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Tummy Yummy...


*Bud Light Cheese Soup/Dip:

Smiley eating 24.gif
- 1 Cup Low Fat Smoked Turkey Sausage (cut small chunks)
or more if you are a Big Meat Lover
-1/2 Cup diced Onion
-1 Clove Garlic
-7 ounce bag Fat Free Cheddar Cheese
(Kraft shredded tasty)
6 ounce-2 % Velveta Cheese
-1/3 cup Low Fat Feta Cheese
(Big Handful)
-2-3 TBS Blue Cheese
(can use low fat too)

-2 cups low sodium chicken stock
*1 Bottle of Bud Light

*Medium size sauce pan simmer up sausage, onion
& garlic & ground black pepper for taste-Onions will be soft....
-Add the chicken stock &
1/2 bottle of Bud Light
and bring to a boil...
-Mix in Velveeta Cheese, cheddar cheese and
stir while melting... add feta cheese & blue cheese for
taste... add the other 1/2 bottle of Bud Light!!!
-Simmer for 30 minutes occasionally stirring
...have it covered for about the first 20 minutes than
uncovered... If it's to thin, than mix flour & water
to create a rue and stir in 'til desired thicknesss

...Let cool about 15 minutes, than serve.:)
Goes well w/ Reduced Fat Cheez Its, or  any
favorite cracker..Awesome w/ Breads...
Can also make a Great Dip & Pasta Sauce depending
on how thick you make it.
-You can add a kick w/ tobasco sauce/peppers
-Have fun w/ different type of cheeses if you aren't
into feta/blue cheese.. try parmesan/mozzarella..or
whatever you like... 
*Ted suggested Bacon Bits served onTop...that would
be Yummy too! :)



*BTW tastes even better after sitting in the frig for 24 hours, if you
can wait that long to dig into it!! Smiley ready to eat 19.gif

*St. Patty's Day Kick...
Add some Potatoes & Green Food Coloring!!!




03/16/2010 4:57AM
Tummy Yummy...
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03/16/2010 5:42AM
Cathy Guerra
Amazing video Heather! I am going to make this myself! Thanks!
03/24/2010 10:28AM
Heather's Thingies
Go for it Cathy.. It freezes well too.. You can also use as Sauce for noodles.. or even dip w/ Chips, Cracker/Veggies...Add a Bud Light.. Perfect combo.. :)
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