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Get UR Grill'n on...


*Bud Light BBQ Chicken

1 Ziplock Gallon Size Baggie
4-6 Ounce Boneless Chicken Breasts  (we did 2)
Seasonings of your choice
Our choices:
-Garlic powder (can use cloves)
-White pepper
-Onion powder
-California Season (Mixture Red & Green Peppers & Black Pepper)
-1/2 Bottle Bud Light (2 breasts)
-Touch of water

-Put chicken Breasts in Baggie...Coat the breasts
lightly with each seasoning...add 1/2 bottle of Bud Light
w/ a bit of water...Marinate for 24 Hours in the Frig.

Bud Light Corn on the Cobb
-1 Ziplock Gallon Baggie
- Ears of Corn (we did 2)
-1/2 bottle of Bud Light
-1 Cup of Water

...Put corn w/ Husks & all in the baggie..
Pour in the Bud light & water...
Close up the baggie let set for 24 hours
in the Frig... You will grill the corn in
the husks, so they are wet & won't burn...

*BBQ Sauce:
You can use your favorite...
Since our chicken had a lot of
peppery spice to it.. I went for the
sweeter BBQ Sauce..
-1/2  Bottle of  Stubbs Sweet Molasses BBQ Sauce
-1/3 Botte of Stubbs Original BBQ Sauce
-1-2 TBS of Hot 'N Sweet Hickory Farms Mustard
-3 TBS of Apple Butter
-3 TBS of Honey
...Mix it all together than heat it in the microwave
for about 1 minute...makes  enough for the chicken when
grilling & extra to have on your plate!

-Next Night for Dinner/Party:
We used Ready Light Charcoal..
Ready to start the grilling once
the Charcoal has a white look
to it.. Put the corn/w/husks & all
on the Grill about 1/2 hour turning
every 10 minutes...Its ready
when the corn is soft.. If you can
push in w/ a fork. It's Done...
If your Grill has a top shelf, stick
them up there to keep warm...

*Put the Chicken on the grill
& turn every 5 minutes, this
will keep it from drying out &
keep the juices in it...Chicken is
usually done about 15 minutes...
Put sauce on 1 side..let it set for 2 minutes...
Flip..more sauce on the other side..Let set for
2 minutes or so.. Take off heat..
Done!!! (I like to check the middle of the
chicken to make sure it's not pink...white)
*Also grilled a few pineapple slices!!!
 !!! :)

 w/ a COLD BUD LIGHT ...

04/04/2010 5:21PM
Get UR Grill'n on...
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05/03/2010 2:20PM
Stubbs Legendary Kitchen
Thanks for sharing this recipe. Looks great!
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