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Insurance for ALL???

*Looks like Health Care will be getting an overhaul soon.
Is it a Good thing?? Guess we'll find out in the near future..
I'm FOR a NE PLAN, but the one that is coming at us...
Not sure???  I really don't understand what it's all about???
...Even though it has been explained (sorta) over & over...
I found this helpful:

"So what does health care reform mean to you?

-If you suffer from a serious illness like cancer, your insurance company can no longer cap how much it will cover per year, which should help with steep medical bills.
(Sounds Good, but hope there is something in this bill that insurance companies can't charge you Over the Top Higher premiums!)

If you have a pre-existing condition, $5 billion has been set aside to help the uninsured until new reform takes effect in 2014. (Good again, but will the premiums be hiked up...and $5 Billion will probably go extremely Quickly the way our Government spends money.. where is that coming from anyway??)

Parents can now include children on their policies until age 26, so if those children are without a job at any point, they won't be without insurance. (Sounds Good.... but is this  something that sounds Good, to Good to be True??)

The full reform takes over in 2014. That means Medicaid will expand. (Okay..Expand how?)

You must have health coverage or you will be fined one percent of your income the first year, two percent the next. (Not Digging this.. if you can't afford insurance..which it's my understanding this bill is made so we can..but if you can't.. you certainly wouldn't be able to afford the 'FINE'..HHHMM!)

Small businesses, the self-employed, and unemployed can pool resources and buy less expensive coverage. (Good...but hopefully Less Expensive doesn't mean sub-standard Benies/Health Care)

And are subsidies for families of four who make less than $88,000 per year. To offset premiums, families will get tax breaks based on household income." (Sounds Good, but will there end up being owed later???.. Seen this before.. get a break.. to see it coming back to get ya when it's time to file taxes!!..)

*These are just initial thoughts I have about what I've heard & read about the Bill. I do believe we need a much better Health Care System. One that we can ALL  AFFORD...Keep Hospitals & Drug Companies from Charging to much for an item/service..Example, I recently had a blood test that cost $197.. Insurance paid $50 of it..I owed $8... so a bit less than $60 for the test was accepted.. what happens to the other money?  If the  Docs/hospitals will accept that price..why charge $197... Of course someone without insurance can't afford the $197 as easily as $60...Why not charge $60 to begin with?  Doesn't make since to me?? ..Anyway.. we all have a lot to learn about this new Bill and what could be coming our way. Try not to FEAR  'THE CHANGE', but EMBRACE IT & find out what it's all about & how it can/will affect you & your family.. GO FROM THERE!!!   LET'S HOPE THIS REFORM CREATES  WA Y MORE GOOD THAN BAD!




03/22/2010 5:33AM
Insurance for ALL???
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