Wally World wouldn't be complete
without a 'Pretzel'.. Why Can't 'Wally World'
off 290 in South Austin get an 'AA'...
Think we should petition for one...

11/29/2009 8:41AM
Cool Find...
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12/01/2009 9:12AM
Nikki Nite
MMMM!! Auntie Anne's! I love those pretzels, also. Buttery goodness.
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