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"Happy" Death????

'Death' a subject that most of us don't like to talk or think about. It's never easy
to go to a Loved One's Funeral to say Goodbye.  A Non-profit in Singapore
is  trying to make it a 'HAPPIER' experience w/ 'Happy Coffins'...

*A contest was thrown out to 33 countries who could create
a casket that could make a funeral more 'HAPPY'.. over 700
Contestants w 12 Winners..  Check out the 'Under Ground Gallery!'

-One of the hardest things for me was actually watching my
Mom's casket go in the ground, when she passed several years ago!!
It's possible that one of these could have made the experience a bit
more bearable!?   'YOU ROCK COFFIN' probably would have lightened
things up a bit!

What are your thoughts? 
Yes- Cool Idea

No- It's disrespectful


10/11/2010 5:36AM
"Happy" Death????
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