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Are you a Good Driver?

Interesting story about National Driver's Test...
-1 in 5 People, around 38 Million, can't pass the written driver's test
if they had to take it on the spot!!

-Failing is 70% & below...
The National Average is 76.2%
State w/ Highest Average:  Kansas @ 82.3%
State w/ Lowest Average: New York @ 70%

*Click the pix to take a Driving quiz made up of
20 Questions from various State Tests...
Could you pass it today?


*I've never been very good w/ Written multiple choice question
tests... I tend to read to much into some answers & it seems like
there could be more than 1 answer to it... I consider myself a pretty decent driver who
obeys the Laws of the Road..most of the time/ we all have times where we Goof)
 okay..enough of my excuses...
I got a 75% on the Quiz..Yikes... *Not Failing/as Bad as New York Drivers, but
below the National Average... I think when I took the written test
when I was 16 I got a 90...of course I studied like crazy the wording
of the driver's manual... I"ll have to remember to grab a manual & study
before I ever take a test... I'd probably be screwed?  Would You??

What was your score???

Update 6/14/10: Seems it's 75 or 95...

-My Man Ted got a 95%... Glad I didn't bet him anything, I would have been a BIG LOSER!!

-My Bud Randy..he got a 75%-  Phew...now I have someone with me in the 75% Club.. 

-Gin our 'Fantabulous Accounting Assistant/Receptionist  sent me this email...
...Heather, just wanted you to know that I took the test, and I got a 95% ...
Now, if I could only drive as well as I take tests!

-Dayna R...Starts the 85% Club w/ her BIG HAPPY 85%..YOU GO GIRL!!!


06/11/2010 12:56PM
Are you a Good Driver?
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06/20/2010 4:41AM
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