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5 years old and took a crap last night!

 Now, we are watching the 10-12 year old tv
from the guestroom until we get a new tv.
They don't make'em like they used too, huh!!?

I also noticed Ted didn't mind the word shopping with
tv in it either.  LOL! :)D

Big You Rocks to some of my Facebook Friends
who shared their thoughts during this time...
I especially love Marty's suggestion.. LOL!


Kari :ours is near death as well!! and it was born in 99! LOL!
back when you were at 1025 HARD CLASSIC ROCK! LOL!!:):)


    Cyndi : i have an older tv thats pretty big i'll take a 100 bucks for its verrrry heavy though....
    i just wanna sell it cus i want a flat screen ;)



  • Marty : send it away Office Space style....lol

    Rod: You are gonna love your new big flat screen TV that you won't miss this one
    by the time March Madness is over!!! Enjoy!


  • David : Poor little guy. Looks like its time to get a new LED tv
    which are AWESOME and hypnotizing ;)


    03/30/2011 6:09AM
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